Los Flores

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Los Flores is a district to the east of Los Santos, and is controlled by the Los Santos Vagos. There are no known residents in Los Flores, along with no weapons, stationary vehicles, icons or any other things of interest.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Los Flores is a strong hold of the Los Santos Vagos gang and the control of the area is not contested. Los Flores plays a small role during the San Andreas storyline, due to no missions taking place in Los Flores. The player, in order to complete the game 100%, must enter Los Flores to spray all 100 Gang Tags.


  • 18' Swapmeet
  • Cleaners
  • G&A Automotive
  • Larellas Bakery (two)
  • Manchap Bldg.
  • Pan Mexicano
  • Vigo
  • Will's Snack Shop
  • Yaiyarir Auto Parts