Midtown Staunton

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Aerial view of Midtown Staunton in GTA III

Midtown Staunton is the central area of the Staunton Island, where neighborhoods are Belleville Park and Newport. A more moderate skyline compared to that of it's roaring neighbors of Torrington and Bedford Point in Downtown, Midtown Staunton is home to several of Staunton's landmarks.


File:MidtownStaunton-Area map.jpg
Midtown Staunton area map in 1998 (GTA LCS)

Midtown Staunton is the main residential area of Staunton Island, consisting of luxury hotels and residences in the majority. Large area residents found more in the district of Newport, where you can appreciate the large and luxurious condominiums consisting of small marinas and apartments east parking. The most expensive hotels are in the distinctive landmark of Belleville Park where you can also find the park (the same name, which derives the name of the neighborhood) of the city more attractive, as well as a large shopping mall.

The area is also surrounded by Federal architectures (large and small), multi-storey car parks, highways in the form of bridge for better transportation and clothing stores, weapons, etc ... as well as some buildings as a broadcasting station.


Midtown Staunton has only two districts:

Belleville Park: At the heart of Staunton Island is Belleville Park a replica based loosely of Central Park which is located on the main boulevard across from the Town Hall. As well as Belleville Park itself, the district is home to some of Liberty City's most luxurious and expensive hotels, which lies in between the park and the river between Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island.

Newport: The location of the Liberty City Shopping Mall, Staunton Island's Ammu-Nation, Staunton Island's Pay 'n' Spray and a marina for small boats, the district of Newport is a resemblance to Upper East Side as well as similarities to small and Downtown and Midtwon Manhattan, is directly north of Torrington and the Callahan Bridge and East of Belleville Park. Newport is home to the Staunton Island Safehouse in Liberty City Stories as well. Note that this is Uptown Yardies turf.

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