Loco Syndicate

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While better classified as a joint business venture between several criminals, the Loco Syndicate was a collective outfit dealing with drugs, primarily cocaine. The Syndicate had its main operations based in San Fierro, and was made up of San Fierro's most powerful pimp Jizzy B, the leader of the San Fierro Rifa T-Bone mendez and the mysterious businessman (later revealed to be an undercover Goverment agent) Mike Toreno. Former Grove Street Family OG Big Smokewho started up a large crack-cocaine empire, would later established a business deal with the Syndicate, sending his number two man, Ryder, and his formal representative to conduct business. The Loco Syndicate was the largest drug cartel in San Fierro and one of the most powerful in San Andreas, before Carl Johnson killed Ryder, Jizzy B and T-Bone Mendez. When the Loco Syndicate was consequently disbaned, Toreno returned to his Usual duties and Big Smoke's narcotics empire ceased transactions with San Fierro.