Los Santos Golf Club

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Golfers at Hole 8, as seen in the first trailer.

Los Santos Golf Club (sometimes referred to as the Los Santos Country Club) is a 9-hole golf course in Los Santos accessible for play in Grand Theft Auto V. The course is based on the Los Angeles Country Club.


Founded in 1992, the LS Golf Club was originally male-only, but recently allowed the admittance of "two carefully selected women" due to equality laws. Women are still welcome to enroll, but must meet undisclosed criteria. Membership for anyone includes the protection from journalists and paparazzi.

The course is open from dawn to dusk daily from 6am to 6pm (6:00-18:00), and the greens fee costs $100 per person. If the player enters the club's grounds without paying the greens fee or trespasses after hours, then the player is assessed with a one-star wanted level. The player can purchase the course with any protagonist for $150,000,000, earning a weekly income of $264,000; additionally, the protagonist who purchased the course can play golf for free.


  • The Los Santos Golf Club's previous "males only" membership policy and careful selection of two women is a reference to the notorious membership policies of the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Augusta National has not allowed female members from its opening in 1933 until August 2012, when the club admitted its first two female members.
  • If the player purchases the course, it takes approximately 11 in-game years (3,212 hours of real time gameplay) to get a return on the initial investment.
  • A stunt jump can be found at the broken footbridge at the water hazard in the southeast corner of the course.