Milica Bellic

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Milica Bellic (born 1955) is the mother of two sons, Niko Bellic and his unnamed brother, and the aunt of Roman Bellic. She is not seen during the game, however a few e-mails are sent to Niko's email inbox during the course of the Grand Theft Auto IV storyline. In her emails, she mentions that she feels guilty that Niko was corrupted by the environment that he grew up in. Roman suggests that she should move to America to live with them, but Niko completely disagrees, thinking that Milica would be distressed at what she sees in Liberty City, including the violent lifestyle of her son.

Towards the end of the storyline, Milica sends an e-mail to Niko confirming Roman's marriage, happy that Roman is "settling down." Milica loves her son, and likes to know that he is safe.


  • Milica's e-mail address is [email protected]
  • It has been suggested that Milica's other son, Niko's brother, was named Josef.