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Litter is the name given to loose trash and derbris found in every Grand Theft Auto game since Grand Theft Auto III.Most litter contains newspapers,leaves and in the case of Grand Theft Auto IV coffee cups,shopping bags,cigarettes,boxes and ect.Some pieces of litter can be obtain by the player such as cigarettes,however most to all objects are 2-D particle images,like newspaper.In reality these are just the simple things one would find in any metropolitan area.Since Grand Theft Auto III most newspapers carry the headlines related to the game's storyline (eg.In Liberty City Stories 'Not Ferry Good' is the headlines with the Union Workers Stike in the beginning of the game.)also leaves and other forms of dead vegatation indicate the location of the game such as Palm Tree leaves in Vice City and Los Santos shows that these cities are located in tropical areas of the country.In Grand Theft Auto IV there is even more derbris,like forklift crates and lumber pieces in the roads and water and the rusted Wrecks of cars scattered about.However because of the possible gliches in the game some pedestrians will drop there cellphones,suitcases,books and MP3 players and run when Niko rushes by them.Trash bins around the city will produce litter when turned over but the litter will disapper.From the GTA III Era to GTA IV red explosive barrels dot ever city and cause server damage to the player and people around even giving the player one and sometimes two stars.Piles of rubbish around Liberty City have purple dildos hidden within them,mostly as dirty jokes from the developers.