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The Liberty City Cocks is a football/soccer team based in Liberty City. The team play at the Liberty City Memorial Stadium (also known as Bush Stadium and Liberty Memorial Colliseum) on Staunton Island. Many Cocks fans can be seen walking aroung the Bush Stadium and some can even be heard asking others if they are a fan of the Beavers.

They are fierce rivals of the Liberty City Beavers, with the two known meetings. On The Tight End Zone, a program on West Coast Talk Radio, Derrick Thackery mentions a match between the two. The second occurs in September 2001, with the Cocks beating the Beavers 3-0. [1] The only known player is Ma'am, who scored all three goals in that win.[1]

In Grand Theft Auto Advance, Asuka Kasen orders Mike to injure one of Vice City Mambas quarterbacks to increases the chances of the Liberty City Cocks winning the match.

File:Cox Mascot Outfit.jpg
Liberty City Cocks Mascot

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Toni Cipriani is rewarded with the Cox Mascot Outfit. This suggests that Cox is either a colloquial name for the team, or the name of their mascot.


  • Another one of rockstar's crude humorous jokes, the word "cock" can mean a rooster, or a Penis.
  • The same can be said about their stadium name, Bush Stadium, which can mean a plant, or the pubes.


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