Lil' Probe'Inn

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The Lil' Probe'Inn

The Lil' Probe'Inn is a bar situated next to a dried lake, and only a few miles from Area 69 in Bone County. Immediately to the east are Green Palms and Octane Springs. It is based off the real-life Lil' A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada. Inside, there is a map of San Andreas with a number of marks. The purpose of this map is unknown, but is likely to be the result of a UFO hunter's spare time. There is also a functioning billiards table that is accessible by the player. Inside, the player can play Pool against a competitor and can bet money. There is a small trailer park across the Lil' Probe Inn, probably meant to emulate Rachel, Nevada. The only cars the residents of the trailer park seem to have are beat up Glendales. There are three solar panels at the trailer park that make pretty good ramps. Next to the dried lake is an abandoned shack that can also be used as a ramp.


  • Desert Eagle
    • Next to the end of one of the solar panels at the trailer park.


  • The name Lil' Probe'Inn is spelled as deliberately as its namesake, the Lil' A'Le'Inn, whose name, when spoken with apostrophes, sounds like "Little Alien". Similarly, Lil' Probe'Inn sounds like "Little Probing", a double entendre indicating both sexual penetration and the infamous anal probes supposedly used on abductees by curious aliens.