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Lips 106 or Lips 106 FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It plays Top 40 music, and is the favorite radio station of the Yakuza in GTA III, since if the player jacks a Yakuza Stinger, this station would be heard inside. In 1998, (the setting of GTA Liberty City Stories), the station is hosted by Cliff Lane with Andee as his "sidekick". By 2001, (the setting of GTA III), Andee is the only DJ. Cliff was likely fired due to the perverted lust for teenage girls he expressed in Liberty City Stories.




  • Fatamarse - "Bump To The Music"
  • Marydancin - "Wash Him Off" (removed from the final verison of the game)
  • April's in Paris - "Feels Like I Just Can't Take No More"
  • Lucy - "Forever"
  • Boyz 2 Girls - "Pray It Goes OK?"
  • Da Shootaz - "Grand Theft Auto"
  • Funky BJs - "Rubber Tip"

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Rudy La Fontaine - "Funk in Time"
  • Sawaar - "Love is the Feeling"
  • Sunshine Shine - "Mine Until Monday"
  • Credit Check - "Get Down"
  • Cool Timers - "Tonight"
  • Nina Barry - "Bassmatic"
  • The Jackstars - "Into Something (C'mon Get Down)"


  • Rudy La Fontaine's and Sunshine Shine's singles can be seen advertised on billboards throughout Liberty City in GTA Liberty City Stories.
  • "Mine Until Monday", "Get Down", "Tonight", "Bassmatic" and "Into Something" are available as ringtones in Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • The album for "Tonight" by the Cool Timers can be seen on a shelf in Luis' safehouse in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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