Little Bighorn Ave

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Little Bighorn Ave is a street in Los Santos, which runs from Rancho in the south to Texile City in the north and runs through La Mesa, Mission Row and Strawberry. The road has connections to Adam's Apple Blvd, Atlee St, Capital Blvd, Carson Ave, Crusade Rd, Integrity Way, Jamestown St, Macdonald St, Roy Lowenstein Blvd and Sinners Passage. The southern end of Little Bighorn Ave is controlled by the Los Santos Vagos gang. A small homeless community can be found along Little Bighorn Ave in Mission Row and the player can also pick up a prostitute in the same area.

Events of HD Universe

In the mission Chop, Franklin Clinton and Chop chase D through the Mirror Park Railyard and, after kidnapping him, escape using Little Bighorn Ave with Lamar Davis. A random encounter involving a man having his bicycle stolen also takes place on Little Bighorn Ave.

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