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Los Santos

Carl needs to re-establish himself in the neighborhood. Los Santos involves Carl's rise to power again. Many of these missions will have Carl as the driver plus additional help as required. There are many challenging missions during this part of GTASA.

There are 28 missions for Los Santos.


/ 7.1 Starting Path /________________________________________________________

CJ has just gotten back into town. He has been away from the old neighborhood for a while. A lot has happened since he has been away. Time to head back home.

+-------------------------------------+ | 7.1.1 In the Beginning: Mission 1 |---------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : None

- Take the BMX bike at the end of the alley and hop onto it. Try not to

  provoke anybody since CJ is defenseless.

- Head toward the yellow blip that represents his mother's house. If you

  aren't sure of what direction to go, use the map to find the shortest and
  hopefully safest route.

- When you arrive at your destination, a pink marker will be in front of the


+-----------------------------+ | 7.1.2 Big Smoke: Mission 2 |------------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : BMX Challenge

It seems a lot has changed. CJ goes to his house only to find it in a severely dilapidated state. A large gentlemen comes in wielding a bat. When he recognizes CJ, he catches him up-to-date on what has been going on. When they are about to depart the cemetery, some of the Ballas gang decide to give a proper homecoming.

- Run over to the BMX bikes and hop onto one. CJ's brother Sweet will have a

  blue arrow above him.  Your goal is to not lose Sweet and keep up with him.

- Of course, you will be constantly harassed by these Ballas gang members

  taking shots at you and trying to run you off the road.  Use the bikes small
  size to your advantage by weaving in and out of cars and other tight spaces
  to slow the Ballas gang down.

- You will eventually make it to the Mulholland Intersection. At this point,

  Sweet will ride off in another direction to divert the Ballas gang members.
  You will now have to follow Ryder through the streets.

- Eventually after a few more twists and turns, you will arrive back at CJ's


+--------------------------+ | 7.1.3 Ryder: Mission 3 |--------------------------------------------------- +--------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : Sweet Path

This is more of a familiarization tour of the neighborhood. Ryder will take CJ around to some different businesses such as the barber shop and the local eatery. These two become necessary for gaining things such as sex appeal and to keep one healthy. Of course, Ryder tries to rob the pizza shop only to be met by a shotgun toting employee. Time to get out of here and head back home.


/ 7.2 Sweet Path /___________________________________________________________

These series of missions will help establish CJ back with the Grove Street families again. Many of these missions have CJ causing trouble in enemy territory or serving as support to Sweet (or others) in cleaning up the neighborhood.

+------------------------------------+ | 7.2.1 Tagging Up Turf: Mission 1 |----------------------------------------- +------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Complete Starting Path missions Reward(s)  : Respect and $200 Unlockables  : Respraying all tags in Los Santos

It seems at one time, the Grove Street gang was something to be feared. This was evidenced by the tags that were spray painted all over the city. Since the gang splintered, other gangs have moved in and sprayed their own tags on top of the Grove Street ones. Sweet wants CJ to go out and reclaim some lost tags.

- Sweet will take CJ down to the second underpass, as you leave the

  cul-de-sac.  He will then use a can of spray paint to demonstrate how to
  paint over another gang's tag.  He then tells CJ to do the same with other
  tags in the neighborhood.

- Keep in mind that spraying tags on the wall, in the presence of a policeman,

  will earn you a one star wanted level.  Go to the house across the street
  and spray over that tag.

- Get back on the main road and look for the brick-lined alleyway. The tag is

  on the eastern wall.  Spray that one also.  If you are confused on location,
  look at the map, these tags are marked.

- After you have taken care of things here, Sweet will have you drive over to

  East Los Santos to take care of a few more tags.  Drive into the pink marker
  to start the show.

- Sweet goes off elsewhere to spray tags. The first one is on the corner of

  the restaurant.  After this, head north to the alleyway.  You will see two
  Ballas gang members hanging around the tag.

- You can use the paint as a weapon to incapacitate and eventually kill your

  enemies.  Keep this in mind when spraying the tag on the fence.  You can
  either do a hit and run or take care of the Ballas gang members first.

- Get out of the alley and turn right (south) and head across the street. You

  will see a tag on the upper wall of the building.  Go around to the right
  and jump the fence.  Then turn left and get on the small building.

- Climb to the top to spray the tag then hop down off the roof and into the

  car with Sweet.  You will both then go back home.

+--------------------------------------+ | 7.2.2 Cleaning the Hood: Mission 2 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Seems that the Grove Street gang is willing to fight back. The problem, though, is that many of them are high on the drugs being pushed in the neighborhood. Sweet decides that it is time to clean up the neighborhood so that they can be feared once again.

- Ryder joins CJ for a ride to an individual names B-Dup. Seems that B-Dup

  has been a big help in the past so CJ wants to enlist him.  Ryder hops into
  the car to help out.  Follow the target dot to the apartments south and west
  of CJ's house.

- Go into the pink marker and CJ and Ryder will find out that B-Dup isn't the

  same person he used to be.  In addition, another crony, Big Bear, is just a
  drugged up waste.  CJ and Ryder leave more determined then ever to stop the
  flow of drugs.

- Head back north to a house. In the front yard you will see a pusher busy

  doing business.  After the buyer leaves, give the dealer a business deal
  with extreme physical violence.  Don't forget to get the bat he drops.

- Now you will head west and south to some apartments by the railroad tracks.

  Enter the pink marker to let the games begin.  After a brief speech and
  action by Ryder, beat everyone to death in this apartment.  When you leave,
  you may be followed so be prepared.

- Head back home to complete this mission.

+-------------------------------+ | 7.2.3 Drive-Thru: Mission 3 |---------------------------------------------- +-------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $200 Unlockables  : The Gymnasium

Big Smoke states that he is hungry and wants to go out for something to eat. The rest of the gang obliges and makes CJ the driver. While going through the drive-thru, the gang notices a carload of Ballas gang members heading toward Grove Street to make a hit.

- After the cinematic of the Ballas car speeding away ends, floor the gas and

  take up pursuit.  You will need to either ram them off the road or let the
  other guys in the car shoot them up.

- Try to keep as close to the car as possible to allow your gang the best

  opportunities to shoot it up.  Ram them to slow them down since you don't
  have a lot of time to destroy their car or kill the Ballas gang members.

- Remember, you must kill all the Ballas gang members to pass this mission.

  If they escape by foot, run them over or give your guys a clean shot at

- Head back home after completing this mission.

+----------------------------------+ | 7.2.4 Nines and AKs: Mission 4 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and a 9mm pistol Unlockables  : Big Smoke Path

You will be introduced to another facet of the game. The clothes you wear determines the respect you gain. Also, you will meet an arms dealer.

- Hop into the car with Big Smoke. He will tell you that you are going to an

  arms dealer.  This is located in Willowfield.

- When you arrive, a crazy individual named Emmet draws his weapon wanting to

  blast you for a case of mistaken identity.  After that mess is cleared up,
  Emmet shows you his wares.

- You will then get a chance to do some target practice with the 9mm. This

  will also serve to improve your skill with the 9mm.

- After blasting bottles, you will take Big Smoke home. After dropping him

  off, Sweet will call informing you that CJ needs to get in the right clothes
  to represent the Grove Street family.  Head over to Binco Clothes to
  purchase some new duds.

- Go home to finish this mission.

+-----------------------------+ | 7.2.5 Drive-By: Mission 5 |------------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $500 Unlockables  : Ryder Path

Seems that the attempted drive-by the Ballas gang was going to do needs to be avenged. After Sweet gives CJ a hard time about his driving, he then states that CJ will be driving them through Ballas territory for payback time.

- Go to the pink marker to start the mission. Ballas gang members are

  indicated by red markers on the map.  You will also see a CAR HEALTH
  indicator.  Don't let this get too low or the car you will be driving will
  be blown up and you will fail the mission.

- Drive slowly by the targeted Ballas gang members to allow your gang to shoot

  them down.  If you possess a weapon, join in the fun to make things go by
  quicker.  You will be doing two groups of drive-bys.

- After you finish the second drive-by, you will get a two star wanted level.

  It's time to shake the police and get rid of that wanted level.  Follow the
  roads south (use the map) to get to the nearest Paint 'n' Spray located in

- Quickly get in there to get a "new" vehicle. This one is on the house in

  terms of cost.

- After getting your car refurbished, head back to your house to complete the


+---------------------------------+ | 7.2.6 Sweet's Girl: Mission 6 |-------------------------------------------- +---------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and Micro-SMG Unlockables  : None

CJ goes to see Sweet but Sweet isn't home. CJ then gets a call from Sweet. Apparently Sweet is in Seville Families turf. What is worse is that they are all gunning for him. You will need to rescue Sweet and his girl from the combat zone.

- You will need a car with four doors so jack one if you don't have one

  already available.  You can also recruit a couple of gang members (if your
  respect is high enough) to assist you.

- Go to where Sweet is located at. This will be in the Playa del Seville so

  don't waste time getting there.  In addition, you will see Sweet's health
  bar displayed to show you that time is of essence.

- When you get to the road that the Seville Families are occupying, disembark

  from the vehicle and start heading toward them.  Use all available cover and
  make your fire count.  Try for headshots if at all possible.  When you draw
  attention to CJ, it will give Sweet some breathing room.

- Keep yourself exposed as little as possible. It will take some time but

  with patience, you can take care of them.  Don't forget to get their weapons
  once they are down.

- After you have cleared the threat, go back and get your car and drive it

  into the pink marker.  Sweet and his woman will get in.  The threat, though,
  isn't quite over yet.  Seems a few of the Seville Families gang members have
  loaded up into cars and are trying to take your car out.

- Aggressive handling should keep them at bay. Drive into the pink marker to

  finish this mission.

+------------------------------------+ | 7.2.7 Cesar Vialpando: Mission 7 |----------------------------------------- +------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Depends on what you bet Unlockables  : Cesar Vialpando Path, Lowrider challenge

Seems that sister Kendl is seeing a guy from the south side of town. Only problem is, Sweet doesn't want her to see him. He sends CJ down to see what's going on.

- First, CJ needs to fit into the southside crowd. Fortunately, this will be

  accomplished by going first to the Loco Low Co. garage just southeast in
  Willowfield.  It is here that CJ will get a lowrider with hydraulics

- Next, head over to the train station to go to the lowrider meeting in El

  Corona.  First, you must prove you can "hang" with the lowriders.  You will
  have to move your car to the beat of the music.  This translates to a circle
  at the bottom of the screen.  From the right side, a series of joystick
  moves or button pushes will be indicated.  You must perform these actions
  when they enter said circle.  You get points for doing it right and your
  competition gets them if you mess up.

- After you successfully complete this challenge, Kendl introduces you to

  Cesar.  After a little hostility, CJ accepts that fact that Kendl is dating
  Cesar and he thinks Cesar is alright.

+-----------------------------+ | 7.2.8 Doberman: Mission 8 |------------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------+

Prerequisites: C.R.A.S.H Path Burning Desire: Mission 1 Reward(s)  : Respect and territory Unlockables  : Ability to invade territories to take them.

CJ will get a call from Sweet. It is time to start claiming more turf in typical gangland fashion. This will be a tough mission unless you have enough firepower to withstand the repeated attacks you will soon be subject to.

- First, you will have to head to Ammu-Nation and acquire the weaponry you

  need.  Automatic weapons and shotguns do good.  In addition, a grenade can
  take out whole groups of enemies.  Remember, this is total war, no holds

- Next, head toward the purple area marked on your map. This is Ballas turf

  and it will soon come under new management.  To provoke a gang war, you must
  shoot up three Ballas gang members.  Once this happens, the territory starts
  to flash red indicating a gang war in progress.

- You will be hit by three waves of Ballas gang members. They will come from

  different directions so watch your radar.  It is best to put yourself into a
  good defensive position.  If you see a large group of them, chuck a grenade
  to clear them out.  Also, armor and health icons will randomly appear on the

- Once you survive the three waves, life will return to normal and you will

  now own the territory.  Don't forget to get all the weapons and money off
  the dead bodies.  Your job, though, isn't quite over yet.  You now need to
  take care of the traitor Grove Street gang member.

- Use the radar to find him. When you get to him, take care of his bodyguards

  and then give chase to him.  Kill him to finish the mission.

+----------------------------------+ | 7.2.9 Los Sepulcros: Mission 9 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Enough earned respect Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

You can only do this mission between the hours of 0900 to 1700. It looks like Sweet has a plan to kill a bunch of Ballas in retaliation for the Ballas making a hit at Sweet and CJ's mother's funeral.

- Recruit as many gang members as your respect will allow. You will need this

  extra firepower to keep the Ballas at bay.  Once you have recruited and
  gotten into your car, you will have four minutes to make it to the Los
  Sepulcros Cemetery in Vinewood.

- During the ride, Sweet explains that this will be a sneak attack while CJ

  mentions that Kane, a leader of the Ballas, will also be there.

- Go into the pink marker next to the cemetery wall. A cut scene shows the

  gang going over the wall.  When CJ approaches Sweet, Sweet gives the go
  ahead to storm the cemetery.  Go after Kane since he will try to run out.

- Kane is wearing body armor so go for exposed areas. Once you have brought

  him down, Sweet goes for the getaway car.  Mop up any Ballas resistance and
  get into the car.  Head for the Paint 'n' Spray to the east since the police
  are now gunning for you.

- After that, the mission is completed.


/ 7.3 Big Smoke Path /_______________________________________________________

These missions are a little more violent in nature. Make sure you are well stocked in the firearm department since Big Smoke tends to provoke the violent side of people.

+---------------------------+ | 7.3.1 OG Loc: Mission 1 |-------------------------------------------------- +---------------------------+

Prerequisites: Sweet Path Nines and AKs: Mission 4 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : OG Loc Path

You get to drive Big Smoke to the police station to pick up Jeffrey, one of your gang. Of course, when Jeffrey gets into the car, he informs everyone his new name is OG Loc due to wanting to enhance his music career. It also seems that some Brazilian named Freddy rubbed him the wrong way in the joint and he wants Freddy rubbed out.

- Go to East Los Santos to Freddy's apartment. Park in the pink marker so

  that only CJ and OG go up the steps to see if Freddy is home.  After a
  verbal exchange, Freddy escapes, via motorcycle, from the apartment.  Hop
  onto the available bike and give chase.

- Just concentrate on keeping up with Freddy since there is no real way to

  catch up.  Freddy will taunt you along the way.  Don't lose him or you fail
  the mission.

- Eventually after many winding turns up and down hills, Freddy will stop with

  four Vagos gang members as reinforcement.  Gun everyone down to fulfill this
  part of the mission.

- Your final act will be to drive OG to his new job at Burger Shot in Verona


+--------------------------------+ | 7.3.2 Running Dog: Mission 2 |--------------------------------------------- +--------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and 9mm Unlockables  : None

Seems that Big Smoke wants to visit a cousin of his in northeast Los Santos. Of course, this cousin named Mary turns out to be marijuana. Big Smoke gets violent and strikes one of the Vagos gang members while the other takes off.

- This is basically a foot race. Chase down the other gang member either on

  foot or vehicle.  Track him via the red marker on the map.

- If he gets out of sight, he gets into a car to speed away; prevent that from


- Killing him completes the mission.

+---------------------------------------------+ | 7.3.3 Wrong Side of the Tracks: Mission 3 |-------------------------------- +---------------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Seems that Big Smoke is chatting with a couple of officers. After his talk with them, he tells CJ they need to take a trip to the train station.

- When you get to the station, apparently there is some kind of gang meeting

  going on.  When they spot you, they hop on the train and move away.

- Get on the motorcycle and Big Smoke will ride "shotgun". Concentrate on

  driving alongside the train while Big Smoke picks the gang off the train.
  Watch for incoming trains and other obstacles.

- Once the last of the gang members has been shot off the train, take Big

  Smoke home to end the mission.

+----------------------------------+ | 7.3.4 Just Business: Mission 4 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and a MP5 Unlockables  : None

One of my more favorite missions. This mission is actually broken up into two parts. The first part has you rescuing Big Smoke while the second has you riding shotgun while Big Smoke drives.

- Big Smoke wants you to head downtown for a meeting with the Russians. It

  seems everyone is involved in all the gang violence.  Once you arrive at the
  building, Big Smoke goes in while you wait outside.  This lasts only a short
  period since Big Smoke has gotten himself into trouble.

- You will notice a health bar for Big Smoke. Your job is to protect him at

  all costs.  Space is tight in this room but use the obstacles to pick off
  the Russians.  Don't forget about the ones on the balcony.  After you clear
  the room, collect their weapons and money.  Also, grab the armor behind the
  counter and head for Big Smoke.

- You will then be outside to take care of the rest of the Russian mob. After

  you gun them all down, a cut scene will show Big Smoke hopping on a motor-
  cycle and CJ riding shotgun.  You will also notice a BIKE health bar.

- First you will be pursued by motorcycles. Either shoot the riders off or

  shoot at their gas tanks to take care of them quickly.  Keep in mind, you
  must constantly readjust to account for Big Smoke's erratic driving.

- Soon a big car-carrier will come alongside. Don't bother shooting at it

  since you can't destroy it.  Just concentrate on the bikers.

- You will reach a "S" curve. Swing your gun around to see the three car

  roadblock with Russian mobsters between the cars.  Shoot the middle car to
  blow it up and take out the rest of the cars and mobsters.

- Swing the gun quickly to the left to take out the solitary car. Big Smoke

  will then enter the drainage ditch.

- Again, you will start with motorcycles in pursuit. They will be eventually

  joined by cars.  Shoot the windshields and hoods of the cars to destroy
  them.  A big cut scene will show the car-carrier jumping off the above
  bridge to take up pursuit.  Again, don't worry about shooting it, just take
  care of the bikes and cars in pursuit.

- When you come to another roadblock, Big Smoke guns the motor and uses the

  car-carrier as a ramp to jump over it.  You will then go up a concrete ramp.

- Take out the car to the left and quickly swing right. Shoot out the grate

  over the sewage pipe to enter it.  Use the red barrels within the pipe to
  take out enemy bikes.

- After you get through all of this, Big Smoke drops CJ off and the mission


/ 7.4 Ryder Path /___________________________________________________________

Ryder's missions are more robbery oriented. This doesn't mean you won't see a lot of action but you will definitely be stealing things.

+----------------------------------+ | 7.4.1 Home Invasion: Mission 1 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Sweet Path Drive-By: Mission 5 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : Burglar Vehicle Missions

You get to learn the wonderful world of home burglary. The primary objective is to maintain stealth so the owners don't wake up. You will have a NOISE meter to tell you if you are making too much noise. You can only access this mission between 1200 and 2000.

- The basic premise of this mission is to collect three crates of guns within

  eight minutes.  Failure to do either will result in mission failure.

- The first crate is in the room you are in, the second is in the kitchen.

  The third is at the upstairs landing.  A fourth is at the end of the hallway
  while the fifth is in the Colonel's room.

- Watch your time and make sure you keep the noise level low. Sneak crouched

  so you can quickly go from place to place.  Once you have a crate, you
  cannot crouch so be quiet in the house.  Once outside, run to the van and
  retrieve another crate.

- Once the van is loaded up, head to the lockup and park the van. Once you

  exit the van and garage, the mission is complete.

+-----------------------------+ | 7.4.2 Catalyst: Mission 2 |------------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

This time, you get to throw crates from a moving train. This mission is only available from 2000 to 0600. It seems that a train has some interesting items for the taking. Looks like CJ and Ryder will be going to said train to take these items.

- Head over to the train tunnel indicated by the yellow marker and be prepared

  for a firefight.  Take down the three Vagos gang members and prepare for
  more action as four Ballas gang members come to the party.

- Once you have cleared out the competition, go into the pink marker to hop

  onto the train.  Of course, things can never be easy since the train starts
  moving.  You must now throw the crates to Ryder as he moves behind the

- You have 1:30 to throw ten crates from the train. Use the L1 button to

  adjust the distance of the throw.  You have an unlimited number of crates to
  throw.  Just be sure to adjust for Ryder's speed and the turns in the track.

- Once all crates are taken, you will get into Ryder's car to drive home.

  Unfortunately, the police are very interested now at two stars so go into
  the Paint 'n' Spray to take the heat off.  Then head home to end the

+--------------------------------------+ | 7.4.3 Robbing Uncle Sam: Mission 3 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Looks like Ryder wants even heavier artillery and the only people that possess that kind of firepower are the military. Luck would have it that there is a military base at the docks. So guess what, CJ and Ryder will be making a little trip out there.

- Go to the pink marker outside the National Guard depot. The gate closes

  behind a vehicle entering so you need to get that gate open.  The best way,
  since an alarm will be raised anyway, is to toss a grenade over the right
  wall.  It takes out the guard and blows the gate switch.

- Head inside to the warehouse almost in front of you. Pick off the guards

  that attack.  Keep in mind that their M4's can do a lot of damage very

- After you clear the warehouse, a bar with RYDER appears. This is the

  trucks, and Ryder's health, so you must work quickly.  After offloading
  each crate, help Ryder to fight off the sporadic resistance.  Keep up this
  pattern until you load all six crates.  Four are in the warehouse and two
  are to the right side of the main door.

- Once all crates are loaded, it's time to leave. Of course, the army isn't

  about ready to let you off that easily so they dispatch a couple of
  Patriots to make your journey more interesting.  You can take care of the
  pursuers by using the L3 button to drop an explosive crate.  Time it right
  to take out the Patriots.

- Get to the lockup in Willowfield. Once you exit the van, the mission is



mw's strategy:

In the Robbing Uncle Sam mission, the easiest way to do it is to climb the wall, shoot all the guards, stack all of the boxes neatly in front of where Ryder is going to park, & THEN open the gate for him.


/ 7.5 OG Loc Path /__________________________________________________________

This set of missions involves you stealing sound equipment and musical scores so that OG Loc can become a big rap artist.

+-----------------------------------+ | 7.5.1 Life's a Beach: Mission 1 |------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Big Smoke Path OG Loc: Mission 1 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : Dancing

OG Loc needs a sound system and he knows where to get it. He wants you to go to a beach party and steal the van that contains this sound system. You can only access this mission from 2200 to 0600.

- Head down to the beach and enter the pink marker. You must prove that you

  are worthy of entering the van by winning a dance contest.  This works the
  same as the lowrider competition except you will be using the symbol buttons
  to do the dancing.  Timing is everything to get a score of 4000 or better.

- Once you win the dance contest, the DJ invites you over to look at the sound

  equipment.  This is your chance.  Hop into the drivers seat and take the
  van.  Of course, the rest of the people on the beach aren't happy with this
  so they will give chase.

- You must get the van to the lockup in Commerce to successfully complete the

  mission.  It is easy to keep the pursuers at bay.

+---------------------------------------+ | 7.5.2 Madd Dogg's Rhymes: Mission 2 |-------------------------------------- +---------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect, Knife, and a silenced 9mm Unlockables  : C.R.A.S.H. Path

Now that OG has the music equipment, he needs some good lyrics to put with said music. Of course, he needs help in this area so he asks CJ to "borrow" the music of the famous rapper Madd Dogg to help him along. In semi-true Syphon Filter or Metal Gear tradition, CJ must infiltrate Madd Dogg's mansion to take his book.

- When CJ arrives at the mansion, he is in the foyer area. Watch the radar

  for the guards.  When the blip representing CJ is white, he can be clearly
  seen.  When it is blue, he is under cover in the shadows and cannot be seen.
  If you alert the guards, their retaliation will be short and painful.

- Sneak up behind the first guard and kill him. Then sneak around to the pool

  area.  A guard is patrolling the perimeter.  Hide in the shadows and when he
  passes, take him down.

- Go into the next hall and go into the closet on the left. Wait until the

  guard stops to look at the pool area.  Get behind him and take him down.

- You will then get to the lounge area. Crouch and walk along the bar to

  avoid the guard and sneak past the other guard in the TV room.

- In this hallway, go into the game room and go behind the guard to kill him.

  Go into the studio to take the book.  When you exit, the guards are on alert
  and they have silenced 9mm pistols.

- Take out the guard that is in the hallway when you leave the studio and snag

  his gun.  Continue to backtrack picking off the guards as they get in your
  way until you have exited the mansion.

- Get back to Burger Shot and give OG the book to end the mission. Of course,

  Officer Tenpenny calls to tell you to meet him in the donut place.

+--------------------------------------+ | 7.5.3 Management Issues: Mission 3 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Seems that Madd Dogg's manager doesn't think too highly of OG and wants to prevent him from entering the music business. OG suggests that the manager has outlived his usefulness and must be eliminated.

- OG tells CJ that the managers chauffer has left the Burger Shot in Market.

  Look for the red marker and head toward it.  When you get to the car, ram it
  to force the chauffer out.  Gun him down and take the limo.  Go to the Paint
  'n' Spray to repair it.  Then head for the yellow marker.

- Make sure you don't damage the car in any way on your way to the assembly

  point.  If you do damage it, you must get it repaired.  Plus, you have to
  make it to the assembly point by 2200.  Go into the pink marker facing the
  same direction as the other vehicles.

- The caravan will then move out to head for the theater. Maintain your

  distance between the two vehicles.  You eventually arrive at the show.
  After the usual fanfare, the manager gets into the limo and instructs you
  to take him back to Madd Dogg's.  Of course, there will be a slight course

- Gun the motor and head for the Verona Beach pier. It is the first gray pier

  jutting south from Verona Beach.  You can easily outrun the other two cars.
  When you get on the pier, gun the motor and jump out right before the car
  goes over the edge.  After the cut scene, the mission is completed.

+--------------------------------+ | 7.5.4 House Party: Mission 4 |--------------------------------------------- +--------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Looks like OG violated his parole by quitting the Burger Shot. He figures one big blowout before he goes back to prison is in order.

- It is recommended that CJ get some new threads and hairdo. Head over to

  Rodeo and take care of these items.  Then head toward the party in Grove.

- When you get to the party, things are really moving along until a Grove

  Family member comes in to tell the party that the Ballas gang has launched
  a major attack.

- With cars as barricades, the first wave of eight hits you head on. The

  second wave of four hits from the bridge above while the third wave of
  twelve hits from the alley next to Ryder's house.  It will be a wild melee
  so make sure you are constantly "scooting and shooting".

- When the smoke clears, CJ is amazed that that Ballas attacked with that much

  force.  After this the mission is over.

/ 7.6 C.R.A.S.H Path /_______________________________________________________

These missions involve you doing some "favors" for Officer Tenpenny. It seems that keeping the gangs at war with one another helps him in his job. Of course, he isn't above receiving payoffs or other bribes.

+-----------------------------------+ | 7.6.1 Burning Desire: Mission 1 |------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: OG Loc Path Madd Dogg's Rhymes: Mission 2 Reward(s)  : Respect, Molotov's, Fire Extinguisher Unlockables  : Sweet Path, Mission 8, Girlfriend Denise

Tenpenny wants CJ to take care of a Vagos gang member. Basically, he wants him to torch his house.

- First head for the green marker indicating where the Molotov's are located.

  This is in an alley in downtown Los Santos.

- Head to East Los Santos and use the yellow marker to identify the house.

  Drive into the pink marker to initiate your next action.

- When you arrive, take out the Vagos gang members hanging around the house.

  Once you clear them out, go to each of the five windows and toss a Molotov
  through them.

- Once you have successfully torched the house, you learn that there is a girl

  trapped inside.  Being the hero that he is, CJ goes to save the girl.  Work
  around the flames and get to her upstairs.  Of course, the flames are too
  intense so you need to quell the flames.

- Go back to the kitchen to get the fire extinguisher. Go back upstairs and

  put out the flames blocking the room from the hall.  Have her follow you and
  extinguish a path back to the front door.  Once you have escaped, CJ will
  give her a ride home to end the mission.

+---------------------------------+ | 7.6.2 Gray Imports: Mission 2 |-------------------------------------------- +---------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Money from Russian arms dealer Unlockables  : None

Tenpenny likes all the gangs to be equal, that way there is always a status quo existing. Unfortunately, the Ballas gang might be getting an advantage from the Russians in the form of heavier firepower. Tenpenny wants CJ to go to the warehouse to check into this.

- Load up on weapons and gang members since you will definitely need the

  support to get through this mission.  Then head to the warehouse.

- Stealth works good on the beginning of this mission. No need to tip your

  hand too early.  Pick off the outside guards and workers before you head
  inside.  Using the explosive cargo strewn about and on the forklifts, you
  should be able to finish your work quickly.

- Shoot the lock and enter the warehouse. Be prepared for a major battle

  through the warehouse.  Use the boxes for cover and whittle the Russians
  down.  They have good weapons that can cut you down quickly if you aren't

- Work your way through the warehouse to the stairs up to the second landing.

  Eventually, you will get to the office.  Take care of the Ballas gang
  members and attempt to eliminate the Russian arms dealer.  He is wearing
  body armor so it will take some time to knock him down.

- He will run out of his office and to the outside staircase. From there, he

  will run across the open lot toward his car.  Blocking your path are more
  Russian mobsters.  Clear out who you can because your primary target is the
  Russian arms dealer.

- If he does get in his car before you finish him off, then grab the motor-

  cycle and give chase.  If you lose him, you fail the mission.

- Take him out to complete the mission.


mw's strategy:

In the Gray Imports mission, don't enter the last room with the Russian arms dealer. Instead, stand near the door until you can just barely see him & shoot whatever you can until he's dead.


/ 7.7 Cesar Vialpando Path /_________________________________________________

This side mission allows you to establish CJ with Cesar, Kendl's boyfriend.

+-------------------------------------------+ | 7.7.1 High Stakes, Low-Rider: Mission 1 |---------------------------------- +-------------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Sweet Path Cesar Vialpando: Mission 7 Reward(s)  : $1,000 Unlockables  : Lowrider Challenge

This is your typical street race. You will be the number six car. You must go through the city and win the race to complete this mission.

- Get your car modified before you start the race. Usually a few shots of

  installed nitro can sometimes be a help.  Go to the starting line and enter
  the pink marker.  NOTE:  You cannot destroy nor jack the cars participating
  in the race.

- When the signal indicates it, floor the gas an move quickly. Since this

  race is street illegal, you will have to deal with cross-traffic in addition
  to the other drivers.  Just keep your speed steady and avoid obstacles and
  you should be in good shape.  A pretty high driving skill helps immensely
  with this mission.

- You will track down the double lane highway paralleling Verona Beach. You

  will then go north up the double highway going through the Marina and Vine-
  wood.  At the tunnel, you will go left.

- Here you will make a series of "stair-step" curves. Cut the curves to save

  yourself time.  When you make the last turn onto the Santa Maria pier, pour
  on the gas to get to the Bar and Grill.

- With practice, you can make really good times on this race.


/ 7.8 Los Santos Conclusion Path /___________________________________________

Well, this is what all your previous missions have been leading up to. Sweet wants to reunite the families so they can permanently establish themselves once and for all.

+-------------------------------------------+ | 7.8.1 Reuniting the Families: Mission 1 |---------------------------------- +-------------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: All missions prior to this one must have been completed Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Sweet has set up a meeting of the splintered family factions. He wants the families united once and for all to push the other gangs out and reestablish the Grove Street families. Of course, this doesn't go as planned. Another favorite of mine due to the chase sequence.

- The meeting is scheduled to occur at the Jefferson Motel. So CJ drives

  Sweet, Big Smoke, and Ryder to the meeting place.  When you arrive, Sweet
  instructs everyone to stay outside.

- Of course, the police decide to raid this little meetings by throwing every-

  thing into the mix.  Police cars, helicopters, and SWAT teams swarm over the
  area to put a stop to the meeting.

- Big Smoke and Ryder immediately bug out while CJ maintains his loyalty to

  his brother.  This loyalty translates into him going into the hotel to
  rescue his brother.

- Avoid a protracted gun battle in the parking lot and immediately run to the

  door to enter the hotel.  You will have to clear the staircase, hallway, and
  room to make it to Sweet.  Constantly move around and keep under cover to
  avoid unnecessary damage from the SWAT team.

- Keep alert to SWAT team members dropping in from above; mainly the skylight

  and ductwork.  When you reach Sweet in the room, he leads you both to the

- Unfortunately, a police helicopter is hovering over the roof and shooting at

  CJ and Sweet. A health bar for SWEET appears.  Take your AK-47 and shoot
  down the police helicopter.  Use the air conditioning units for cover and be
  quick about it since the helicopter's guns can do some major damage.

- After taking down the helicopter, Sweet leads CJ down the outside stairs and

  to the road.  Big Smoke and Ryder pull up and CJ and Sweet hop into the car.
  CJ is handed a rifle and told to hold off the police.  A CAR health bar now
  appears.  As you did last time you rode shotgun, pick off your pursuers and
  be especially wary of the motorcycle cops who get onto the car.

- This chase ends in grand style as you all ride the flaming car through a

  billboard onto the freeway below to end the mission.

+--------------------------------+ | 7.8.2 Green Sabre: Mission 2 |--------------------------------------------- +--------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Sweet wants to end the wars once and for all. He tells everyone to go get weapons and meet under the Mulholland Intersection to show the Ballas what total war is like.

- When CJ leaves the house, Cesar gives him a call. At first, CJ explains he

  is too busy to meet but Cesar is insistent so you will need to go meet
  Cesar.  A cut scene shows some Ballas gang members leaving a building.  Then
  Big Smoke and Ryder come behind them.  Then Officer Tenpenny is seeing
  driving a green Sabre, the same one that was used in the drive-by on CJ's

- CJ then realizes that Sweet and the rest of the gang are walking into a

  trap.  Get to the parking lot under the Mulholland Intersection as quickly
  as possible.  When CJ arrives, he sees Sweet take a hit.  Out of loyalty, CJ
  stays with his brother to hold off the Ballas hordes.

- There will be a lot of action coming from all sides. In addition to the

  foot soldiers, the Ballas gang will also employ automobiles to do drive-bys.
  Go after things that give the biggest punch, namely, the cars.  Blowing them
  up can take out waves of attackers.

- Continue to fight this battle until the police arrive. Unfortunately for

  CJ, his misfortune is just beginning.  He awakes to a hood over his head.
  Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski are standing over him.  Tenpenny explains that
  Sweet is in a prison hospital and he now wants CJ to do some favors for him.


CJ has stumbled onto something that is much bigger then himself. It appears that Big Smoke is totally loyal to Officer Tenpenny and he does exactly what he is told. Tenpenny warns CJ to stay away from Big Smoke or Sweet will suffer. Tenpenny has a few loose ends that need to be taken care of at the same time CJ is trying to re-establish himself.

There are 14 missions for the Badlands.


/ 8.1 C.R.A.S.H. Path /______________________________________________________

This mission involves doing a "favor" for Officer Tenpenny.

+-----------------------------+ | 8.1.1 Badlands: Mission 1 |------------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect, Camera Unlockables  : Catalina Path

It seems that an ex-policeman has the goods on Tenpenny and plans to take him down. Of course, Tenpenny has a good thing going and he isn't going to let anyone stand in his way. He tells CJ to take care of the problem. Also, CJ is handed a camera to prove he did take care of the problem.

- Grab the Sanchez dirt bike and make a left out of the trailer park. Follow

  the curve of the road and make your next left and follow that road to the
  end.  Make a left and then make a right onto the mountain path.

- Follow this road up the side of the mountain. When you get to the fork, go

  left and follow the winding road up.  Also, look at your map for the yellow

- The witness is guarded by a few FBI agents. To avoid any prolonged

  conflicts or wanted stars, it is better to sneak in to avoid alerts.

- Park the bike in the woods and go through until you are at the back of the

  cabin.  Two FBI agents patrol around the cabin.  When both of their backs
  are turned, get your weapon ready and rush into the cabin.  Gun down the
  snitch and quickly take a couple of photographic keepsakes.

- By now, the agents are alerted so sprint out of the cabin to your bike in

  the woods.  Odds are very good that you were so quick, the FBI agents won't
  pursue.  If they do, use the superior maneuverability of the bike on the
  narrow mountain roads to keep them at bay.

- Once you get back into town, drop the film off at the trailer to finish the

  mission.  After this, Cesar calls to tell you that things are OK and he
  wants you to meet him in Dillimore.

/ 8.2 Catalina Path /________________________________________________________

When you arrive in Dillimore, you get to meet Catalina for the first time. She is very heavy on attitude and her appetite for destruction and sex seem to be unparalleled. See also has a very serious payback streak. This missions will be colorful to say the least. NOTE: The four Catalina Missions involving soft targets do not have to be done in a particular order. You can do them in any order contrary to how they are listed. After doing the first mission, though, you must do a couple of side missions before resuming to finishing off the other three soft targets.

+-------------------------------+ | 8.2.1 First Date: Mission 1 |---------------------------------------------- +-------------------------------+

Prerequisites: C.R.A.S.H. Path Badlands: Mission 1 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : Soft target missions

When CJ enters the pink marker in front of the Welcome Pump, he sees Catalina holding off a couple of men with a knife. It seems she has all the makings of a career criminal.

- After the cut scene shows her busy holding a couple of guys at bay, Catalina

  follows CJ out of the store and onto/into the vehicle CJ has appropriated.
  She explains that she is going to take every stinking cent from this county.

+-------------------------------------+ | 8.2.2 Tanker Commander: Mission 2 |---------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : $5,000 Unlockables  : Trucking Asset missions, Truth Path

The first soft target is a fuel truck. Catalina wants to rob the gas station. Of course, the gas station is well protected, even from her. Instead, Catalina decides she wants to hijack the tanker truck and take it to a friend.

- After this cut scene ends, head over to the truck. You will need to back it

  into the tanker trailer.  Once it is locked in position, the truck driver
  comes storming out.  He is sick of having his trucks hijacked so he would
  rather destroy the tanker then let it be stolen.

- He hops into his car and plans to harass you throughout your journey to the

  designated area.  A good way to prevent this from happening is to disembark
  from the truck after hooking up.  Then pick off the driver's car.  Don't
  blow his car up next to the tanker or the tanker will also go up, a sure
  mission failure.  Also, don't let anything happen to Catalina.

- Take the truck to the designated spot to collect you reward and to get the

  Trucking Missions.

- Someone named The Truth will call saying he needs some help and that you

  both have a common business partner.

+-------------------------------+ | 8.2.3 First Base: Mission 3 |---------------------------------------------- +-------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Truth Path Body Harvest: Mission 1 and Cesar Path King in

               Exile:  Mission 1

Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : Resumption of soft target missions

You meet Catalina at her cabin. She gets the drop on CJ by holding a gun to his head and explaining that she loves him. Get in the car and go to your next soft target.

+-------------------------------------+ | 8.2.4 Against All Odds: Mission 4 |---------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : $2,000 Unlockables  : Off-Track Betting

When you drive into the pink marker in front of the Off-Track Betting place, CJ enters to find Catalina already has stuck up the place. She threatens to kill anyone who doesn't cooperate. Unfortunately, she doesn't need much of an excuse and starts to gun down people.

- After the above cut scene, Catalina instructs CJ to place the satchel

  charges on the safe door and blow it.  After that door is blown, CJ is then
  instructed to place another satchel charge on the safe to open it up.

- When you emerge from the OTB place, you now have a three-star wanted level.

  Go to the Paint 'n' Spray in Dillimore to take care of the problem.  All the
  while, Catalina is busy shooting at the police and hurling insults at them.

- Then take Catalina home and she will give CJ a cut of what was taken.

- After completing this second soft job, Cesar calls to tell CJ about some

  racing south of Montgomery.

+----------------------------------+ | 8.2.5 Gone Courting: Mission 5 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : None

Catalina takes CJ into her cabin for a little "tenderness". After they emerge, it is time for another robbery.

+---------------------------------------+ | 8.2.6 Local Liquor Store: Mission 6 |-------------------------------------- +---------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : $1,000 Unlockables  : None

Seems that the next place Catalina wants to nail is a liquor store in Blue- berry. When you get to your destination, four individuals emerge from the store with some money. Catalina takes out one and the other three scatter on their quad bikes.

- Hop onto the available quad bike and take up the pursuit. The three quad

  bikes will be going over some very rough terrain so watch your driving.

- Your goal is to kill them and worry about picking up the money later since

  you will fail the mission if they get away and nobody else will take money
  from the dead bikers.

- They may split up at times. Don't worry about it and just pursue the one or

  two you already have in your sites since they eventually come back together
  again.  Just get near them so Catalina can get a shot at them.  Assist if
  you have the right weapon to speed up the process.

- After you have cleared out all the bikers, backtrack to retrieve the dropped

  money.  Then return Catalina to her cabin to get your cut and end the

- You will receive a call from Cesar explaining how Big Smoke's drug running

  business works.  Every Monday and Friday, a courier from Los Santos brings
  money to San Fierro.  Every Wednesday and Saturday, a courier from San
  Fierro brings the drugs back to Los Santos.

+-----------------------------------+ | 8.2.7 Made in Heaven: Mission 7 |------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : None

Just another exchange between our "lovebirds" CJ and Catalina. Of course, now Catalina has fallen out of love with CJ and just wants to be friends. I'm sure we can almost hear the sigh of relief from CJ.

+------------------------------------+ | 8.2.8 Small Town Bank: Mission 8 |----------------------------------------- +------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : $10,000 Unlockables  : None

This is the last soft job on the Catalina Path. This one is probably the roughest of the four jobs due to the hornets nest they will stir up.

- Catalina puts CJ in charge of making sure the people in the bank behave

  themselves while she empties out the vault.  CJ guards a group of four
  people.  Use the target lock and move around the group to ensure they keep
  their hands up and don't call for help.

- Unfortunately, someone finally triggers the alarm. Before you depart the

  bank, Catalina instructs CJ to blast the three ATM's to get the remaining
  loot.  She then blasts open a door and leads CJ into the alley.

- With a three-star wanted level, this won't be easy. Fight your way down the

  alley and make sure nothing happens to Catalina.  When you get to a couple
  of motorcycle cops, take their bikes and head out.  Follow Catalina and
  don't lose her.

- Well, Catalina makes it into another town and is promptly knocked from her

  bike.  Ride close to her and pick her up.  Then get to her hideout in the
  hills to collect your money and finish the last Catalina mission.

/ 8.3 Truth Path /___________________________________________________________

Seems that The Truth is a throwback from a generation ago. He lives free and believes that the government is just an evil conspiracy. In addition, he likes to grow weed.

+---------------------------------+ | 8.3.1 Body Harvest: Mission 1 |-------------------------------------------- +---------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Complete one Catalina robbery mission Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : Cesar Path

It seems that The Truth grows the finest weed in the county. It will be CJ's job to deliver this harvest, however, CJ must come up with the bucks to pay for it. As a test of faith and trust, The Truth wants CJ to steal a harvester from some survivalist right-wingers.

- Go to the pink marker outside of the farm to see where the harvester is.

  You also will see a few people out working the fields.  I'm sure they won't
  give a pleasant reception to some stranger entering their land.

- Head off to where the harvester is. When you get close to it, take charge

  and throw out the driver and hijack the harvester.  Of course, the
  survivalists will be pretty ticked and will come gunning for CJ.  Remember,
  the harvester isn't only for grasses and grains...

- As you head off onto the road, a couple of pickups will try to ram the

  harvester.  Again, use the blades to turn their pickups into scrap.

- Drive into the pink marker inside Truth's barn. He will thank you and will

  give CJ word when the crop is ready for pickup.  In the meantime, it is time
  for CJ to raise some money.

- Cesar calls to tell CJ that his gang has fallen apart and that their is a

  price on his and possibly Kendl's heads.  CJ tells Cesar to meet him in
  Angel Pine.

+------------------------------------------------+ | 8.3.2 Are You Going to San Fierro: Mission 2 |----------------------------- +------------------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Complete Cesar Path Farewell My Love: Mission 2 Reward(s)  : Respect, Flamethrower, RPG Unlockables  : None

When CJ makes it to The Truth's farm to pay for the goods, the police swoop in to try to bust them. The Truth gives CJ a flamethrower and instructs him to torch the fields.

- You have 5:30 to burn the fields. To burn the weed fields, turn the flame

  on the plants until you hear a beep.  Then continue on to the next plants.

- Once most of the plants are destroyed, The Truth rushes off to get his

  vehicle.  When the last weeds are burned, head over to the van and talk to
  The Truth.  Unfortunately, a police helicopter is bearing down quickly on
  their position.

- Fortunately, The Truth has another surprise in the form of a RPG. He hands

  it to CJ and tells him to bring the copter down.

- After bringing the copter down, The Truth has CJ drive him into San Fierro.

  Along the way, CJ calls Cesar and tells him to bring Kendl to his new
  property.  Follow the yellow marker to the Doherty district and to start out
  your missions in San Fierro.

/ 8.4 Cesar Path /___________________________________________________________

These missions more involve CJ just proving his worth and getting some money. It also gives him the truth of what is going on with Big Smoke.

+----------------------------------+ | 8.4.1 King in Exile: Mission 1 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Truth Path Body Harvest: Mission 1 Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : The rest of Catalina's robbery missions

Cesar, with Kendl's help, convinces CJ that not only is Big Smoke a dealer, but he is also a user. Cesar also explains that money comes from Los Santos and drugs come down from San Fierro.

+-----------------------------+ | 8.4.2 Wu Zi Mu: Mission 2 |------------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------+

Prerequisites: Complete two of four Catalina robbery missions Reward(s)  : $5,000 Unlockables  : None

Seems that Cesar knows of a man who loves to race, or should I say observe races. Although his name is Wu Zi Mu, he prefers to be called Woozie. They play for keeps in these races for either money or pink slips. The course is treacherous to say the least so you had better have a high driving skill to attempt it.

- First, you need a fast car that isn't prone to spinning out. The Buffalo

  at Catalina's will serve that purpose.  Drive into the pink marker to start
  the race.

- The beginning of the race is pretty easy. You can take a few shortcuts to

  get ahead of the other drivers.  Watch out for the narrow roads along the
  waterways and the bridges.

- During the last part of the course, it is constantly winding and turning up

  and down hills.  Plus the fact that if you oversteer, you will spin out and
  possibly lose the race.  Take it easy on this part.

- Eventually you will finish and complete this mission. After you complete

  this race, Woozie will hand CJ a business card and tell him to call him when
  he is in San Fierro.

+-------------------------------------+ | 8.4.3 Farewell My Love: Mission 3 |---------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Cesar Path Wu Zi Mu: Mission 1 Reward(s)  : Property in San Fierro Unlockables  : None

When you arrive, Catalina takes a crowbar and starts to beat on your car. It seems that Catalina is "disappointed" that you believed her when she just wanted to be friends. Anyway, she has a new man from Liberty City that she is in love with. Good riddance.

- This course is the exact reverse of the race Wu Zi Mu. You have to do all

  your fancy curves and driving at the beginning, instead of the end of the

- When you win, Catalina accuses CJ of cheating. No matter, she hands him

  the deed to some property in San Fierro.

- The Truth calls to tell CJ the shipment is ready.

San Fierro

Things are starting to look up a little for CJ. He now owns a dilapidated garage and a close circle of allies to assist him in his rise to power. San Fierro offers a variety of missions to help CJ become even stronger in his quest to return to Los Santos.

San Fierro has 18 missions


/ 9.1 CJ Path /______________________________________________________________

These series of missions help to establish CJ as a major player and to strengthen his ties to allies such as Woozie. It also serves to help CJ and his new gang to establish a legitimate business in San Fierro.

+----------------------------------------------+ | 9.1.1 Wear Flowers in Your Hair: Mission 1 |------------------------------- +----------------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : Buying Zero's shop for $30,000 unlocks the Zero Asset Property


This is basically a familiarization tour of San Fierro. The Truth takes you around to the hospital, Dwaine's Hotdog stand, police station, Zero's shop, and back to the garage. All the while, The Truth continues to babble about different things, some that are way out in left field. After you return, Zero calls stating his landlord is selling the building and CJ states he might be interesting in investing in this property.

+-------------------------------+ | 9.1.2 555 We Tip: Mission 2 |---------------------------------------------- +-------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : Unlocks Valet Parking job to acquire hotel asset

It appears that Officer Tenpenny is still being hounded about corruption, even after you took out the informer. The local DA is trying to bring him and Pulaski down. He tells CJ that he needs to frame the good DA to stop him permanently.

- Head downtown to the hotel and park in the pink marker. CJ learns that the

  hotel has a valet service.  Perfect for taking vehicles to get modifications.

- Wait for a valet to take a care to the underground parking area. Follow the

  car down into the parking area.  When the valet gets out of the car, take
  him out and take his uniform.  Now CJ looks like any other valet.

- Head back up to the entrance of the hotel and wait for the DA's car. Let

  the other valets get the other cars.  Usually, a couple of cars come through
  before the DA's.  The valets also assist by pointing out the DA's car which
  is dark blue in color.

- Make sure you are the first to the car so that you can properly "park" it.

  Immediately get to your garage as fast as possible.  You have four minutes
  to get the drugs planted and get the car parked.  In addition, you cannot
  damage the vehicle in any way.

- Depart from your garage and get the car into the parking spot. A valet

  soon comes down to retrieve the DA's car.  Head over to the pink marker by
  the hotel to place an anonymous phone call.  Soon police are swarming all
  over the place and bust the DA for drug possession.

+-----------------------------------+ | 9.1.3 Deconstruction: Mission 3 |------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : Unlocks Driving School and the Racing Tournaments

Seems that some of the construction workers were disrespectful to Kendl. Of course, CJ has been considering plans to expand so what better place then the construction site next door.

- Head over to the construction site and prepare to level six of their

  trailers.  Of course, the workmen and guards will attempt to stop CJ in this
  endeavor.  There are many tools at CJ's disposal besides guns.  He can also
  use a bulldozer, crane, and explosive barrels to assist in his efforts.

- You need to be relatively quick since the police don't much care for this

  kind of activity in the city.  Once you have destroyed the six buildings,
  it's time to end the foreman's career permanently.

- Get the bulldozer and push he and the porta-potty into the nearby hole.

  Then get into the cement truck and drive into the pink marker.  A cut scene
  will show the hole, containing one foreman and porta-potty, being forever
  encased in concrete.  Jethro then calls about the driving school up the

+--------------------------------------+ | 9.1.4 Photo Opportunity: Mission 4 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect, Camera Unlockables  : None

Cesar informs CJ that a meeting may be going down involving some Ballas gang members. He wants you to pick him up then head down to Angel Pine to see who is involved in this.

- Go to the blue marker to pick up Cesar. It should be near Blueberry. Then

  head down southwest to the town of Angel Pine.

- Once you arrive in Angel Pine, get out of the car and climb onto the roof.

  Get your camera ready to do some quick photography.  Fortunately, the game
  helps you along by telling you that the zoom is correct by displaying the
  message "Take the Photograph".  All subjects that need to be photographed
  will have red cones above their heads.

- Your first shot is down the alley in front of you. Take a picture of Ryder

  as he departs his truck.

- Your second shot will be a little farther down of T-Bone Mendez as Cesar

  identifies him.

- Pan to the right and a brown sedan pulls up. Zoom and take his picture.

- Your last picture will involve a Broadway coming in from the left. As the

  passenger emerges, take his picture quickly since he turns around to meet
  the others.

- After taking the pictures, CJ and Cesar head down to the local gas station

  to figure out what just happened.  Mission passed.

+--------------------------------+ | 9.1.5 Snail Trail: Mission 5 |--------------------------------------------- +--------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Jizzy Path Outrider: Mission 4 Reward(s)  : Sniper Rifle Unlockables  : None

This mission will have you traveling a long way back to Los Santos to take care of a journalist who became a bit too nosy. Officer Tenpenny wants you to not only eliminate said journalist, but also his contact.

- Go to the construction site and get the Sniper Rifle from the pipe. Then

  get a vehicle (motorcycle preferably) and head for Cranberry Station.  You
  will see the reporter getting onboard the train.

- This is a long journey. Basically, you will need to follow the train all

  the way to the Market Street train station in Los Santos.  Once you make it
  there, a SPOOK -O- METER is displayed.  If you spook out the journalist, you
  fail the mission.

- Follow the reporter up to the street level and when he gets into a cab, grab

  a vehicle and follow him.  Make sure you watch the meter to ensure you are
  not tailing the cab too closely.

- The cab takes a route to the Santa Maria pier. When the cab stops, the

  reporter will get out and meet with his contact.  Go halfway down the pier
  and get your Sniper Rifle ready.  When the reporter and his contact are next
  to each other, pick them off to pass the mission.

+-----------------------------------+ | 9.1.6 Ice Cold Killa: Mission 6 |------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $12,000 Unlockables  : None

It seems that some Ballas pushers are coming in for a meeting. CJ, though, needs Jizzy's phone to find out where this meeting is occurring at. You can only do this mission between 2000 and 0600.

- Head over to the Pleasure Dome and a couple of gorillas will tell CJ that he

  is not welcome.

- Turn to your left and head for the scaffolding that goes up the bridges leg.

  Get onto the bridge support and walk until you are over the roof of the
  club.  Jump down and head for the skylight.

- CJ will be on a catwalk after going through the skylight. Work your way

  downstairs and try to be as stealthy as possible to avoid unnecessary
  conflicts.  Keep going until you get to a pink marker.  Enter it to see
  Jizzy calling to find out the meeting location.

- CJ goes up to Jizzy with a gun pointed at him demanding that phone. All

  hell breaks loose as Jizzy's boys come to his rescue while Jizzy runs out
  the door.

- Clear a path to the door and run out. Jizzy takes off in his Broadway so

  you need to snag the limo and give chase.  Your goal is to destroy Jizzy's
  car so you can retrieve the phone.  After you do get the phone, CJ calls
  Cesar and tells him to meet him at Pier 69.


zosofretts' strategy:

A quick & fun way I discovered to beat the 'Ice Cold Killa' mission is to shoot out the tires in Jizzy's Pimpmobile (forgot the actual name of the car) before you enter the club. When you chase Jizzy back out of the club, after the gun- fight, he tries to drive off in his car with flat tires. You can now just sit back & watch him flounder all over the road & pick him off at your leisure with your sniper rifle or whatever.


Midwarrior's strategy:

If you drive Jizzy's Broadway in the water, he will drive a pizzaboy without any bodyguards.


HBK619's strategy:

Get to the pleasure dome. You'll be told by the guards to get lost so you must go onto the roof and enter via the skylight. First, shoot out the tires of the pimpmobile. Then jack the limo and drive to the bridge. Next, go past about two sets of barriers (you can just jump over them or drive around them). Go past his roof, then a bit past one of the pillars on the bridge. Adjust the camera angle and you should see a red platform. Jump onto it and follow it in the direction of Jizzy's club until you are just above the skylight. Go right to the middle of it (where it arcs up), then jump (remember to tap SQUARE while you are falling in order to break your fall). If you do this right you wont lose any health, go to the marker.

You will now be in Jizzy's club. Do a 180 degree turn and walk off the edge of the platform, if you have done this right you will land right on Jizzy and a cut scene will play.

Shoot the guards, taking their guns/money as you go. Once you kill them, Jizzy will make a run for it. Luckily you have already shot the tires out of his car so he wont be getting far. Jump in the limo and ram him a few times. Then shoot the car 'till it explodes. Jizzy will get out so kill him and take his phone.


<M.a.B->SwissToni's strategy:

Before entering the club leave a Sanchez on the path in front of Jizzy's Broadway (Though any bike will do). Once in through the sky light, just jump off the cat walk directly in front of you and the cut scene will start immediately. Run straight to the door and don't bother shooting anyone. Jizzy will drive off, but the Sanchez should still be there. With the help of the Sanchez and the SMG of your choice, he shouldn't get more than 50 yards up the road before the car explodes.

+----------------------------+ | 9.1.7 Pier 69: Mission 7 |------------------------------------------------- +----------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $15,000 Unlockables  : Unlocks Boating School

CJ and Cesar plan to attend this little meeting. Of course, not being invited is not a concern.

- Meet Cesar on the roof of the building. CJ's first task is to snipe the

  six Syndicate guards blocking the Triads from advancing.  Once the way is
  clear, T-Bone arrives followed by Ryder.

- Toreno comes in his helicopter but immediately bugs out when he sees what is

  going on.  Now it is time for CJ to start cleaning up some loose ends.  The
  first one is taking care of T-Bone.

- Cross the street and make sure Cesar is with CJ to give support. Gun down

  all who stand in your way and make it to the helipad if you need a AK-47.
  Go to the end of the pier to permanently retire T-Bone.

- Another cut scene shows Ryder running toward the water's edge. As a last

  act of defiance, he flips off CJ and jumps off the pier and swims to a
  nearby boat.  Jump in the water and get a boat and take up the chase.

- Just get beside Ryder and shoot his boat up enough so that it blows up.

  When you have done that, the mission is accomplished.

+-----------------------------------------+ | 9.1.8 Toreno's Last Flight: Mission 8 |------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $18,000 Unlockables  : None

Looks like Toreno is planning to bug out and he has a lot of merchandise in his holds. Time to take care of the boss himself.

- Get a vehicle and head downtown. Eliminate Toreno's guards at the bottom of

  the helipad and work your way up.  Then another battle as you go to the
  stairs of the helipad.  Before you get there, though, Toreno's helicopter
  takes off.

- Fight your way to the helipad and collect the RPG. Get a motorcycle and

  take up the pursuit.  You will note a HELI HEALTH bar now appears.  You want
  to get that down to zero to destroy the helicopter.

- Fortunately, Toreno makes for an easy target. He follows the freeway going

  south through Foster valley.  Just gun the motor and get ahead of him.  Then
  set up and wait for him to get in your sights and launch a couple of rockets
  at the helicopter.

- If you miss this opportunity, go to the end of the freeway and give chase.

  Toreno's helicopter stops every now and then to take shots at CJ.  You must
  take him down, though, before you hit the next intersection.  When you bring
  down the helicopter, the mission is over.


Sundar's strategy:

Since the mission starts at San Fierro, you can head over to the Naval Base and fly the Hunter that spawns there to the Doherty save point and then save your game to get rid of the stars and then do the mission.

or if you cannot find the Hunter:

If you find this mission to be difficult because your rockets do not hit the helicopter, head to the Easter Bay Airport and take the heat seeking rocket launcher which is available between the three white containers and then do the mission. The heat seeking rocket can really make the mission a lot easier. If you cannot find the rocket launcher, you can always use an AK-47 on the helicopter because there are men shooting at you who can be auto-targeted and by doing this, the heli health bar goes down in the process

+-------------------------------------+ | 9.1.9 Yay Ka-Boom-Boom: Mission 9 |---------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Complete the Woozie and previous CJ Path missions Reward(s)  : Respect and $25,000 Unlockables  : None

There is one more task CJ has to perform to permanently cripple the Syndicate. He must take out the Yay factory that he escorted the van to earlier.

- Head over to the bomb shop to pick up the car bomb. He finds out that the

  car has a delayed-time bomb so that he can get out of the factory.

- Go to the factory and snipe the guards at the gate. More guards come out

  for you to deal with.  Once they are cleared out, go into the compound.

- Head through the compound and turn right. There is a ramp for you to drive

  your car onto.  Once your car is inside, get out and clear a path to the

- Get back in your car and park in the pink marker. Activate the bomb and get

  out of there.  You now have 40 seconds to leave the factory.  Shoot only
  those guards that are an immediate threat and escape through the nearest
  door.  Once out, you will see the factory go up.

- Guards are now pouring out everywhere so use cover and keep moving to avoid

  massive amounts of damage.  When you get to the gate, the guards close it to
  trap CJ inside.  You are in luck, though, as a car enters the compound as
  the gate closes.

- Take the car and drive quickly to the other side of the compound. Get up

  speed and use the ramp that is right next to the wall.  Jump over the wall
  and get back to the garage.

/ 9.2 Jizzy Path /___________________________________________________________

Woozie comes calling at the garage. He states he is impressed and wants CJ to help him out. CJ reciprocates and asks Woozie who the people in the pictures, they were unable to identify, are. Woozie's assistant says they are part of the Syndicate and they are big time. He suggests that CJ get to know someone named Jizzy, who runs the Pleasure Dome, to learn more.

+--------------------------+ | 9.2.1 Jizzy: Mission 1 |--------------------------------------------------- +--------------------------+

Prerequisites: CJ Path Photo Opportunity: Mission 4 Reward(s)  : Respect and $3,000 Unlockables  : Woozie Path and Pimping Jobs

Time to go into the shadowy world of the San Fierro underground. CJ must meet up with the town's biggest pimp: Jizzy. Jizzy is quite famous and knows a lot of people. CJ needs to earn Jizzy's trust so he goes volunteers himself to help Jizzy solve problems.

- Head for the Pleasure Dome located under the Gant Bridge. Step into the

  pink marker to take your first step into the unknown.

- Jizzy seems kind of impressed with this stranger coming off the street

  offering to help him out.  Jizzy decides to put CJ to the test.  His first
  instruction is to drive one of his gals downtown.  Further taskings will be
  relayed by the car phone.

- This one is easy, just drive the girl to the area of the map indicated by

  the yellow marker.  She tries to engage CJ in conversation to no avail.

- Once the girl is dropped off, Jizzy calls in the next tasking. It seems

  that a rival pimp in Hasbury is hassling one of Jizzy's girls.  Head to that
  location and eliminate the pimp either by running him over or just getting
  out of the car and dealing him justice.

- The next phone call sounds a little more serious. A couple of deranged

  individuals have been whacking out Jizzy's girls.  As a matter of fact, one
  of his girls is being beaten up under the overpass leading to the airport.
  A HO indicator is displayed showing the girl's health.  Get over there
  quickly and eliminate these creeps that would infringe on Jizzy's business.

- CJ's last tasking is to take care of a do-good minister who wants to convert

  and save these poor girls from their sins.  Jizzy wants this guy eliminated
  because he is bad for business.  Go to the hotel and you will see a limo and
  SUV take off after the girl is escorted into the limo.  Take out the SUV
  escort and go after the limo.  Shoot it up and try to force it into
  situations that will cause it to crash (I caused the limo to roll over after
  a spectacular jump off a hill).  Once this is done, Jizzy is pleased with
  CJ's report.

- Woozie calls and asks CJ to come by and visit some time.

+----------------------------------+ | 9.2.2 T-Bone Mendez: Mission 2 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $5,000 Unlockables  : None

As CJ returns to the Pleasure Dome, Jizzy and T-Bone are discussing the business operation. T-Bone gets an urgent call telling him that one of the cash runs was ambushed. CJ gets recruited for this mission.

- First order of business is to hightail it to the van that was ambushed.

  This is indicated by a blue marker on the map.  Once CJ arrives, four motor-
  cyclists take off with their ill-gotten gains.  Hop onto the nearby bike and
  give chase.

- There are two ways to get the packages back. The first basically involves

  gunning down the rider and collecting the package.  This method may take too
  long and allow the others to escape.  The other method just involves getting
  up beside them and hitting the L1 button to grab the package.  The downside
  to this method is that the rider will start pursuing CJ.

- The riders split up all over the city but they aren't too much trouble to

  catch.  They are indicated by red markers on the map.  You should have
  plenty of time to get the packages.

- After a period of time, however, all remaining bikers will head to a

  rendezvous point.  You must get them before they reach that point or fail
  the mission.

+--------------------------------+ | 9.2.3 Mike Toreno: Mission 3 |--------------------------------------------- +--------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $7,000 Unlockables  : None

This is a timed mission so speed is of essence. As CJ is hanging around the Pleasure Dome, an urgent call comes in. Apparently Mike Toreno, the Syndicate leader, has been kidnapped by some punks who hijacked his van. The problem is, his cellular phone only has a little life left on the battery. You have four minutes to find Mike.

- Mike Toreno will attempt to give descriptions of what he sees. Once those

  descriptions are used to positively identify where he is at, get to that
  location quickly.  This will continue on through two more areas before it is
  ascertained that Mike is at the airport.

- Go through the gate at the airport and head to the airfield. The homing

  beacon is now active and should pinpoint Mike's location in no time.  Watch
  the SIGNAL indicator.  When it is filled up, you are right on top of Mike.

- Of course, you will see the van and a couple of motorcycle escorts well

  before that.  Don't pour too much fire into the van.  If it blows up, Mike
  dies and you fail the mission.

- Wait for them to stop and take down the wanna-be hijackers. Once that is

  done, destroy the van.  Your wanted level will now be three stars.  Head
  immediately to the Paint 'n' Spray located across from CJ's garage to shake
  the heat.

- Once that is done, go back to the Pleasure Dome to complete the mission.

+-----------------------------+ | 9.2.4 Outrider: Mission 4 |------------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect, $9,000, Sniper Rifle, and a RPG Unlockables  : None

This mission starts as a cellular phone call from Jizzy. He wants CJ to meet T-Bone at the gas station by the docks.

- Go to the Xoomer station and park in the pink marker. CJ will get into the

  car parked by the pumps.  T-Bone immediately puts CJ in a strangling head-
  lock to extract information on who he works for.  Mike Toreno gets in the
  car and tells T-Bone to lay off and for CJ to drive them to the van.

- When you get to the van, Mike states that he is hauling a load of yay to his

  factory.  Unfortunately, the authorities and everyone else is wise to this
  plan so they have set up a series of roadblocks in the city.

- Grab the RPG and Sniper Rifle and hop on the motorcycle. Head to the first

  roadblock up north.  Stop close enough for effective range but far enough to
  avoid collateral damage.  You must be quick about eliminating roadblocks
  because the van isn't too far behind.

- Put a couple of rockets into the cars to eliminate most of the roadblock.

  Go to melee weapon to mop up and speed off to the second road block.

- This time, in addition to troops on the ground, there are also troops in the

  windows to the left.  Again, a rocket up there plus one between the cars
  should clear out most resistance.  Mop up and head for the third road block.

- This roadblock is a little trickier. They have snipers on a distant over-

  pass to your left.  Clear out that which is in front of you then use your
  Sniper Rifle to pick off the last resistance.

- Another roadblock with snipers on high. Use the same tactic of clearing out

  the ground and sniping the snipers.  By now, the van will probably be very
  close behind your bike.

- When the last roadblock is blown, escort the van into the walled compound.

  CJ volunteers to lead the police on a merry little chase since his wanted
  level is now three stars.  Go to CJ's garage to save or use the Paint 'n'
  Spray to clear his record.  The mission ends either way.

/ 9.3 Woozie Path /__________________________________________________________

When CJ goes to visit Woozie, he learns that the man is blind first of all. In addition, Woozie is in charge of settling disputes between the various Triad factions. Woozie is very ambitious and is busy setting up his Four Dragon's Casino in Las Venturas.

+----------------------------------------+ | 9.3.1 Mountain Cloud Boys: Mission 1 |------------------------------------- +----------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Jizzy Path Jizzy: Mission 1 Reward(s)  : Respect and $5,000 Unlockables  : None

The Mountain Cloud Boys are a Triad Gang headed by Woozie. When CJ enters his office, Woozie wishes CJ go along with him to take care of some business.

- Woozie explains that his car is in the shop so he has CJ drive him to the

  meeting place.  On the way, he explains some Vietnamese gangs have been
  encroaching on his territory.  When you arrive at the meeting place, people
  are running around in a panic.

- Follow the path around to a steel fence. Woozie opens it and CJ tells him

  that all of the delegates have been killed in some kind of ambush.  A WOOZIE
  health bar appears as the Vietnamese gang members return to complete their
  work.  Take care of the gang members directly in front then cautiously move
  to the corner of the alley.

- When you turn the corner, take out the sniper and prepare to be rushed by

  more gang members.  Clear them out and watch out for gang members hiding in
  the alcoves in the alley.  A cut scene shows CJ and Woozie jumping into
  their car.  Another group of Vietnamese show up to block the alley off but
  CJ breaks through the roadblock.

- Soon there is a running gun battle between CJ and the two Vietnamese cars.

  Woozie tells CJ to drive while he eliminates the attackers.  After the smoke
  clears, take Woozie back to his place.

+------------------------------+ | 9.3.2 Ran Fa Li: Mission 2 |----------------------------------------------- +------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $6,000 Unlockables  : None

It seems that a Vietnamese crime family is coming over to take over operations. Woozie doesn't want to see this happen. CJ is tasked with getting a package from the airport that is very important.

- Drive to the airport and go into the parking garage. Note the way the

  garage is set up because you will having to come back through at high speed.

- Get to the car that is marked on the map. Hop into the car and a cut scene

  will show Vietnamese gang members coming in to ambush CJ.  A DAMAGE meter
  also appears.  Don't let this get down to zero or the car gets destroyed and
  you fail the mission.  When you try to escape via the most direct routes,
  the exits are blocked by vans.

- Make your way back to the central road leading outside and exit via the

  entrance road.  Once you get free, a couple of gang members on motorcycles
  take up pursuit.  They are easy to shake as you wind through the city.

- Go to the lockup garage, located in the northern part of the city, to

  complete this mission.

+-------------------------+ | 9.3.3 Lure: Mission 3 |---------------------------------------------------- +-------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $8,000 Unlockables  : None

It seems that the Vietnamese want to assassinate Ran Fa Li. Woozie, of course, doesn't want to see this happen. CJ suggest that a decoy be driven to lure the assassins out to the countryside while the real Ran escapes unnoticed.

- Head to Angel Pine to pick up the decoy car. When you enter it, you will

  notice a DAMAGE meter.  This indicates how likely the Vietnamese will notice
  that CJ is not the real Ran.  This means a lot of evasive driving and
  keeping ahead of them.

- To add to the fun, you will have to go through eight checkpoints scattered

  along the country roads.  Once you have passed through the eighth check-
  point, the Da Nang gang realizes it has been fooled and roars off back to
  San Fierro.

+---------------------------------------+ | 9.3.4 Amphibious Assault: Mission 4 |-------------------------------------- +---------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: High lung capacity Reward(s)  : Respect and $11,000 Unlockables  : None

It seems that a Triad member has turned traitor and is informing the Da Nang gang. Woozie wants a bug planted in the Da Nang meeting area to see what is going on. This mission is only available from 2000 to 0600.

- Go to the docks and you will see a cut scene showing the boat with its spot-

  lights and Da Nang patrol boats roaming around.  Jump into the water and
  swim toward the boat.  Watch you air capacity and only surface when the
  coast is clear.

- Follow the series of tunnels and be sure to get the knife in the second

  cave.  Once you are in the open water, avoid any contact with the patrol
  boats and ship's spotlights.  Swim under the ship and surface at the plat-
  form on the other side.

- Sneak on board and eliminate any guards between you and the meeting area.

  Once that is accomplished, jump off and swim back to shore and go to the
  pink marker to finish the mission.

+--------------------------------------+ | 9.3.5 The Da Nang Thang: Mission 5 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $15,000 Unlockables  : None

Seems that the main bulk of the Da Nang crime family is shipping over. On board are a lot of gang members, weapons, and heroin. Woozie counters this threat by sending Little Lion out to do fly-bys. CJ, of course, offers to assist and takes up position as gunner.

- The helicopter will take a direct hit from a RPG and crash. CJ survives so

  now you have to swim to the pink marker by the ship.  CJ climbs on board
  with a knife and a lot of attitude.

- Do your best to remain unseen and take out the guards to collect their

  weapons.  Eventually, you will reach a high stack of containers that will
  finally force you into a firefight.  Work your way down and around the
  crates to a hatch in the deck.  Move around this hatch and use the crates as
  a staircase.

- Clear out the guards as you move around the crates. Eventually, you will

  make it to a crate full of refugees.  Shoot the lock off to let the refugees
  out.  They tell CJ that Snakehead is the one leading this party.  Time to
  head up to the ship's cabin.

- When you reach the cabin, take out the remaining guards and prepare to

  confront Snakehead.  Snakehead wants to fight the old-fashioned way; with
  swords.  He throws CJ a sword and in true Highlander fashion, they go at it.

- After cleaning Snakehead's clock, go back to where the hatchway in the deck

  was and chat with the refugees.  They give CJ a dinghy to get back home in.
  Mission completed.


+=============+ | 10. DESERT |================================================================ +=============+

These series of missions have more of a fun and adventuresome ring to them. CJ will be doing some rather strange things on some missions. In addition, you get to learn how to fly which will come in very handy later on.

There are nine missions for the Desert.


/ 10.1 Toreno Path /__________________________________________________________

Head toward the question mark located in Tierra Robada. It is here that you will get your next set of instructions and missions. You will also get a surprise as you progress through these missions.

+-----------------------------+ | 10.1.1 Monster: Mission 1 |------------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Depends on your time Unlockables  : None

When you walk into the pink marker, a voice over the loudspeaker explains what is going on. It instructs CJ to take a monster truck and go through designated checkpoints in a set period of time. This is a test to determine what CJ is made of.

- You will go through 35 checkpoints scattered around the ranch. You have

  approximately seven minutes to make it through all those checkpoints.  Some
  things to keep in mind when driving the monster truck:
  -  First, it has a high center of gravity so tipping over is very easy.
  -  Due to weight and top mass, stopping is slow process once you get up to
     speed so make sure you anticipate obstacles well before you have to react
     to them.
  -  You will be going up some pretty sheer cliffs so try to hit them straight
     on.  If not, you may tip over.
  -  Watch for cross-traffic on the roads.

- When you finish, your time will be displayed against the top times and you

  will be rewarded accordingly.

+------------------------------+ | 10.1.2 Highjack: Mission 2 |----------------------------------------------- +------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : $7,000 Unlockables  : None

CJ learns that the voice over the speaker is none other then Mike Toreno, who you had believed got killed in the helicopter. Toreno explains that he is part of a government agency trying to get inside the Latin America drug trade. He further explains that CJ pretty much makes a good soldier so Toreno doesn't have to dirty his hands.

- For this mission, CJ will be taking Cesar along for the ride. The plan is

  simple, pull alongside the truck, Cesar jumps over, overpowers the driver,
  and takes the truck.  First of all, to locate the truck, look for the red
  marker on the map.

- Pull alongside the truck and get as close as you can while matching the

  speed of the truck.  You don't have a lot of time to pull this off since the
  southbound freeway isn't that long.

- Cesar will tell CJ to pull up, pull back, get closer, etc. Make sure you

  follow these instructions so that Cesar has a smooth jump over.

- When you are successful, jump into the truck and drive it back to your

  garage in Doherty.  Once you do that, the mission is over.

+----------------------------------+ | 10.1.3 Interdiction: Mission 3 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : $1,000 Unlockables  : None

When CJ enters Toreno's ranch, he is talking on the radio in some sort of strange code. When Toreno gets off the radio, he gives him a status report on his brother Sweet. It seems that Toreno may be of some help if CJ is willing to help him. Toreno wants CJ to go to a distant desert hilltop and set up a flare to guide a helicopter coming in with "precious" cargo.

- Jump in the dune buggy and head for the yellow marker. You will be doing

  some twisting and turning along both the paved and dirt roads to make it to
  the little settlement.  Once there, Toreno instructs CJ to grab the weaponry
  and bike and head up the hill.

- Follow the path around the hill until you are at the top. Once at the top,

  drive into the pink marker to trigger a scene of CJ touching off the flare.

- Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. As soon as Toreno's helicopter

  arrives, four helicopters come from nowhere and start hammering at Toreno's
  helicopter.  A HELI health bar now appears.  You are responsible for
  protecting Toreno's helicopter.

- Get out the rocket launcher and start hunting. The enemy helicopters have

  a nasty habit of coming in low.  This, in turn, makes them ideal targets.
  Unfortunately, these helicopters will also drop troops on CJ if you aren't
  quick enough.  One good tactic is to line up a helicopter dropping troops,
  then shoot it down.  You then can collect their weapons and money.

- Make sure you are quick about getting rid of the enemy choppers since they

  can do a lot of damage to Toreno's helicopter in short order.

- Once you have disposed of the enemy, Toreno's helicopter drops the package

  a distance away.  CJ now has to travel over more territory to retrieve said

- Head back down the hill and head toward Verdant Meadows. Just north of the

  abandoned airfield, there is a chasm that you can travel through.  When you
  get to the oceans edge, you should find the package next to the cabin.  A
  speaker at the cabin instructs CJ to drop the package back at the hideout.

- Backtrack to the first area you stopped at to collect the weapons and

  vehicle.  Drive into the pink marker to end the mission.

+-------------------------------------+ | 10.1.4 Verdant Meadows: Mission 4 |---------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Verdant Meadows Airstrip for $80,000 Unlockables  : Flight School, Verdant Meadows asset Path

CJ has really impressed Toreno. He has impressed him so much, Toreno wants to give CJ some tougher assignments. Unfortunately, CJ needs to learn how to fly before he can take on these assignments. Toreno tells CJ he needs to purchase Verdant Meadows so that he can become a pilot. Head out there, buy the property, and have fun.


/ 10.2 Verdant Meadows Path /_________________________________________________

This next series of missions introduces CJ to the joy of flying. To me, these missions are some of the greatest fun in the game. In addition, you acquire some very unique planes and flying aids later on in the game.

These missions represent the second part of Toreno's missions for CJ. Once you have completed all these missions, you will be rewarded by being able to pick up a Flamethrower, Mini-Gun, RPG, or Heat Seeking RPG at Toreno's cabin in Tierra Robada.

+-------------------------------------+ | 10.2.1 Learning to Fly: Mission 1 |---------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Complete the Toreno Path Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : With enough skill, ability to get onto any airfield and unlocks

               Motorcycle School

CJ will have to go through a series of nine tests in order to get through flight school. Once you have completed these lessons, the Verdant Meadows airstrip is open for missions. See Chapter 20 for how to complete these lessons.

+----------------------------+ | 10.2.2 N.O.E.: Mission 2 |------------------------------------------------- +----------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $15,000 Unlockables  : None

Well, now that CJ has become a pilot, Toreno has a few jobs for him to complete. It seems some operatives are in trouble and need some equipment pronto. Toreno taps CJ for the job.

- Head over to the plane and get ready for your first mission involving

  flying.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind.  First, you must get
  to Angel Pine in ten minutes.  That isn't too much of a problem except for
  the second part.  You must fly low to keep under the radar.

- For the second part, you will have a VISIBILITY bar. If it fills out, then

  be prepared to be pursued by some very aggressive forces.  You must go to
  and from the designated target under the radar.

- If you keep at treetop level and stay in the canyons, you should be able to

  keep under the radar.  Once you get to the target site, you must fly through
  the red ring in order to drop the supplies.

- Once the supplies have been dropped, head back to base and park in the pink

  marker to complete the mission.

+------------------------------+ | 10.2.3 Stowaway: Mission 3 |----------------------------------------------- +------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : $20,000 Unlockables  : None

CJ comes out of the hanger to see a large cargo plane land on his field. If this isn't bad enough, some government vehicles appear to be escorting the plane. Toreno explains that this plane is loaded with materials nobody should get. He gives CJ the green light to destroy the plane.

- When you have control, CJ is on his PCJ 600 and is ready to roll. Take off

  quickly and lean forward to gain that extra speed.  Once the pilot detects
  what you are up to, he will start to run the plane down the runway for take-

- Go wide right to avoid boxes and crates coming from the back of the plane.

  Then quickly line up to the back ramp and gun the motorcycle into the plane.
  A cut scene shows the bike being pushed out of the back by some barrels.

- You will now have to work your way forward. Each alcove has somebody ready

  to put out CJ's lights.  In addition, the center passage seems to constantly
  have barrels rolling down it.  Dodge or jump over the barrels and clean out
  the alcoves.

- Eventually CJ will get to the front of the plane. Take out the guard and

  take his parachute.  Plant the explosives and run to the back of the plane.
  Detonate the charges and immediately jump.  The plane blows up and CJ gets a
  nice panoramic view of the countryside to end the mission.

+-----------------------------------+ | 10.2.4 Black Project: Mission 4 |------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s): Jet Pack Unlockables: None

The Truth comes to visit CJ. He is being his usual introspective self. He tells CJ that there are some strange goings on at the air base. As a matter of fact, they are doing things nobody has a clue about in their secret research lab. The Truth wants CJ to infiltrate the lab and bring something back. You can only do this mission from 2200 to 0600.

- The Truth takes CJ out to the secret air base and drops him off. He

  explains to CJ that he has until 0530 to gain entrance into the lab.  Of
  course, this item is contained within a room with heavy blast doors.  The
  slightest hint of trouble and those doors will close forcing CJ to use a
  ventilation shaft.

- When you have control again, get out the Sniper Rifle and pick off the

  soldiers in front of the gate and in the watchtower to the right.  Keep in
  mind that in addition to the soldiers, the spotlights can also raise a
  warning.  If you are spotted, the base goes to Condition Blue.  This means
  you need to hide until things clear out.  If the base goes to Condition Red,
  everything gets locked down and they will be actively hunting for you.

- Go up into the right tower and snipe any guard that is on the path to the

  doors.  Also snipe the guards in the towers.  Take out the searchlights
  covering the blast door and in the southeast corner.  Taking out more then
  two searchlights will trigger the alarm.

- Once inside, either use stealth or firepower to get past the guards. Your

  first goal is to disable the SAM site.  You will definitely be happy you did
  this later.

- Backtrack a little and go into the next room under the catwalk you used to

  get to the SAM control room.  Again, watch out for the guards since they are
  very aware of your presence now.

- Go into the central lab and you will note it requires a keycard. This is

  required for entrance into the area the "Black Project" is being stored in.
  Go through the left passageway and into the next room.  The scientist hands
  over his keycard.

- Go back to the central lab area and use the keycard to gain entrance. This

  also triggers an alert bringing the entire military down upon you.  Blast a
  path to the project as you go down.  When you get to the project, equip it
  and blast out of there.

- With the SAM site disabled, you won't have to worry about being shot down.

  Fly toward the Arco del Oeste area to meet with The Truth.  He take the
  pack, thanks you, then leaves you stranded.  Mission accomplished.

+-------------------------------+ | 10.2.5 Green Goo: Mission 5 |---------------------------------------------- +-------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : $20,000 and Jetpack (permanently) Unlockables  : Airfield asset for a maximum of $10,000 revenue

The Truth isn't quite finished with CJ's talents. It seems that the government is moving some strange stuff and The Truth wants it. He suggests that CJ take the Jet Pack and get it.

- Look at the map for the green marker. This is the train you are supposed to

  steal the stuff from.  Be warned, though, the military types on board will
  not be willing to let you go to the train that easily.

- Land on either the front or back of the train and start to walk your way

  forward (or backward depending on perspective) taking care of the military
  types and breaking open crates.  Of course, the crate with the goo in it
  will be the last one you break open.  You also inherit a two-star wanted
  level for your efforts.

- Once you have the stuff, go back to your airfield and give it to The Truth

  by landing in the pink marker.  Mission accomplished and some extra income
  flowing in.

Las Venturas

CJ has really made a name for himself. Not only has he regained a lot of his power back, he is also the proud owner of one business and a partner in a major casino. This series of missions basically ensures that the competition is either eliminated or it is severely subdued.

There are 18 missions for Las Venturas.


/ 11.1 Four Dragons Path /____________________________________________________

These missions help to put Woozie's casino on the map for good. It also allows CJ to become a partner. Of course, there are some loose ends that must be tied up before all of this can come together.

+------------------------------------+ | 11.1.1 Fender Ketchup: Mission 1 |----------------------------------------- +------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $5,000 Unlockables  : None

It seems that Woozie is having trouble getting his casino up and running. He suspects that the mob has planted people among the workers and they are sabotaging the operation. He offers CJ a stake in the casino if he wants to assist. Just then, his boys bring in a mob operative. Woozie wants to ice him but CJ has a better idea.

- This cut scene shows a guy tied spread-eagle across the windshield and hood

  of a convertible.  He tells CJ isn't going to talk but CJ has other ideas.
  Soon a SCARE-O-METER bar appears.  You will need to get this bar totally
  filled to make the guy spill his guts.

- What better way to convince someone you will do anything to get them to talk

  then to drive recklessly.  The road in front of the casino offers a great
  opportunity for doing just this.  First, turn into oncoming traffic and gun
  the motor and watch the bar fill in.

- Continue to dodge traffic at a dangerously close clip and doing donuts and

  spin-outs also help in your endeavors.  Don't get into any wrecks or hit any
  solid objects because you may kill your witness, which will result in
  mission failure.

- After a few trips up and down the street, the guy is ready to spill his

  guts.  He tells you that the Sindacco family is responsible for causing the
  delays.  Thank the guy and drive him into the pink marker by the garage on
  the south side of the casino.  Mission accomplished.

+-----------------------------------------+ | 11.1.2 Explosive Situation: Mission 2 |------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $7,000 Unlockables  : Quarry jobs, Robbery Path

CJ believes it is time for some revenge. He figures that the best way is to hit them where it hurts; their pocketbooks. To pull this off, though, will require some materials. Explosives are the first thing that is needed. Woozie states there is a quarry nearby in the desert. CJ decides that is a good place to get the needed materials.

- To start this mission off, get a car and drive out to the quarry. Drive

  into the pink marker to start the mission.

- It seems that the workers have already set the dynamite to go off. You now

  see a timer for 2:30 appear.  This is how much time you have until the
  dynamite goes off.  It's time for some serious insane stunts.  Instead of
  following the path down to the bottom of the site, floor the gas and jump
  over the edges to get down quicker.

- Once you are at the bottom, grab the dump truck and run over the crates to

  stop them from going off.  They are marked in green on the map.  Once all
  four crates have been smashed, run around and collect the dynamite.  Also
  take out any workers who get in your way.  Once you have collected the
  dynamite, the timer disappears.

- Now you have to get out. You can't go out the way you came since they have

  closed off the exit.  Looks like you will be doing some more jumping.  Hop
  onto the Sanchez and you will see pink waypoints.  Go into these waypoints
  and follow the direction they are pointing in.  They are basically showing
  you the path out.

- Take out any guards in your way and follow the path back up to the lip of

  the quarry.  This means you will be riding on and jumping from the conveyor
  belts as you make your way to the top.  Gun the motor for the last belt and
  sail over the fence and away from the area.

- Go to where the yellow marker indicates to drop off the dynamite to complete

  the mission.

+-------------------------------------------+ | 11.1.3 You've Had Your Chips: Mission 3 |---------------------------------- +-------------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $10,000 Unlockables  : Truth Path

Woozie tells CJ that somebody has been playing with counterfeit chips in his casino. He knows the Sindacco family has a chip making factory. He wants the factory brought down.

- Head over to the factory. You will see a couple of guards busy cruising

  around in a car patrolling the area.  Wait for the car to make its round
  before you sneak into the area.

- Sneak around the factory to the entrance and go inside. Be prepared for a

  running gun battle as you head toward the injection machines.

- Clear all the obstacles in your path and when that is done, lay into the

  injection molding machines.  There are ten machines you must destroy to
  ensure that chips are never made again (these are indicated by green

- Once you have fought your way out of the factory again, head back to the

  garage at the Four Dragons Casino.

+--------------------------------------+ | 11.1.4 Fish in a Barrel: Mission 4 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Co-ownership of Four Dragons Casino Unlockables  : None

This is just a cut scene showing CJ signing the papers to become a co-owner, along with Ra Fan Li, of the Four Dragons Casino.


/ 11.2 Truth Path /___________________________________________________________

This single mission has the Truth asking for a favor from CJ.

+--------------------------------+ | 11.2.1 Don Peyote: Mission 1 |--------------------------------------------- +--------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Four Dragons Path You've Had Your Chips: Mission 3 Reward(s): Respect Unlockables: Caligula Path

The Truth tells CJ some UK band and their manager has gotten themselves trapped in the desert. The Truth tells CJ to go to Arco del Oeste to look for the missing individuals.

- Get a four-door car and drive to the spot where the missing people are.

  They will be identified as Paul and Maccer.  Pick them up and go get the
  other band member at the Snake Farm.

- Go to the farm and you will see the other band member getting in trouble

  with the locals.  They start shooting at him so return the favor to them.
  Once they are cleared out, go back to the hotel at Caligula's.

/ 11.3 Caligula Path /________________________________________________________

This series of missions puts CJ on a collision course with another mob family. It seems that there are a lot of mob families interested in this part of the world.

+------------------------------------+ | 11.3.1 Intensive Care: Mission 1 |----------------------------------------- +------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s): Respect and $5,000 Unlockables: C.R.A.S.H. Path Misappropriation: Mission 1

When you enter Ken's office, he tells you of some trouble he is in. It seems that a member of one mob is in the hospital. Ken believes that another mob family will try to whack this guy. Ken doesn't want this to happen so he wants CJ to go to the hospital to pick up this guy.

- Drive over to the hospital and part in the pink marker. CJ tells the nurse

  he is here to get the patient.  The nurse states an ambulance just got him
  and they are on their way to parts unknown.  Now CJ needs to find the

- There are three ambulances and it is totally random as to which one this guy

  is in.  The three target ambulances are indicated by red markers on the map.
  Head toward one of these targets.  Now you need to bump them.  If it is the
  one containing your target, then they will take off.  If not, then that
  ambulance will tell the others, which in turn alerts the other mob family of
  your intentions.

- When you find the target ambulance, do everything you can to ram it off the

  road.  Don't shoot it up or you will fail the mission.  Eventually the
  ambulance will stop and the mob family members will try to shoot it out with
  you.  Gun them down and take the ambulance.

- Now you will have to watch out for the other mob family as they take there

  cars and try to do drive-bys and ram the ambulance.  Concentrate on getting
  the ambulance to the Meat Factory on the west side of town.  Don't try to
  "duke" it out with them since the ambulance makes a lousy offensive vehicle.

- Once you get to the factory, drive into the pink marker to complete the


+---------------------------------------+ | 11.3.2 The Meat Business: Mission 2 |-------------------------------------- +---------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $8,000 Unlockables  : Madd Dogg Path

CJ wants Ken to help settle down the mob families. They are to head out the Meat Factory to chat with Sindacco Family representatives. Of course, Johnny Sindacco (the man CJ extracted information from) seems to be well again. One look at CJ, though, puts him back to sleep and the family declares war.

- When control returns, the Sindacco gang has firebombed the exit so that CJ

  and Ken have no choice but to go through the factory.  A ROSIE bar appears
  indicating Ken's health.  This is just a slugging match in which you have to
  blast the mob out of your way.

- Ken assists CJ by putting out the fires blocking their way. Continue to gun

  down the mob members as they enter the area and don't forget to pick up
  their weapons.  In the next room, Ken decides to hide in the freezer while
  CJ does his thing.  DON'T go into the freezer or you will be locked in and
  fail the mission.

- Quickly take care of the mob that is in this room because Ken's health will

  steadily deplete until you get him out of the freezer.  Once you have
  "rescued" Ken, continue to clear each room out.  As each room is cleared,
  Ken will follow behind CJ.  Eventually you will get a message stating you
  have cleared out the factory.

- Get a car and leave the factory and go back to Caligula's. A job well done.

+------------------------------+ | 11.3.3 Freefall: Mission 3 |----------------------------------------------- +------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $15,000 Unlockables  : C.R.A.S.H. mission High Noon

When you visit Ken, he has a visitor from another crime family: Salvatore Leone, head of the Leone Family in Liberty City. Seems that Leone is taking over the casino but other mob families disagree with this decision. As a matter of fact, the Forelli Family is sending some guys over to take care of Leone.

- Go to the airport and then follow the blue marker to the plane you need to

  steal.  The Dodo isn't too bad of a plane but the controls are still pretty
  sensitive.  Once in the air, turn so that you are on a collision course
  with the Forelli plane.

- Try to adjust your altitude to match theirs. Obviously, if the yellow

  marker is pointing down, you are too high while it is pointing up, you are
  too low.  Once you get to their plane, you will notice a pink ring over the

- Do a 180 degree turn and fly into that pink ring. A cut scene will show CJ

  jumping out of his plane and jumping on the jet.  It will then show him
  entering the plane.

- You will have four assassins to deal with; two on the left and two on the

  right.  Use the cover provided by the door frame and shoot them all up.
  When you have finished, the pilot decides to take a crack at CJ.  Turn
  around and drill him.

- Go up to the cockpit and take the controls. Fly he plane to Las Venturas

  and land to complete the mission.  CJ then will receive a phone call from
  Tenpenny asking him to bring the dossier.

+-----------------------------------------+ | 11.3.4 Saint Mark's Bistro: Mission 4 |------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Desert Truth Path Green Goo: Mission 5, Caligula Path

               Freefall:  Mission 3, C.R.A.S.H. Path High Noon:  Mission 2,
               and Madd Dogg Path Madd Dogg:  Mission 1  

Reward(s)  : Respect and $20,000 Unlockables  : Return to Los Santos

Seems that Salvatore wants to end the Forelli threat once and for all. He wants CJ to head to Liberty City and hit the Saint Mark's Bistro.

- Go to the airport and follow the blue marker to the jet. Hop in and fly

  toward the yellow marker.  CJ will land in Liberty City and go to the

- Guards tell CJ that he is not allowed in, it is invitation only. CJ

  displays his invitation in the form of firepower.

- Work your way through the bistro using cover and constantly moving to take

  out Forelli's goons.  High explosives work especially well in the confines
  of the bistro.  When you have cleared out all the Forelli's in the bistro,
  CJ will automatically be back on the plane heading for Las Venturas.

- Land anywhere on the runway to complete the mission.


/ 11.4 Madd Dogg Path /_______________________________________________________

Seems that Madd Dogg is pretty despondent. Someone took all his lyrics and he is in an alcoholic daze since he is no longer a part of the music business. He decides he just wants to end it all by jumping.

+-------------------------------+ | 11.4.1 Madd Dogg: Mission 1 |---------------------------------------------- +-------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Caligula Path The Meat Business: Mission 2 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Although CJ is originally the one who took Madd Dogg's lyrics, he feels sorry for him. Especially when he has heard that OG Loc has not done them justice. He decides he is going to save him and help him out.

- CJ will be placed at the area that Madd Dogg is located at. First, CJ needs

  to get something soft for Madd Dogg to land in.  There is a Walton with a
  blue marker over it with a man chatting on his cell phone.  Cap the man and
  take his truck.  Drive into the pink marker.

- You can only move the truck left and right. Madd Dogg staggers on the ledge

 above so try to keep the bed of the truck lined up with his probable
  trajectory.  This part can be tricky so you may want to use a straight
  object to gauge where he would fall if he jumped from his current location.

- After you catch him in the bed of the truck, a MADD DOGG meter appears.

  Carefully drive him to the drive-through Mental Hospital as indicated by the
  yellow marker on the map.  When Madd Dogg departs, he tells CJ he is in need
  of a new manager.

/ 11.5 C.R.A.S.H. /___________________________________________________________

It seems that Tenpenny isn't quite through with CJ yet. He has a couple of taskings for him in order to ensure that Tenpenny can keep his cushy, corrupt lifestyle.

+--------------------------------------+ | 11.5.1 Misappropriation: Mission 1 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Caligula Path Intensive Care: Mission 1 Reward(s)  : None Unlockables  : None

CJ meets Tenpenny and Pulaski in the backyard doing a barbeque. First, Tenpenny reiterates that he owns CJ so he has another job for him. It seems that an agent has a dossier loaded with Tenpenny's dealings. Tenpenny wants that agent taken out and he wants the dossier in his hands (which means don't destroy it).

- Head to the ghost town of Aldea Malvada as indicated by the yellow marker.

  When CJ arrives, he will see that the area is crawling with Federal Agents.
  Seems they are a bit more leery after losing a few witnesses.  The target is
  indicated by both a red marker on the map and a red cone above their head.

- Once the gunfire starts, the target will rush into their helicopter to

  escape.  Don't attempt to have firefight with the feds since time is short
  and they pack a lot of heat.  Just take out the ones in CJ's path and thin
  their ranks a little because you can take the spare helicopter to take up
  the pursuit.

- You must only follow the target to where they are going. Shooting them down

  causes mission failure.  The target will fly around and eventually end up at
  the Emerald Isle hotel.  Jump out and start your pursuit.

- To make your job more of a challenge, the target will probably jump off the

  building and use their parachute to try to get farter from CJ.  Don't let
  this happen.  Once the target is within CJ's gunsights, blast him and
  collect the dossier.  Mission accomplished.


Spencer writes:

The strategy I found easiest was bike it to Verdant meadows, then pick up the jetpack. Fly to the destination area, hover over and then target and shoot. You take them completely unawares and it was all done and dusted in 10 seconds. You then jetpack back to wherever you like.

+-------------------------------+ | 11.5.2 High Noon: Mission 2 |---------------------------------------------- +-------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Caligula Path Freefall: Mission 3 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Tenpenny calls CJ and tells him to bring the dossier to a designated location. The yellow marker indicates that the location is in another ghost town called Las Brujas. Once CJ is there, he learns the truth of exactly of what will happen to him. Another individual gets whacked by Tenpenny due to him being a snitch. CJ realizes that they are digging their own graves at this point. Tenpenny departs and the man that was whacked uses his final breath to lunge at Pulaski. This causes a brief ruckus where Pulaski runs off without finishing the job.

- When you regain control, Pulaski is running to his car. Take careful aim

  with your gun and shoot his tires out since you won't be able to put a shot
  into Pulaski.

- Hop into the dune buggy and give chase. Because of the fact you shot out

  Pulaski's tires, he will make an easy target for CJ.  Pulaski starts to hurl
  insults and tough guy statements as CJ fills his car full of lead.

- Once you destroy Pulaski's car and kill Pulaski, he remains defiant to the

  end.  Mission accomplished.


Bloody_Smurf555's strategy:

All you have to do is right after the cinema ends and you will be standing at the entrance of the graveyard. You must run on the front of his car before he gets away. Then you just have to jump on the front of the car and put a bullet trough his head with a sniper rifle


/ 11.6 Robbery Path /_________________________________________________________

To make the Four Dragons Casino number one in the town, it looks like the bank, and mob, have to be broken at Caligula's. CJ has already taken the dynamite needed to blow the safe. They now will need to learn more about the place and get someone to help them on the inside.

+---------------------------------------------+ | 11.6.1 Architectural Espionage: Mission 1 |-------------------------------- +---------------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Woozie Path Explosive Situation: Mission 2 Reward(s): Respect Unlockables: None

In order to ensure success in robbing Caligula's, the architectural plans are needed. CJ volunteers to go down to the City Planning department to take care of this phase of the operation.

- If you are cameraless, then head down to the Pirate's in Men's Pants casino.

  The red markers on the map (and above the people's heads) indicate people
  with cameras.  Knock someone off and take their camera.

- Go to the City Planning Department (as indicated by the yellow marker on the

  map).  Make sure you have no weapons whatsoever out or your won't be able to
  get in and the security guards will shoot at CJ.

- At the counter, be as polite as possible. To her questions, answer

  positively, negatively, and positively.  She then buzzes CJ in to allow
  access to the upper floors.

- Go into the stairwell and go all the way to the top. Go into the small

  glassed office where the plans are displayed on the wall.  Unfortunately, a
  guard is hanging around nearby so that makes it impossible to take pictures.

- The game, though, states that you need a diversion of some nature to clear

  the area.  Head back downstairs to the Document Depository and go to the
  back.  A green arrow will indicate a battered A/C unit.  Hit or shoot it to
  blow it up and create a fire situation.

- As everyone is evacuating, go back upstairs and take the pictures of the

  plans.  As you are leaving, the guards seem to have wised up because they
  are shooting back and you have a two-star wanted level.

- Get back over to the Four Dragons and drive into the pink marker to complete

  the mission.

+--------------------------------------+ | 11.6.2 Key to Her Heart: Mission 2 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Caligula Path Freefall: Mission 3, All C.R.A.S.H. missions Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : Millie as a girlfriend

Alright, the first part is completed. As Woozie's gang goes over the blue- prints and realizes many of the doors require keycard access. CJ realizes that the weakest link is human emotion so he decides he will get "closer" to one of the gals on the inside.

- Drive into the pink marker outside of Caligula's. CJ sees a croupier get

  into her car and speed off.  A SPOOK-O-METER appears.  You will want to
  follow her but not too closely or you will fail.  She obeys all traffic
  lights so you need to keep at least two car-lengths behind her.

- She will drive around and stop at a XXX Shop. When she gets out of her car

  to enter, you do the same.  In the shop, go into the pink marker to show the
  croupier trying on some quite revealing clothes.  Go into the right dressing
  room and put on the Gimp Suit then exit the shop.

- Get in your car and follow her home. Park in the pink marker and wait in

  front of her house.  A drunk guy comes staggering up the sidewalk.  Take him
  out and take anything he drops.  Go to her front door and she assumes CJ is
  the one she's waiting for.

- You now have a love interest. You must get her interest to 40% or greater

  before she gives up the card.  Of course, you can also cap her and go into
  her house to get the card.  The first will take some time since she works
  the night shift.  Mission is passed once you get the keycard.

+-----------------------------------+ | 11.6.3 Dam and Blast: Mission 3 |------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

The next phase of the operation involves killing the power to Caligula's to make the robbery go a little easier.

- Go to the airport and follow the yellow marker on the map. Go to the blue

  marker and get into the plane.

- Fly to the next yellow marker on the map and make sure you are at the same

  altitude.  When you get closer, you will see a pink ring.  When you get to
  it, jump out of the plane.  You should be over the dam.

- Use the controls on your shoot to guide yourself to the pink marker on the

  dam.  If you miss, that's alright.  Just swim/walk over to the pink marker.
  You are now ready to infiltrate the generator room.

- Get the knife behind the first set of boxes and stealthily eliminate any

  guards in your way.  Then head into the generator room.

- You will have to put charges on five generators. This won't be easy since

  guards patrol below and at your level.  In addition, workers are busy
  fiddling around with dials and gauges on the generators.  Try to sneak
  around and methodically move down the line of generators.

- After you have placed explosives on all five generators, walk into the pink

  marker to exit this room.  A nice little cut scene shows CJ's escape.  When
  you have control, grab a car and head back to the Four Dragons.

+--------------------------------+ | 11.6.4 Cop Wheels: Mission 4 |--------------------------------------------- +--------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

The next element of the plan involves getting some police escort. This means stealing some HPV 1000 motorcycles. Caligula's only ships their money in an armored card escorted by these bikes. You will have twelve minutes to steal four police bikes from around the city. An auto carrier is traveling along the freeways to receive these bikes.

- The bikes are represented on your map as green markers. Some bikes are

  sitting alone while others already have cops on them.  It is the ones with
  cops on them you will have to jack.  Of course, this earns you a quick two-
  star wanted level.  Travel to each location and nab the bikes, then drive
  them to the auto carrier.

- Continue the process until you have taken all four bikes. CJ then sends the

  auto carrier to the casino while he finds another ride.

+--------------------------------------+ | 11.6.5 Up, Up and Away!: Mission 5 |--------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

The last phase of the plan requires the gang to get an armored truck. Of course, these just don't grow on trees but someone suggests getting a heli- copter that can lift things. Steal the truck and bring it to a designated location. This means infiltrating yet another military base for the vehicle you need. This mission is only open from 2200 to 0600.

- You cannot get through the gate with anything other then a military vehicle,

  so wait for a vehicle to leave the base.  Then sneak into the gate and get
  ready for some action.

- If you are quick about it, you can cap the gate guard plus the roaming

  soldiers in front of the warehouse.  Then quickly go into the warehouse and
  prepare for a major firefight.

- Use the crates and other obstacles for cover as you take on the military.

  Be especially mindful of soldiers up in the rafters firing down upon your
  position.  Once you clear out the warehouse, exit through the opposite door
  and head toward the helipad.  Again, you will have to contend with more
  soldiers.  Look left to collect your first horseshoe for Las Venturas.

- Once you clear the area, use the Sniper Rifle to look up toward the helipad.

  You might be able to take out a couple of soldiers up there without having
  to do a running gun fight.  After that, go up the stair and mop up the last
  resistance on the helipad.

- Of course, the military isn't going to let CJ get away with this. They

  deploy two gunships to take care of the threat.  Go into the pink marker to
  take over the gun emplacement and shoot those birds down.

- After you have cleared out the gunships, go to the helicopter and take off.

  Head toward the blue marker, which represents the armored car.  When you get
  to that location, lower the winch and pick the van up.  Make sure you get
  enough altitude once you have the van so you aren't dragging it on the
  ground or into buildings.

- Head toward CJ's airstrip in the desert and lower the van into the pink

  marker.  Once the van has been lowered into the designated spot, go ahead
  and land the helicopter in the pink marker.  Mission accomplished and you
  will have a new aircraft at your airfield.


Drowfighter's strategies:

1. I did not find it necessary to get a military vehicle, or even fight my way through all those guards. I grabbed the Seasparrow from the top north center of the map, then parachuted from off the top of the Emerald Isle casino, and skydove onto the roof from the rear of the complex right below the helipad. I had to take out one guard, and hide from the gunships for a while under the helipad overhang in the corner. Then I ran up onto the helipad. The gunships disappeared without my having to fight them, and the heli opened up for me.

2. I was just looking at this mission again and I just found an even easier way to get in the gate without a military vehicle. There is a permanent spawn of a Packer in the industrial area directly to the East of the military base. It is behind the westernmost building in the complex. I took this, parked it next to the fence of the base, jacked a car real quick and drove it up the Packers ramp. This gave me enough height to just Jump over the fence. This tactic also has the added advantage of allowing you to sniper rifle the soldiers in the yard before the heat is on you.

+-----------------------------------------------------+ | 11.6.6 Breaking the Bank at Caligula's: Mission 6 |------------------------ +-----------------------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Caligula Path Saint Mark's Bistro: Mission 4, Robbery Path

               Key to Her Heart:  Mission 2 and Up, Up, and Away!:  Mission 5 

Reward(s)  : Respect and $100,000 Unlockables  : None

Well, all the elements are together. It's time to pull the job off. The first part of the job involves CJ going to Caligula's to gain access to the service bay door to allow the armored car access.

- Drive over to Caligula's and enter. You now have four minutes to gain

  access for the rest of the gang.  Quickly head over to the area marked by
  the yellow marker.  Use your keycard to gain access to the stairwell.

- Zero will guide CJ to the generator room. Go to the ventilation grill at

  the back and toss some gas grenades into it (a cut scene will show if you
  are successful when you execute this part).  When successful, you will knock
  out the guards.  Then head for the next location.

- Open the security door and step through. Zero has taken care of the

  casino's emergency lighting and he is blowing the charges at the dam to put
  the place into total darkness.  Entering the next room puts you in the
  service bay.

- Grab the forklift and get under the door. Raise the lift to open the door

  and allow the armored car to get in.

- Your job is to now guard Woozie's men so they can set the charges and blow

  the safe.  You will have to hold the enemy at bay and then a timer also
  appears which registers seven minutes.  This is the time you have to get the
  money and escape.

- It seems that somebody is trying to bring the emergency generators back up.

  Head back upstairs and take care of light resistance.  Put charges on the
  generators and blow them up.  Head back down to the vault.

- The vault is blown so help them retrieve money. Zero reports that

  reinforcements are on the way so "lock and load" and get ready to give them
  a proper reception.

- After you have done this, escort Woozie's guys out of the vault area and

  back to the service area with the van.  Once you have successfully done
  this, the timer disappears and CJ now has to find a way out.

- Fortunately, a yellow marker indicates your next destination. When you

  climb the stairs, you will see an elevator with a pink marker in front of
  it.  Step into the marker to be transported to the roof.

- This is probably the hardest part of this mission. Run up the stairs and

  clear out guards in your path.  Go out the door and onto the rooftop.  A
  helicopter now starts shooting at CJ.  Go to the first sloped roof and get
  the RPG.  Shoot down the helicopters and any SWAT team members barring your
  forward progress.

- Go to the second roof and grab the parachute. Put it one and jump to the

  rooftop across the street.  A police helicopter with two guards are on top
  of that roof.  Gun them down and take the helicopter.

- Fly out to your airstrip and land in the pink marker to complete this

  mission and become a lot richer

Return to Los Santos

Well, CJ has it all now. Money, power, and fame. He isn't happy, though, since he has been watching lame acts audition and he finds the business life isn't for him. He wants to go back to the old neighborhood and take it once and for all. Of course, Madd Dogg's release only hastens his desire.

There are 9 missions for Return to Los Santos.


/ 12.1 CJ Path /______________________________________________________________

These missions re-establish CJ's stature in the neighborhood. It also brings his brother Sweet out of jail to assist in cleaning up the area once and for all.

+-----------------------------------------+ | 12.1.1 A Home in the Hills: Mission 1 |------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Caligula Path Saint Mark's Bistro: Mission 4 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : Madd Dogg's mansion as a safe house

This one starts at the Four Dragons Casino. CJ expresses his desire to return home again. He wants to re-establish himself in his neighborhood and promote Madd Dogg's return. Woozie agrees to assist CJ in his efforts.

- After this exchange, the next scene shows CJ parachuting down to the

  mansion's rooftop with four Triads.  The enemy gang is awaiting your arrival
  so it will be a vicious firefight once you land on the roof.  If you miss
  the roof, you can go around the house and use the stairs to access it.

- You will be fighting off wave after wave of Vagos gang members as you

  prepare the LZ (Landing Zone) for more Triads to arrive.  Use the cover of
  the A/C units and keep moving to take care of this threat.  Area weapons
  such as grenades and Molotov's work really well here.

- Once you have cleared the roof, go inside for more excitement. Clear a path

  so you can get to Big Poppa.  The Triads tell you that you just need to
  clear the corridors, they will take care of the rooms.  Soften up the
  defenses on the first floor and head down.

- You will then see Big Poppa making a break for it. Clear out resistance in

  your path and go out the front door.  You will see Big Poppa taking off.
  Grab the vehicle and take off after Big Poppa.

- Shoot, ram, and any other thing you can think of to destroy Big Poppa's car

  and kill him if he manages to escape.  Once you have done this, the mission
  is passed and you own a mansion.

+-----------------------------------+ | 12.1.2 Vertical Bird: Mission 2 |------------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect, $50,000, and a new Hydra jet Unlockables  : None

All seems well with the world at this point. Madd Dogg is busy recording and life in the mansion has settled down. CJ then gets a call from Mike Toreno. He apparently wants one more favor. He tells CJ to steal a jet off a aircraft carrier and take care of a few spy boats. Of course, he sweetens the deal by telling CJ he can get his brother out of jail.

- Grab the speed boat and head toward the aircraft carrier. When you get real

  close to it, jump out and swim toward the aft portion.

- Quietly sneak out of the water. You will see a couple of guards lolling

  about.  Go up to the left bulkhead and wait until the guards pass.  Then
  head for the crates on the right.  When the guards have made their rounds,
  sprint to the hatch at the rear of this compartment and enter it.

- Go up the ladder to the next deck and turn left. Use your knife or silenced

  pistol to take care of the guards in this area.  Make another left and you
  will see some more guards and a forklift driver.  Take them out and go to
  the room with the pink marker.  Step into it to deactivate the SAM site.

- Exit this space and head back around until you are in the hanger bay of the

  carrier.  Take care of any guards and head to the plane already on the
  elevator.  To eliminate any threats, you can destroy the rest of the jets
  in the hanger.  It doesn't matter if you raise the alert since you are now
  ready to escape.

- First order of business it to take care of the pursuing Hydra jets. The

  Hydra jet is probably the fastest thing you have flown.  You had better have
  a high Flying Skill to pilot it.  The controls are very responsive and you
  can basically turn on a dime with this plane.

- Try to get your pursuers in your gunsight so you can get a missile lock and

  bring them down.  This may take a while depending on skill and enemy skill.

- Once you have brought down three (or one if you destroyed all planes in the

  hanger), you are now ready to take out the spy boats.  The Hydra is a VTOL
  (Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft.  This means you can hover, like a
  helicopter, and become an aerial weapons platform.  Use this trick to take
  out the four spy boats.

- Once you have destroyed the spy boats, go to your airfield and land in the

  pink marker.  You now have a brand new Hydra to add to you collection.
  Mission accomplished.

+---------------------------------+ | 12.1.3 Home Coming: Mission 3 |-------------------------------------------- +---------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : Sweet Path

Mike Toreno has one more favor to ask of CJ. He tells him to go pick up his brother at the police station. When Sweet starts to rag on CJ about him abandoning the hood, CJ counters with the fact that he has been trying to set things up so they won't have to worry again.

- When CJ and Sweet arrive in Ganton, they see people staggering around the

  street in a drug induced state.  Sweet wants CJ to help him take out the
  dealers once and for all.

- The dealers have pink arrows above their heads. A SWEET health bar appears.

  You need to keep Sweet protected as you methodically go down the street
  gunning down drug dealers.  Once the drug dealers are cleared out, it is
  time to reclaim Grove Street.

- Find a grouping of three or four Ballas gang member and gun them down.

  This will trigger a gang war.  Make sure you protect Sweet at all costs
  or you will lose the mission.  Sweet does a pretty good job in support but
  you still have to deal with three waves of Ballas gang members to reclaim
  the neighborhood.

- Once you reclaim the neighborhood, Sweet still sees things in black and

  white.  This also opens up the Sweet Path.

+-----------------------------------------+ | 12.1.4 Cut Throat Business: Mission 4 |------------------------------------ +-----------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Seems that OG Loc has made a phony name for himself. Madd Dogg sees it as an affront to him and he wants to stop it once and for all since OG Loc's music seems eerily similar to music Madd Dogg wrote. CJ agrees to take Madd Dogg to OG Loc's video shoot.

- When you arrive, OG Loc senses trouble brewing so he takes off and jumps

  into a hovercraft.  You won't be able to catch up to him so you need to keep
  on his tail and follow him through all the twists and turns.  He eventually
  will end up on the Verona Beach pier.

- When you get to him, he takes off in a go-kart. Follow him in the available

  go-kart through the winding streets of Los Santos.  He will not only use the
  roadways, but also go down the alleys.  When you finally catch up to him, OG
  Loc admits his wrongdoing and Madd Dogg gets signed onto a recording deal.

/ 12.2 Sweet Path /___________________________________________________________

Now that they have regained their neighborhood, it is time to clean things up once and for all.

+----------------------------------------+ | 12.2.1 Beat Down on B-Dup: Mission 1 |------------------------------------- +----------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: CJ Path Home Coming: Mission 3 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

CJ basically tells Sweet in this mission that it is time to take back the hood for good.

- Follow the yellow marker to B-Dup's apartment after you recruit a couple of

  gang members.  CJ is told that B-Dup has moved to Glen Park.

- Head over to Glen Park and start a gang war to claim the area. A SWEET

  health meter appears.  As before, protect him at all costs while you
  eliminate the Ballas hordes.  Once you take over the neighborhood, head for
  B-Dup's house.

- Clear out all the guards around it and go to the house. Enter the house to

  get even more information.  Apparently Big Smoke is holed up in his own drug
  palace but B-Dup has no clue where that is.  Big Bear wants to rejoin the
  cause so Sweet takes him off to rehab.  Mission accomplished.

+----------------------------------+ | 12.2.2 Grove 4 Life: Mission 2 |------------------------------------------- +----------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect and $10,000 Unlockables  : None

Sweet is back again preaching about family unity. Although he and CJ see the world differently, one thing they have in common is to make Grove Street a force to be reckoned with.

- First, you will need to gather up some gang members since this is total war-

  fare.  Then drive to the designated neighborhood in Idlewood and start a
  war.  As usual, a SWEET health bar appears.

- Once you have claimed that neighborhood, go to another and provoke another


- Once you have claimed these two neighborhoods, take Sweet back home to

  finish the mission.

+--------------------------+ | 12.2.3 Riot: Mission 3 |--------------------------------------------------- +--------------------------+

Prerequisites: CJ Path Cut Throat Business: Mission 4 Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

As the gang is sitting around the TV, they are watching the trial of one Officer Tenpenny. Apparently the long-arm of the law caught up with him. In a startling decision, the DA announces all charges will be dropped due to lack of evidence (apparently CJ was too efficient). This, in turn causes a massive riot to break out in the whole city. CJ and Sweet want to get to Grove Street to settle things down.

- This mission basically involves getting from the mansion to Grove Street

  while avoiding all the chaos and confusion the riots are causing.  You may
  have to take alternate routes since the common ones may be blocked by
  burning cars or rioters.

+------------------------------------+ | 12.2.4 Los Desperados: Mission 4 |----------------------------------------- +------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: None Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

Sweet is busy trying to get the neighborhood in order when Cesar enters the scene. His neighborhood is also rioting and he needs help. CJ explains he is pretty busy but Cesar reminds him that he helped him out of a bind so CJ agrees to assist Cesar in cleaning up his neighborhood.

- First, to get this mission going you must recruit at least two CJ's gang

  since Cesar doesn't have enough manpower.  Vehicles will be scarce and the
  ones that do exist will most likely get shot up or are already destroyed.
  You must make it to Unity Station to hook up with Cesar's boys.

- Once the link-up occurs, you will first head to an apartment complex.

  Although no health bar for Cesar appears, you must still protect him.  This
  is urban warfare at its finest as you clear out all the Vagos from around
  the apartment complex.  Once you have taken care of the last of the Vagos,
  your next stop is an alleyway.

- Step into the pink marker to start the next part of the combat. One of

  Cesar's guys opens up with an RPG.  You now need to take control and start
  mowing down Vagos gang members.  Make sure you watch your back when Cesar
  helps his fallen comrade.  Vagos gang members will attack from the rear to
  assist in trying to finish off Cesar.

- Keep them in check and continue heading down the alley cleaning out any

  other pockets of resistance.  When you get to the end of the alley,
  immediately site in on the Vagos gang member on the roof of the house on
  the left.  He has an RPG and knows how to use it.  Target him first then
  finish mopping up the last resistance to complete this mission.

+-------------------------------------+ | 12.2.5 End of the Line: Mission 5 |---------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------+

Prerequisites: Control at least 35% of the territory in Los Santos Reward(s)  : Respect Unlockables  : None

This is it. Big Smoke's fortress has been located in San Flores. It is time to end this once and for all.

- Head over to the fortress in San Flores. CJ soon figures out that since

  the fortress is in lock-down, he will need something heavy to smash through
  the front entrance.  Fortunately, the police are willing to oblige.

- Look for the blue marker on your map. There is a SWAT, anti-riot tank

  parked in a small residential neighborhood.  To prevent any problems, loop
  around to the back of the tank and take out the policeman watching it.  Hop
  into the tank and head for Big Smoke's.

- Put the pedal to the metal and ram through the front wall full speed to gain

  entrance into Big Smoke's fortress.  Take care of the guards inside by
  running them down or using the water cannon.  Hop out and take care of any
  last resistance.

- Now you will need to clear the fortress floor by floor. You are told that

  Smoke is on the fourth floor so now you get to do some close quarter
  fighting.  At the end of each staircase going up is usually an alcove with
  one guard and body armor.

- This is basically a slugging match of firepower. Don't expose yourself too

  long and use obstacles to keep under cover while bringing down enemy gang
  members.  Again, grenades and Molotov's work great in this environment.

- The drug lab presents a particular challenge. Not only do you have to

  contend with forces on the floor firing at you, but you also have to
  contend with them firing at you from the catwalk above.

- Once you have cleared the area, go up the stairs and be ready for more

  action as more reinforcements pour in through the door you entered this
  room through.  One individual has a RPG so be sure to give them a special

- The next floor is the lounge area. his area will feature some of the

  biggest concentrations of enemy gang members.  Again, use the obstacles
  and keep moving.  When you go up the stairs, you get to deal with Big Smoke.

- Big Smoke is so out of it, he is busy playing a video game while his boys

  are being gunned down.  When CJ talks to him, Big Smoke regrets nothing he
  has done and decides to go after CJ.  The lights go out and a health bar
  for BIG SMOKE pops up.  He is wearing armor so make your shots count.  You
  can do this with or without NVG's.  Just be wary of the occasional gang
  member who comes in to help Big Smoke.

- Once you bring Big Smoke down, a cut scene shows Tenpenny blasting a

  generator and starting a fire.  This part will prove to be a particular
  challenge since you will have to lug around a fire extinguisher and clear
  a path.  This is in addition to knocking down the reinforcements that come
  in.  If this isn't bad enough, you only have 7:00 minutes to do all of this.
  NOTE:  If you are fireproof from the Firefighter Missions, just run through
  the factory.

- Backtrack the way you came and be quick about clearing a path through the

  flames and shooting up any enemy gang members that get in your way.
  Eventually you will make it out to see the building go up in a tremendous
  explosion.  This isn't the end of it unfortunately.

- Tenpenny attempts to escape in a fire truck. CJ's brother Sweet grabs a

  hold of the ladder while CJ hops into a car in pursuit of said fire truck.
  A SWEET'S GRIP bar will appear on the screen after you pass the stadium.
  This is how long Sweet can hold onto the ladder while others are trying to
  shake him off.

- Get your car underneath the ladder so that Sweet can fall into the car.

  Sweet takes over the wheel while CJ becomes the shotgun.  A CAR bar now
  appears.  Your job is to take care of all the police and gang members to
  prevent them from destroying the car while Sweet pursues Tenpenny.

- After a wild ride through the city streets, Tenpenny loses control and ends

  up breaking through the guardrail and falling off a bridge right next to
  Grove Street.  The ending scene shows Tenpenny unrepentant for all the
  trouble he has caused.

The endgame shows Madd Dogg coming in with a new gold record. Some bickering going on within the family, and CJ leaving to make sure all is well in the hood. Fade out.