Los Santos Storm Drain

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The Canal as featured in Just Business.

The Los Santos Storm Drain is a river canal that runs throughout most of Los Santos, San Andreas and is based on the real life Los Angeles River. It passes through eleven districts in Los Santos namely; Downtown Los Santos, Commerce, Market, Little Mexico, Willowfield, East Los Santos, Idlewood, Ganton, East Beach and Ocean Docks. There are eight tunnels (five are fully accessible and three only accessible by entering Blue Hell).

Events in GTA San Andreas

The Canal is heavily involved in the mission Just Business where Big Smoke and Carl Johnson use it as a way to try to escape the pursuing Russian Mafia. The two escape through the old sewer tunnel that carl mentioned earlier which leads them to a parking lot in East Beach and decide to split up.


  • There is one Gang Tag in the drainage system.
  • There are many hacks and cheats to fill the canal full of water.
  • The Los Santos Storm Drain is much removed from ground level, making it an easy area to remove a wanted level.
  • The short fenced off tunnel beside the tunnel, with the wires and red lights, can be accesed via the Mulholland safehouse using a jetpack. The other two fenced tunnels, however, are not solid.
  • In the PlayStation 2 version the game occasionally freezes when the player heads towards Ocean Docks.
  • Carl Johnson, in the mission Just Business, recounts not liking the tunnels of the storm drain when he was a child.
  • The storm drain does not appear to be used to dispose of sewage, although in the past it had done as confirmed by Carl Johnson in Just Business.
  • Their is several shopping carts and cars lying in the drain.