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Artwork of Miguel.

Miguel is a Colombian Cartel member and Catalina's partner after Claude, frequently seen with Catalina while running the SPANK drug business in Liberty City.

Appearances in GTA III

In the opening scene depicting Catalina's betrayal of Claude, Miguel may have been the individual driving the Banshee getaway car. Miguel is officially first introduced during mission Cutting The Grass where Salvatore Leone sends Claude to follow Curly Bob from work and see if he's ratting out on the Leone Family. Bob is apparently ratting out information to the heads of the Colombian Cartel, which are Miguel and Catalina.

During the mission Grand Theft Aero, in which Donald Love requests Claude to retrieve a package from Francis International Airport, the package is found stolen by the Colombian Cartel and is being handed over to Catalina and Miguel. Claude eventually tracks them down, resulting in Miguel handing over the package and Catalina shooting Miguel, leaving him at the mercy of Asuka Kasen, then enraged by the killing of her brother, Kenji Kasen. Miguel is then tortured into revealing information about Catalina's operations, and is soon seen motionless and stabbed in the torso by a pole, killed by the Cartel while they killed Asuka and kidnapped Maria.

Appearances in GTA Liberty City Stories

Miguel in GTA LCS

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, he makes a brief cameo during one mission, in which Toni Cipriani picks up a shipment of illegal drugs from some Colombian Cartel members. During the exchange, the police show up and Toni, saying Miguel set him up, escapes the ensuing chaos with the seized contraband, while Miguel is seemingly killed (by either Toni or others in the scene). Miguel obviously survived since he appears in Grand Theft Auto III.

GTA III Mission Appearances

GTA Liberty City Stories Mission Appearances