Mike Lips Last Lunch

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Mike Lips Last Lunch
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Joey Leone
Start location: Trenton
Reward: $10,000

Mike Lips Last Lunch is the seventh mission of Grand Theft Auto III and is given to Claude by Joey Leone. The mission becomes available after the mission Drive Misty For Me, and thus could be the fifth mission. The mission serves as the introduction to Joey Leone's missions and the death of Mike "Lips" Forelli. The mission features Claude, Joey Leone, Misty and Mike "Lips" Forelli. The time limit for the mission is 6 minutes.


Claude drops by Joey's Garage looking for some work from Joey. Joey tells Claude that the Forelli Brothers have owed him money for too long, and so he sends Claude to kill Mike "Lips" Forelli. Joey tells him to go to Eightballs Bombshop to get a bomb fixed into the car.

The player gets control of Claude outside of Joey's garage and after entering a vehicle, drives to Marco's Bistro in Saint Marks. Claude steals Mike's car and drives to 8-Balls bomb shop, where a bomb is planted in the car. Claude may, depending on whether the player crashes the vehicle, have to stop by at Pay'n'Spray so as not to alert Mike Forelli. Claude drives back to Marco's Bistro and parks the car into the same parking space. Claude arms the bomb. Forelli walks out, having finished eating, and enters the car. The car explodes, killing him.


Misty: Hey, I'm bored, when you gonna drill me?

Joey Leone: In a moment sweetheart, I've got a little business to take care of. I've got a little job for you pal, the Forelli brothers have owed me money for too long, and they need to be taught some respect. Lips Forelli is stuffing his fat face in St Marcos Bistro, so steal his car and take it to 8-Ball’s bomb shop up in Harwood. You know 8-Ball right? Once he’s fitted it with a bomb, go park the car where you found it. Then sit back and watch the whole show. But hurry up, he won’t be eating forever.

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