Luigi Goterelli

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Luigi Goterelli
Artwork of Luigi Goterelli

Luigi Goterelli is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears and plays a major role in Grand Theft Auto III. Joe Pantoliano voices Luigi Gotorelli.

Luigi Goterelli is a member of the Leone Family, a cosa nostra style mob family, and has been present in Liberty City at least since 1998, but this could however be put at 1992.

On the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Introduction DVD, the Red Light District area of Portland Island, Liberty City is shown having Luigi's Sex Club 7. However in 1998 the same establishment is Paulie's Revue Bar, run by rival mob family the Sindaccos. This could be explained two ways. Number one is that the idea of Paulie's Revue Bar was not made until after the release of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Introduction DVD, and would be a continuity error. Or second, that the on-going war between The Leones and The Sindaccos saw the establishment lost to The Sindaccos between 1992 and 1998.

In July 2001 Luigi was on trial for "running premises for immoral purposes and for pandering women for profit". Luigi had hired a lawyer, who was rumoured to be replaced by another lawyer.

Luigi did not appear however until Grand Theft Auto III, set in 2001. By 2001 The Leones had all but won the war against the Forelli Family and the Sindacco Family and Luigi's Sex Club 7 was firmly a Leone establishment. Luigi runs the club along with Mickey Hamfists, and is a made man in The Leone Family. Mickey Hamfists however was not charged along with Luigi in July 2001.

Luigi is a friend of 8-Balls who goes to Luigi after escaping a police convoy transporting him to a jail at Portland View, Portland, Liberty City. Luigi provides basic introductory missions for Claude (the protagonist and player character of Grand Theft Auto III). Luigi also employs many prostitutes at his club, including Misty, but publically denies being a pimp. Luigi also employs Curly Bob, who is selling The Leones down the river to the Colombian Cartel in exchange for the drug SPANK. Luigi makes one more appearance after his missions, and his fate is unknown following Grand Theft Auto III.

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