Mafia Sentinel

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The Mafia Sentinel is a gang version of the Sentinel used by the Leone Family in Grand Theft Auto III. It accelerates fast and thus is ideal for street racing. The Sentinel resembles a mid-90's Mercedes Benz. In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the vehicle is named the Leone Sentinel. Its only driven by Leone mafioso's, so if you drag someone out of it, nearby Leone's and the people in the car will attack you.


Its a fairly fast car, with good handling, and it can take some beating. Its a very "cool" vehicle, with black painting and darkened windows. It has 4 seats, so its useful in some mission where getting backup or passengers are necessary.



GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Ma Cipriani's house in Saint Mark's
  • Outside Salvatore's Mansion, just north-west of Saint Mark's.
  • Marco's Bistro
  • In the mission A volatile situation, two of the vehicle can be seen behind the casino
  • Driven around Saint Mark's.