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A subway system has traditionally been featured in two versions of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto IV.


The subway system in GTA III's Liberty City is one of two public transportation systems; there is also an elevated rail line running exclusively in the borough of Portland Island. The subway features four stops dispersed throughout all three boroughs, serving as an interborough link. It provides convenient access to Francis International Airport with a subway station at the complex.

The Portland El and the subway are two separate, independent systems. There is no physical or official connection between the two services, although the el's Kurowski and the subway's Portland stations may be viewed as unofficial "transfer" points, given that they are in close proximity to each other.


See the subway Map

The Liberty City Subway System is a heavy rail rapid transit system that serves a large portion of Liberty City. With 26 stops and 8 routes, it is largest and most complex rapid transit system in the GTA Universe. The main operator and maintance company of the subway is the Liberty City Transport Authority. The subway trains are heavily graffitied with black and white cameras so you can view the player. As there is no way for the ticket machines to be used the cost is deducted after the trip. Subway lines can be seen on your mini map as faint gray lines and the stations are squares.

Most subway stations in Algonquin are underground and can be found by looking for steps with black fences around them. In contrast, the stations in Broker and Bohan are elevated.

The subway is a good way to escape from the police beacuse they are confused by you entering buildings; be forewarned, however, that use of the subway is impossible once you attain a three-star wanted level, as all trains will be halted.

An unfinished station, unofficially referred to as Dukes Boulevard station is along a short stub branch of the Broker Line in East Island City.


The subway system has four main lines, in pairs

These four lines serve all corners and boroughs of Liberty City, but do not serve the state of Alderney.

All lines intersect at Grand Easton Terminal. The terminal itself is not accessible however.


The Libery City Transport Authority runs 4 subway routes.