Mike Toreno's Ranch

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Mike Toreno's Ranch is a ranch in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Tierra Robada, San Andreas, and is owned by Mike Toreno. Four of Toreno's missions begin at the ranch: Monster, Highjack, Interdiction and Verdant Meadows. Toreno's Ranch is available to save after Carl Johnson receives a mystery phone call from the ranch upon completing the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. When the player has started these missions the game can be saved there. If the player goes down to the lake at the ranch there is a small boat dock, but unfortunately no sea-going vessel can be saved.


After completing Vertical Bird, heavy weapons will spawn in the house.

Tip: To stock up on ammunition for the above weapons, pick up the weapon(s) desired, save the game (at the ranch) and repeat.

Stationary vehicles

  • Washington - Upon entry the Washington will automatically give you a one star wanted level, owing to be a government vehicle.