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Malc is an African-American member of the Uptown Riders motorcycle club that appears in The Lost and Damned. Malc's appearances in The Lost and Damned vary from giving Johnny Klebitz explosives, joining Johnny on jobs for Elizabeta Torres, and kidnapping Roman Bellic. He is also available as a random character later on. Malc is almost always seen with fellow Uptown Rider, DeSean.

For Malc's first random character encounter, you'll find him in northern Algonquin, in Northwood, kneeling beside his Japanese sports bike, tinkering with it. He and DeSean were supposed to do something, but DeSean never showed up, leaving Malc in a tight spot. He figures DeSean is just spending time with his girl again. Johnny agrees to lend a hand in finding DeSean. On the ride over, Malc receives a phone call from DeSean - he was in a bike race and one of the other racers shot him. When you arrive at his location, all three will roll out in the direction of the other race competetors in order to pay them back for their cheating. At the site you'll find about ten or so people behind cover with automatic pistols. Take all of them down. At the end, a holdout will make a run for a bike, trying to escape. You should be easily able to shoot him before he's successful. With that it's all good and the Uptown Riders take off.

Malc's second random character encounter will again find him kneeling beside his bike messing with it, near to the area where the first encounter took place. This time, Johnny approaches and the two get to talking. After some friendly joking from Johnny, Malc challenges Johnny to compete in a street race happening nearby. From here on the mission is nearly the same as a regular street race, complete with the bats.