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The following is a walkthrough of the Mall Shootout mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



Cortez has a deal to close, Pierre La Ponce, a french courier has valuable technology for him and he wants Tommy to retrieve it from the Washington Mall.

The Mission

After the mission cutscene finishes, get inside the Cheetah parked next to the pier (or use the PCJ-600 parked at the marina) and go to the Washington Mall in Washington Beach. Before you go to the Washington Mall, make sure that you have obtained a submachine gun as you will be needing it later on. The courier (Pierre La Ponce) is waiting on the second floor with the chips. DO NOT kill him, as that will immediately result in mission failure. When Pierre and Tommy are in the middle of the deal, the GIGN and DGSE that followed Tommy here will ambush the deal and Pierre will immediately slide down the esculator, run outside, jump on his PCJ-600 and attempt to flee. The player then has the choice ofkilling the GIGN and DGSE agents ad pick up their money, or the player can immediately run outside, jump on the PCJ-600 and chase after him. If the player wants to ram into Pierre La Ponce, they should ignore the PCJ-600 and just get a car (preferribly a sportscar like the Infernus and Cheetah) and chase him. Kill the courier by either by knocking him off his bike(if you are using a car to chase him down) or directly shooting him (if you are using a motorbike to chase him). Once he is dead, take the chips (which will be contained in a suitcase). You will get a two star wanted level by that action. The player can either go straight to the marina, or they can go to a Pay 'n' Spray to erase the wanted level (although it is reccomended that you go straight to the marina , as that will save you money and it is easier to evade cops with a two star rather than a three star wanted level). Go to Cortez's yacht and deliver the chips. Mission Passed.

Video walkthroughs

PS2 Version PC Version
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