Marty Jay Williams

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Marty Jay Williams appears to be the head of the "Trailer Park Mafia." The Trailer Park Mafia dominate a wide range of criminal activities in Vice City's poor communities, such as drugs, prostitution, and protection rackets. Victor works for Marty near the beginning of the game. He is a stereotypical redneck - he has a thick accent, is a drunk, is believed to be inbred, and he verbally and physically abuses his wife, Louise. He is the brother-in-law of Phil Cassidy and Mary Jo Cassidy. Louise eventually attempts to move out, but Marty kidnaps her. Vic tracks him down and kills him before he can get to his hideout. After Marty's death, Vic acquires all of the Trailer Park Mafia's businesses as his own. He is also known as a huge gun and drug runner causing many problems with local gangs.

Marty is voiced by Jim Burke.