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Machine gun is a general term used to describe several types of firearms which shoot projectiles for as long as the operator depresses the trigger, or until the magazine is empty. These firearms use a different fire-control group and different internal parts than their semi-automatic equivalents, and different guns may use different systems to cycle the action, such as the delayed-blowback system found in the MP5, or the gas-piston system found in the AK-47. There are classifications of machine guns; submachine guns (like Uzi's and Micro SMG's), assault rifles (like the M16 and AK-47), and "true" machine-guns (crew-served weapons like the Browning .30-cal or the M2 Browning .50-cal, which are not featured in the GTA games; however, the M-60 is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as it can be used by a single person.) This is a unique type of firearm, because the faster the cyclic rate, the faster it can send rounds downrange and increase the chance of eliminating enemies, gangs, cops, or even civilians.

Machine Guns in the games