Liberty City Beavers

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The LC Beavers logo in GTA IV

The Liberty City Beavers is a soccer team based in Liberty City in both the GTA III Era and the GTA IV Era, founded in 1974. They are fierce rivals of the Liberty City Cocks. There are two known matches between the two teams, the first mentioned by Derrick Thackery on WCTR in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and the second taking place on September 6, 2001, with the Cocks winning 3-0, as documented by Frederic Pierce in the Liberty Tree.


  • The word "beaver" is an innuendo for vagina - Rockstar's choice of this name is probably intentional, as numerous references to the Cocks "stuffing" (as in the Liberty Tree article) or "penetrating" (as seen on a Talkin' Balls magazine cover) are made, in reference to sexual intercourse.