Liberty City Cathedral

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File:3326 gtaiv algonquin st patricks.jpg
The Top Of The Cathedral (This Was In The GTA IV Trailer).

The Liberty City Catherdral is a large cathedral located in the district of Bedford Point in east Staunton Island, Liberty City, in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. But in GTA IV it can be found on Libert Lane in Suffolk.


In Liberty City Stories it has a bigger role as Toni can access the Confessional missions for the priest who runs the church. The cemetry which is located next to the cathedral, has graves from some of the players you kill in LCS, including Paulie Sindacco and Vincenzo Cilli. These appear after you kill them. When you have completed all the Confessional missions the owner of the church is actually a reporter called Ned Burner, who later in the game, Toni kills. However in GTA lll the cathedral has nothing to do with the game.


In GTA IV, the cathedral makes a role in the mission Undertaker. In which Niko fights the Albanian Mob with Patrick McReary in order to save his brother. After all the mobsters are killed Niko and Packie drive to the cemetry with the Albanians giving chase. Later on in the storyline the cathedral has a special role in the mission Mr and Mrs Bellic. Niko drives to the cathedral to see Roman marry Mallorie. However after the cutscene Kate McReary or Roman gets assasinated. After or before the missions it has no relevance in the storyline. However if the player goes into the back of the cemetry and near the back wall of the cathedral, the player can hear the pries inside giving a sermon. The cathedral in GTA IV, is based of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York.