Madd Dogg's Rhymes

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Madd Dogg's Rhymes

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Respect, Knife, and a silenced 9mm
  • Unlockables: C.R.A.S.H. Path

Now that OG has the music equipment, he needs some good lyrics to put with said music. Of course, he needs help in this area so he asks CJ to "borrow" the music of the famous rapper Madd Dogg to help him along. In semi-true Syphon Filter or Metal Gear tradition, CJ must infiltrate Madd Dogg's mansion to take his book.

  1. When CJ arrives at the mansion, he is in the foyer area. Watch the radar for the guards. When the blip representing CJ is white, he can be clearly seen. When it is blue, he is under cover in the shadows and cannot be seen. If you alert the guards, their retaliation will be short and painful.
  2. Sneak up behind the first guard and kill him. Then sneak around to the pool area. A guard is patrolling the perimeter. Hide in the shadows and when he passes, take him down.
  3. Go into the next hall and go into the closet on the left. Wait until the guard stops to look at the pool area. Get behind him and take him down.
  4. You will then get to the lounge area. Crouch and walk along the bar to avoid the guard and sneak past the other guard in the TV room.
  5. In this hallway, go into the game room and go behind the guard to kill him. Go into the studio to take the book. When you exit, the guards are on alert and they have silenced 9mm pistols.
  6. Take out the guard that is in the hallway when you leave the studio and snag his gun. Continue to backtrack picking off the guards as they get in your way until you have exited the mansion.
  7. Get back to Burger Shot and give OG the book to end the mission. Of course, Officer Tenpenny calls to tell you to meet him in the donut place.