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The Liberty City Police Department (LCPD) is the police department for Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV.


File:Police Station.jpg
The Portland Island LCPD police station, 1998

In GTA III, the LCPD had bases in Portland Island, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale (with the Staunton Island Station serving as Official Headquarters). There are three known police officers in the LCPD: Police Chief Jim Ramirez, Leon McAffrey and Ray Machowski. They keep track on the criminal elements in Liberty City. In 1998 they were tracking Vincenzo Cilli, Toni Cipriani and Salvatore Leone. In 2001 they continued to track Toni and Salvatore, but also concentrated on Joey Leone and Luigi Goterelli along with investigating the gang problems in the city. The LCPD appears to be under funded by Mayor Miles O'Donovan, as they only received helicopters in April 2001.[1]

Leon McAffrey was a corrupt police officer, who was involved in selling stories to Ned Burner of the Liberty Tree newspaper and in helping various gangs. The first can be seen on the GTA Liberty City Stories website, whereas the second can be seen during GTA Liberty City Stories (as he helps the Leone Family and the Uptown Yardies). An investigation was launched into the corruption within the LCPD, and McAffrey is placed under arrest. He later turned evidence to the state about fellow corrupt officer Ray Machowski, which led to his death in the mission Plaster Blaster in GTA III.

Ray Machowski, another corrupt police officer, was straight but later became a corrupt officer under the influence of McAffrey. He began to work with the Yakuza but in 2001 he had been ratted out by Leon McAffrey. He employed Claude to kill McAffrey and then assisted him in his escape from the city.


View of the front of the massive LCPD station in East Holland.

The Liberty City Police Department in GTA IV is about 40,000 officers strong, with many different roles, most notably on beat patrol all throughout Liberty City. They reign in a "complete operational" status over Liberty City, meaning they are the single Law Enforcement organization in all of Liberty City. The department is then organized into different divisions. They include Highway Patrol Units (while usually freeway/bridge duties are transferred to a State Police agency) tactical response units (SWAT and NOOSE tactical units), aviation units, undercover groups (mainly anti-drug and gang groups) and marine/boating units. The aviation branch of the LCPD (formed in 2001) has a fleet of several helicopters (consisting of Maverick type copters) always on 24/7 Patrol, from more than four Operational Air Bases positioned throughout Liberty City (they take the LAPD rational of always having helicopters on stand-by, yet none of their helicopters are ever found parked on helipads, instead NOOSE Annihilators are positioned on helipads). The Police Mavericks can be seen often in the skies of Liberty City, most often patrolling with NOOSE Annihilators above major bridges such as the Hickey Bridge and East Borough Bridge. The LCPD is otherwise underfunded, unable to afford specialized pursuit vehicles and as a result have to use their regular patrol cars to chase suspects.

They are known for its very aggressive techniques in pursuing crime, most notably, saturating an affected area of high crime rate with dozens of officers and patrol cars. They take the famous NYPD rationale of having visible officers around every corner and virtually in cars on every other street, ensuring prevention and quick response. In times of emergency they do not hold back, and pour all available resources into stopping or containing an incident.

LCPD officers are sometimes seen writing tickets (as noticed around Middle Park) and in highway patrol duties on the various bridges (perched over waiting for speeders or giving tickets). Officers on foot patrol are sometimes seen chasing and apprehending criminals, which after they are caught, a radio car is contacted to take the criminal away for processing. The LCPD is also on an active recruiting campaign, with "Join The LCPD" posters and billboards on select locations throughout the city, and adorning the front of the LCPD/NOOSE substation and LCPD Star Junction Sub-Station, (which is in front of a Liberty City Services Booth). They will also appear in the streets by dialing 911 to summon a police car with two officers inside. One officer will check around for any incidents. If a criminal attacks an officer, two officers will wield pistols and go after the criminal and catch him/her at gunpoint. If there aren't any criminals around, he will get back inside of his cop car and drive off. Unlike civilians, who report crimes via the telephone, a lengthy process, police sightings are reported immediately. Further crime, attacking a police officer, and evading arrest will increase your wanted level at LCPD. At 2, police cars will be sent to the area. At 3, NOOSE vehicles are deployed, as well as police maverick-type helicopters. At four stars, NOOSE ANNIHILATORS and FIB Buffaloes, complete with four FIB personnel in body armor and equipped with automatic weapons, are deployed. The LCPD (along with NOOSE and the FIB) become extremely aggressive when the player is wanted, and will continue to shoot at the Niko even after he has died and "grayed out".

Police Stations

Click for map of police stations in GTA IV

In the GTA IV rendtion, the LCPD is much bigger and organised, and has 15 Police Stations: There are two stations in Broker: Hove Beach and South Slopes. There are another two stations in Dukes: in East Island City and Francis International Airport. A further two are located in Bohan: at Northern Gardens and Fortside. Seven stations are in Algonquin, at East Holland, Varsity Heights, Middle Park East, Westminster, Star Junction, Lower Easton and Suffolk. Alderney, which is not part of Liberty City, has three LCPD stations: at Leftwood, Acter and Acter Industrial Park.


See Police Car for the standard police car (and associated articles). See Police Cruiser and Police Patrol for the two specific police cars used in GTA IV.

Other vehicles include the Enforcer, Police Stockade, Police Maverick and the Annihilator.