Liberty City Minute

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Liberty City Minute
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Trophy grade: Gold
Gamerscore: 30 Gamerscore
Requirement: You finished the story in less than 30 hours

Liberty City Minute is a trophy/achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is not story related, and can therefore be missed.


This trophy is aquired when you have completed the entire game in thirty hours. The game only counts the time you've actually played the game, and not when your system is turned off, or when you're in the pause menu. The time you've played can be viewed under Stats in the pause menu. Do take into account that watching cutscenes will count as time playing the game, and if you watch them all that will add a bit over seven hours to your playing time.


Skipping cutscenes

Skip every single cutscene. This could be pretty stupid to do during your first play-through, since the game has quite an intriguing storyline. Seeing as skipping the cutscenes will cut seven hours off your total playing time, it could be worth it. One way of doing it is to play it through once first, and then go for this achievement on your second go, make different choices in the story and just watch the cutscenes that will change. For instance during the last couple of missions.

Hailing cabs often

Taking a taxi where you need to go will take a considerably less amount of time if you get in the cab, pick your destination and then skip to your destination. You could befriend Roman Bellic enough to get free rides in his taxi.

Secondary missions

You should consider not doing any other missions than the story missions. This means not doing any or a lot of the Random character missions, The Fixer's Assassinations, Drug deliveries, etc. And don't bother hunting for pigeons.

Dates and friendship outings

Avoiding these will shorten the game, though it's still necessary to date Michelle at least once, and helpful to go out with other friends enough to unlock their special services. Some (but not all) activities can be shortened.

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