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(List of Interconnecting GTA 4 Era Missions)
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:[[I'll Take Her]] Pt. 2 - For Gerald McReary
:[[I'll Take Her]] Pt. 2 - For Gerald McReary
:[[She's a Keeper]] - For Gerald McReary
:[[She's a Keeper]] - For Gerald McReary
:[[Get Lost]] - For Thomas Stubbs III
:::'''[[Ladies Half Price]] - For Gay Tony'''
:::'''[[Ladies Half Price]] - For Gay Tony'''
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:[[Mr. and Mrs. Bellic]] (Deal OR Revenge) - For Roman Bellic
:[[Mr. and Mrs. Bellic]] (Deal OR Revenge) - For Roman Bellic
:[[Out of Commission]] OR [[A Revenger's Tragedy]] - For Niko Bellic
:[[Out of Commission]] OR [[A Revenger's Tragedy]] - For Niko Bellic
:[[Get Lost]] - For Thomas Stubbs III
:[[Party's Over]] - For [[Rocco Pelosi]]
:[[Departure Time]] - For [[Gay Tony]]

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For the missions in Chinatown Wars, see Missions in GTA Chinatown Wars.

Table of interconnecting Missions

NOTE: Order of missions within each section may vary depending on player choice.

GTA IV The Lost and Damned The Ballad of Gay Tony How They Are Related
Section 1 missions
The Cousins Bellic, It's Your Call, Three's a Crowd, First Date, Bleed Out, Easy Fare, Jamaican Heat, Bull in a China Shop, Hung Out to Dry, Clean Getaway, Ivan the Not So Terrible, Concrete Jungle, Uncle Vlad, Crime & Punishment, Do You Have Protection?, Shadow, Final Destination Clean and Serene, Angels in America not connected
Jason's Death Missions
No Love Lost It's War not connected Mikhail Faustin sends Niko to kill his daughter'sboyfriend, a member of The Lost Brotherhood. After doing so, Johnny is informed of his death by Billy Grey, and The Lost wage war on The Angels of Death.
Section 2 missions
Logging On, Rigged to Blow, Search and Delete, Easy as Can Be, The Master and the Molotov, Russian Revolution, Roman's Sorrow, Out of the Closet, No. 1, Escuela of the Streets, Street Sweeper, Luck of the Irish Action/Reaction, Liberty City Choppers, Bad Cop Drop not connected
Drug Deal Missions
Blow Your Cover Buyer's Market not connected Both Johnny and Niko attend a drug deal for Elizabeta Torres which goes wrong.
Section 3 missions
The Puerto Rican Connection, The Snow Storm, Have a Heart, Call and Collect, Final Interview, Holland Nights, Lure, Deconstruction for Beginners, Photo Shoot, Ruff Rider, Undress to Kill Politics, Coming Down, Off Route, This Shit's Cursed, Hit the Pipe, End of Chapter, Bad Standing, Heavy Toll, Marta Full of Grace, Shifting Weight not connected
Kidnap Missions
Hostile Negotiation Roman's Holiday not connected Johnny and Malc kidnap Roman Bellic for Dimitri Rascalov. Niko subsequently has to save his cousin.
Section 4 missions
The Holland Play, Wrong is Right, Portrait of a Killer, Dust Off, Harboring a Grudge ,Paper Trail, Waste Not Want Knots no missions between kidnapping and museum mission not connected
Bank Heist Missions
Three Leaf Clover not connected I Luv L.C. Niko, along with Packie and Derrick McReary and Michael Keane rob the Bank of Liberty. Luis is a customer of the bank at the time.
Section 5 missions
Actions Speak Louder than Words, I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle, SmackdownA Long Way to Fall, Babysitting, Tunnel of Death, Blood Brothers, Undertaker, Taking in the Trash, Meltdown no missions between kidnapping and museum mission Practice Swing, Chinese TakeoutMomma's Boy, Corner Kids, Clocking Off, Sexy Time, Kibbutz Number One, Bang Bang, Blog This!..., High Dive, Caught with your Pants Down, This Ain't Checkers, No. 3
Diamond Theft Missions
not known to be connected Diamonds in the Rough Frosting on the Cake After stealing Diamonds from Ray Bulgarin, Luis and Gay Tony are ambushed by members of The Lost, including Johnny, who steal the diamonds for Ray Boccino.
Museum Missions
Museum Piece Collector's Item

Not So Fast

Ray Boccino sends Niko and Johnny to a diamond deal with members of the Jewish Mob. The deal is interrupted by Luis who attempts to, and apparently does, retrieve the diamonds back.
Jim's Death Missions
No Way on the Subway Was It Worth It? not known to be connected After losing millions with the loss of the diamonds, Ray Boccino kidnaps Jim Fitzgerald and attempts to kidnap Johnny. The two escape so Ray sends Niko to take out Jim and some goons after Johnny. Johnny is told by Ashley Butler of Jim's death at the end of his mission.
Section 6 Missions
Weekend at Florian's, Late Checkout, Hating the Haters, Union Drive, Buoys Ahoy, Bryce's Infernus, I'll Take Her, I'll Take HerShe's a Keeper Get Lost unknown
Gracie Missions
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend none Ladies Half Price To retrieve the diamonds back, Niko and Packie attempt to trade Gracie Ancelotti with Luis and Gay Tony. The deal goes sour with the arrival of Bulgarin and the diamonds are lost.
Section 7 Missions
Truck Hustle, Pegorino's Pride, Payback, Entourage, Dining Out, Liquidize the Assets, Catch the Wave, Trespass, To Live and Die in Alderney, Flatline, Pest Control, That Special SomeoneOne Last Thing, A Dish Served Cold, If the Price is Right, Mr. and Mrs. Bellic, Out of Commission OR A Revenger's Tragedy none unknown
Section 8 Missions
not connected none Party's Over, Departure Time

List of Interconnecting GTA 4 Era Missions

NOTE: The missions in bold and italics are the ones where the protagonists meet or cause effects on each other.

The Cousins Bellic - For Roman Bellic
It's Your Call - For Roman Bellic
Three's a Crowd - For Roman Bellic
First Date - For Michelle
Bleed Out - For Roman Bellic
Easy Fare - For Roman Bellic
Jamaican Heat - For Roman Bellic
Bull in a China Shop - For Vladimir Glebov
Hung Out to Dry - For Vladimir Glebov
Clean Getaway - For Vladimir Glebov
Ivan the Not So Terrible - For Vladimir Glebov
Concrete Jungle - For Little Jacob
Uncle Vlad - For Roman Bellic
Crime & Punishment - For Roman Bellic
Do You Have Protection? - For Mikhail Faustin
Shadow - For Little Jacob
Final Destination - For Mikhail Faustin
Clean and Serene - For Billy Grey
Angels in America - For Billy Grey
It's War - For Billy Grey
No Love Lost - For Mikhail Faustin
Logging On - For Roman Bellic
Rigged to Blow - For Mikhail Faustin
Search and Delete - For Brucie Kibbutz
Easy as Can Be - For Brucie Kibbutz
The Master and the Molotov - For Dimitri Rascalov
Russian Revolution - For Dimitri Rascalov
Roman's Sorrow - For Roman Bellic
Out of the Closet - For Brucie Kibbutz
No. 1 - For Brucie Kibbutz
Escuela of the Streets - For Manny Escuela
Street Sweeper - For Manny Escuela
Luck of the Irish - For Elizabeta Torres
Action/Reaction - For Billy Grey
Liberty City Choppers - For Jim Fitzgerald
Bad Cop Drop - For Jim Fitzgerald
Buyer's Market - For Elizabeta Torres
Blow Your Cover - For Elizabetha Torres
The Puerto Rican Connection - For Manny Escuela
The Snow Storm - For Elizabetha Torres
Have a Heart - For Elizabetha Torres
Call and Collect - For Francis McReary
Final Interview - For Francis McReary
Holland Nights - For Francis McReary
Lure - For Francis McReary
Deconstruction for Beginners - For Playboy X
Photo Shoot - For Playboy X
Ruff Rider - For Dwayne Forge
Undress to Kill - For Dwayne Forge
Politics - For Thomas Stubbs III
Coming Down - For Ashley Butler
Off Route - For Thomas Stubbs III
This Shit's Cursed - For Billy Grey
Hit the Pipe - For Jim Fitzgerald
End of Chapter - For Jim Fitzgerald
Bad Standing - For Jim Fitzgerald
Heavy Toll - For Elizabeta Torres
Marta Full of Grace - For Elizabeta Torres
Shifting Weight - For Elizabeta Torres
Roman's Holiday - For Ashley Butler
Hostile Negotiation - For Roman Bellic
The Holland Play - For Playboy X OR Dwayne Forge
Wrong is Right - For United Liberty Paper
Portrait of a Killer - For United Liberty Paper
Dust Off - For United Liberty Paper
Harboring a Grudge - For Patrick McReary
Paper Trail - For United Liberty Paper
Waste Not Want Knots - For Patrick McReary
I Luv L.C. - For Gay Tony
Three Leaf Clover - For Patrick McReary
Actions Speak Louder than Words - For Gerald McReary
I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle - For Gerald McReary
Smackdown - For Derrick McReary
A Long Way to Fall - For Ray Boccino
Babysitting - For Derrick McReary
Tunnel of Death - For Derrick McReary
Blood Brothers - For Francis McReary OR Derrick McReary
Undertaker - For Patrick McReary
Taking in the Trash - For Ray Boccino
Meltdown - For Ray Boccino
Diamonds in the Rough - Ray Boccino
Frosting on the Cake - Gay Tony
Collector's Item - For Ray Boccino
Not So Fast - For Gay Tony
Museum Piece - For Ray Boccino
No Way on the Subway - For Ray Boccino
Was It Worth It? - For Ray Boccino
Weekend at Florian's - For Ray Boccino
Late Checkout - For Ray Boccino
Hating the Haters - For Bernie Crane
Union Drive - For Bernie Crane
Buoys Ahoy - For Bernie Crane
Bryce's Infernus - For Bernie Crane
I'll Take Her Pt. 1 - For Gerald McReary
I'll Take Her Pt. 2 - For Gerald McReary
She's a Keeper - For Gerald McReary
Get Lost - For Thomas Stubbs III
Ladies Half Price - For Gay Tony
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - For Gerald McReary
Truck Hustle - For Phil Bell
Pegorino's Pride - For Jimmy Pegorino
Payback - For Jimmy Pegorino
Entourage - For Gambetti
Dining Out - For Gambetti
Liquidize the Assets - For Gambetti
Catch the Wave - For Phil Bell
Trespass - For Phil Bell
To Live and Die in Alderney - For Phil Bell
Flatline - For Jimmy Pegorino
Pest Control - For Jimmy Pegorino
That Special Someone - For United Liberty Paper
One Last Thing - For Jimmy Pegorino
A Dish Served Cold - For Niko Bellic
If the Price is Right- For Niko Bellic
Mr. and Mrs. Bellic (Deal OR Revenge) - For Roman Bellic
Out of Commission OR A Revenger's Tragedy - For Niko Bellic
Party's Over - For Rocco Pelosi
Departure Time - For Gay Tony

Note: The order of missions between the crossovers may vary depending on player preference.