Management Issues

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Management Issues

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Respect
  • Unlockables: None

Seems that Madd Dogg's manager doesn't think too highly of OG and wants to prevent him from entering the music business. OG suggests that the manager has outlived his usefulness and must be eliminated.

  1. OG tells CJ that the managers chauffer has left the Burger Shot in Market. Look for the red marker and head toward it. When you get to the car, ram it to force the chauffer out. Gun him down and take the limo. Go to the Paint 'n' Spray to repair it. Then head for the yellow marker.
  2. Make sure you don't damage the car in any way on your way to the assembly point. If you do damage it, you must get it repaired. Plus, you have to make it to the assembly point by 2200. Go into the pink marker facing the same direction as the other vehicles.
  3. The caravan will then move out to head for the theater. Maintain your distance between the two vehicles. You eventually arrive at the show. After the usual fanfare, the manager gets into the limo and instructs you to take him back to Madd Dogg's. Of course, there will be a slight course deviation.
  4. Gun the motor and head for the Verona Beach pier. It is the first gray pier jutting south from Verona Beach. You can easily outrun the other two cars. When you get on the pier, gun the motor and jump out right before the car goes over the edge. After the cut scene, the mission is completed.