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The notorious Liberty City makes a repeat appearance in GTA IV

Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV has been remodeled to look much more like New York City compared to its GTA III era renditions, featuring Broker (Brooklyn), Algonquin (Manhattan), Dukes (Queens), Bohan (Bronx) and Alderney (New Jersey). The total map area is slightly smaller than that of San Andreas, but is immensely more detailed and has no "wasted" open space such as countryside or desert.


The GTA version of the Empire State Building in Liberty City in GTA IV


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GTA IV trailer 3

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Grand Theft Wiki on Gamespot

Grand Theft Wiki has now been integrated into Gamespot and GameFAQs. Visiting the Wiki tab on the GTA IV pages shows our Featured Articles, most popular pages and recently edited pages, all linking to a special Gamespot-Themed mirror of the site.

Grand Theft Wiki IRC

Grand Theft Wiki now has its own IRC channel: #gtawiki on See Project:IRC for more info. Come and have a chat.

Wikia Merge

Grand Theft Wiki has merged with to create Grand Theft Wiki at Wikia. Accessible from both domains, the merged wiki has all the content (including images) from both wikis. All staff members have remained as staff. See Project:Merge for details.

Purchase Proposal

Further to previous discussions about merging Grand Theft Wiki with, staff at Wikia have suggested the possibility of Wikia purchasing Grand Theft Wiki. Discuss this proposal and watch out for new developments at Talk:Community Portal.

New Staff System

Grand Theft Wiki has a brand new Staff system to replace the old system of Sysops and Bureaucrats. There are now three staff positions: Moderator, Administrator and Manager.
We also have two new members of Staff to go with that - User:George and User:Chief of Staff are now moth Moderators. Congratulations.

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