Middle Park East Safehouse

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The Middle Park East safehouse is one of Niko's safehouses. It is bought by Roman Bellic after he gets the insurance money from his old cab depot, which was burnt down. It is really well equiped and very modern. It includes a proper king-sized bed with a Cow-skin carpet. It also includes a wine cellar in the back. There is a mini-bar with proper kitchen, several armchairs and leather sofa behind a flat-screen TV, and a laptop which can be used to log on to the in-game internet. It is unlocked after Roman's mission Hostile Negotiation.


It is noted that all of the main furniture might be Krapea items. Krapea is a spoof on IKEA, a sweddish furnishing company. The main dining room area can be seen on a photo on Krapea's website, with "K" tags on the chairs and table.