Mall Shootout

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In this mission you have to follow the pink marker in the map to go to a mall. As you enter the mall, search for escalators or stairs and go to the first floor. There, you will find a man looking down from a balcony. Go up to him. After some talks, he will run don and escape on a yellow PCJ 600. Don't bother to kill the men shooting at you, but be careful. They are hiding everywhere in the mall. You can now follow the man who has the briefcase using your map. Choose a fast car as he will be far off by now. You can also shoot from a motorbike or perform a drive-by. It will not be hard to kill him. You can also run him down. Then get out and take the briefcase QUICKLY, as you will now have a two-star wanted level. Go back to Cortez's boat to finish the misson now, and get rid of the stars.