Michael Hunt

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Michael Hunt is a DJ for Head Radio since 1998 (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories). During the course of the GTA series, he develops a vendetta against Lips 106 for playing "Top 40" music as opposed to "real rock and roll music." He often uses "cheesy" cliches, such as "rock around the clock 24/7" and "non-stop rock".

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Hunt circa 1992 has lived with his mother in San Fierro since he was born, describing his home as one with a backyard where he could cut grass. In GTA Liberty City Stories, Hunt openly confesses that he suffers from extreme drug use, citing this as the reason he is unable to see his own son.

His name is a "censored" form of the gag name Mike Hunt (my cunt). Hunt may be self-conscious about this as he almost always inserts a nickname for himself, one example being "Mike 'Wheels of Steel' Hunt".