Los Santos in GTA IV Era

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The City of Los Santos was a primary location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It also exists in the Grand Theft Auto IV Era, although it is never seen apart from certain TV shows. It still exists in the GTA IV Era, as indicated by the in-game characters, internet and TV Shows. There are numerous references to Los Santos in the GTA IV Era. These include characters mentioning it, TV shows, radio, and many others.As seen by character dialogues and internet sites, the city of Los Santos is still used, confirming that it exists in the GTA IV era. Like Liberty City, Los Santos will likely undergo a redesign if it is to feature in future games, either again as a single city, or, more unlikely, a state.

References in GTA IV

References in The Lost and Damned

References in The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • Los Santos is heavily mentioned in the dialogues of The Ballad of Gay Tony.

References in GTA Chinatown Wars

  • The ingame description of cocaine says how it can make you "party like the guys in Vinewood".