Mass Grave

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The Mass Grave is commonly misinterpreted as a myth. It is located north of the Restricted Area and south of the Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard. According to some sources, the bodies were dumped there by a serial killer. Inside the grave, which is a large round hole in the ground, are six body bags, next to the grave is a parked truck.


Although many people choose to link this myth to the 'serial killer' myth, this is, likely, not the case, as two Sindacco Family thugs are seen in the desert digging a grave, and then leaving it in The Introduction that came with the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Soundtrack, although the two goons are only burying one person, not six - possibly indicating that more people were buried there during the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.This could also indicate that the hole was a popular place for the Families to dispose of bodies.