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File:Little Jacob.jpg
Little Jacob from GTA IV

"Little" Jacob Hughes is a Caribbean arms dealer who lives in Dukes and sells Niko weapons out of the trunk of his car. He and Roman Bellic are good friends and he appears on cover-art for the game.

Little Jacob is a Rastafarian drug dealer and arms dealer in Dukes who works for Real Badman and the Jamaican Posse. Little Jacob is Badman's second-in-command and operates out of a pool hall called the Homebrew Cafe. He meets Niko Bellic through Roman, who has worked with Jacob in the past (possibly driving taxis to drug deals). Jacob and Niko work together temporarily for Real Badman dealing drugs and eliminating rival drug dealers.

Little Jacob becomes close friends with Niko Bellic and aids him in many situations. Along with selling him discounted firearms, he also warns Niko of an ambush by Dimitri Rascalov and goes with him as backup, and eventually helps him escape the ambush. Little Jacob is also friends with Elizabeta Torres and joins Niko to oversee a cocaine deal with her. The two eventually turn evidence over to the government that leads to the eventual collapse of the Torres Cartel.

Little Jacob later would aid Niko during the murder of a Russian terrorist, launching rockets out of a military helicopter in an attempt to bring down the fleeing chopper. The bond between the two was so tight that both Little Jacob and Real Badman attended Roman Bellic's wedding. Following an attack on the wedding and depending on Niko's choices, Little Jacob would aid him in hunting down and murdering Jimmy Pegorino or Dimitri Rascalov on Happiness Island.

Little Jacob speaks Rastafarian English and understands other Carribbean dialects. Since Real Badman speaks a incomprehendable version of Jamaican Patois, Jacob often acts as a translator.

When the player unlocks Little Jacob's status as a friend, Niko can call him and pay for several guns from his car in a secluded location. The best times to call for activities are between 1pm - 4am. Jacob owns a red Virgo sedan, and inside its trunk contains weapons for the player to purchase. He doesn't sell Rocket Launchers or Desert Eagles.

Little Jacob is voiced by Coolie Ranx.

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