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In the period of time between GTA III and GTA IV (2001-2008), the mayor of Liberty City shut down all of the Ammu-Nation's in Liberty City. Some people belive it to be because of the crimes that Claude and other people commit in GTA III, to do with guns. Of course the black market keep's going and guns are still sold lift right and centre.

The Liberty City Gun Club becomes a place for all the people who liked Ammu-Nation to go, Shoot up some stuff and get drunk. Its radio add's arevary much like Ammu-Nation's in the way they have a rugged sounding American mans voice, saying how buying loads of guns and getting drunk is the American way. It also coppies some things from previous Ammu-Nation adds. For example in GTA San Andreas, one of the Ammu-Nation adds says that if a woman comes to Ammu-Nation they will give her a shirt saying "Take a look at my other 44's", which is a reference to her tits as well as her guns. This is also coppies into one of the Liberty City Gun Club radio adds.

Liberty City Gun Club is a gun club located near the Airport below the Pay'n'Spray in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. In Chinatown Wars, the player can train with different weapons inside the building as a side mission. The player can train with several (i.e. a pistol or grenades). The most notable Liberty City Gun Club member is Eugene Reaper, whom killed Michael Keane and later was killed by Packie McReary and Derrick McReary in the bank heist. It's also mentioned on the radio in GTA III that Ammu-Nation and the Gun club have an alliance. There is also no gun club in the original Liberty City or Vice City as there are Ammu-Nations that have target practice areas behind the store in one form or another.

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