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Life is a power-up featured in the original Grand Theft Auto, in its expansion packs and in Grand Theft Auto 2.


In GTA 1 and GTA 2 the player has a limited amount of attempts to finish the chapters. If the player is wasted then she/he loses a life. The player starts with four lives and if he had run ot of them the game is over and cannot finish the district and have to start it all over again. To prevent it: collect as many lifes as you can and play safe.

The number of Lives is indicated at the top right corner of the screen with green colors in GTA 1, GTA London and GTA 2.




(To show your coordinates, you have to enter a cheat code, use at your own risk)

Liberty CityGangsta Bang:

Liberty City – Heist Almighty:

Vice CityBent Cop Blues & Rasta Blasta:

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