Majestic Hotel

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File:Majestic2 1280x720.jpg
The Majestic Hotel (Ground Level)
The Majestic Hotel

The Majestic Hotel is a large high-class hotel located in Middle Park West in Liberty City. It is based off the Essex House, a high class hotel in New York City with some similar characteristics such as the sign at the top. Messina Consigliere Harry Hall is said to run a high class prostitution ring out of the Majestic.

It appears in the mission Late Checkout, in which Niko Bellic must kill the Jewish diamond dealer Isaac Roth in his penthouse.

During gameplay, Niko can land a helicopter on the roof of the hotel and enter the penthouse room from the mission. On occasion, the door inside of the penthouse will open and allow players to move a few floors downstairs.[1]

In the kitchen, you can find a bottle of Blox, a product advertised in GTA Vice City


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