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This is a comprehensive list of story missions in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are 104 missions in total.

Los Santos Missions

Protagonist Carl Johnson returns to his hometown of Los Santos and needs to re-establish himself in the neighborhood. Missions in this city involve Carl's rise to power in the Grove Street Families, and the challenges with his family. Many of these missions have Carl as the driver plus additional help as required.

There are 28 missions in the main thread in Los Santos.


Name Objective Reward Unlocks
In the beginning... Head back to the Grove Street None Big Smoke
Big Smoke Meet your friend Melvin Harris aka Big Smoke None Sweet & Kendl
Sweet & Kendl Follow Sweet and Ryder back to Ganton Respect Ryder
Ryder Get some new haircut and food Respect Tagging Up Turf


Name Objective Reward Unlocks
Tagging Up Turf Tag the Grove Street Families tag in the enemy gang territories $200
Cleaning the Hood
Cleaning the Hood Beat up some crack dealers around Ganton Respect Drive Thru
Drive Thru Get some food at Cluckin' Bell at Willowfield
Prevent Ballas from reach Ganton
Nines and AKs
Nines and AKs Get some weapons from Emmet Respect
Sub Urban
OG Loc
Drive-By Attack Ballas' turf Jefferson Respect
Sweet's Girl
Home Invasion
Sweet's Girl Rescue Sweet from Seville Boulevard Families Respect
Cesar Vialpando
Cesar Vialpando Win Lowrider Challenge Amount of money bet at the challenge High Stakes, Low Rider
Lowrider Challenge
Loco Low Co.

Big Smoke

Name Objective Reward Unlock
OG Loc Pick up OG Loc from Los Santos Police Department at Pershing Square
Kill Freddy
Respect Running Dog
Life's a Beach
Running Dog Take Big Smoke to meeting
Kill Los Santos Vagos gang member
Respect Wrong Side of the Tracks
Wrong Side of the Tracks Kill Vagos gang member on a train before they escape Respect Just Business
Just Business Take Smoke to Atrium
Kill the attacking Russian Mafia
Respect None


Name Objective Reward Unlock
Home Invasion Rob Colonel Fuhrberger's house for weapons Respect Catalyst
Catalyst Get to the train
Kill the Vagos and Ballas
Throw the crates to Ryder
Respect Robbing Uncle Sam
Robbing Uncle Sam Raid the National Guard Depot for weapons Respect None

Cesar Vialpando

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
High Stakes, Low Rider Win the lowrider race $1000 None

OG Loc

Name Objectives Reward Unlock
Life's a Beach Steal a sound system in a Pony Respect Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Madd Dogg's Ryhmes Break into Madd Dogg's mansion and steal his rhyme book without caught Respect Management Issues
Burning Desire
Management Issues Kill Alan Crawford and his wife; dump them to the ocean Respect House Party
House Party Defend Ganton from Ballas' invasion Respect None

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Burning Desire Burn Vagos' gang house
Rescue Denise Robinson from fire
None Gray Imports
Gray Imports Raid the warehouse in Ocean Docks where Ballas and Russian make a deal None None


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Doberman Takeover Glen Park Respect Los Sepulcros
Gang Warfare
Los Sepulcros Kill Kane while attending funeral along with the rest of the Ballas Respect Reuniting the Families
Reuniting the Families Go to the Jefferson Motel
Rescue Sweet from SWATs
Use AK-47 to retaliate against the attacking SWATs
Respect The Green Sabre
The Green Sabre Go to the underpass where Cesar waiting
Witness Smoke's betrayal
Rescue Sweet at Mulholland Intersection
None Badlands
Countryside and San Fierro access

Countryside Missions

CJ has stumbled onto something that is much bigger than himself. It appears that Big Smoke is totally loyal to Officer Tenpenny and he does exactly what he is told. Tenpenny warns CJ to stay away from Big Smoke or Sweet will suffer. Tenpenny has a few loose ends that need to be taken care of at the same time CJ is trying to re-establish himself.

There are 14 missions in the Countryside.

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Badlands Kill a witness for Tenpenny and bring back the proof he's dead None First Date


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
First Date Choose place to rob None Tanker Commander
Against All Odds
Local Liquor Store
Small Town Bank

The Truth

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Body Harvest Stole a Combine Harvester from The Farm
Take the Harvester to Truth's farm
Respect King in Exile

Cesar Vialpando

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
King in Exile Meet Cesar and Kendl at Angel Pine None First Base


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
First Base Choose place to rob None None
Gone Courting Choose place to rob None None
Made in Heaven Choose place to rob None None


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Tanker Commander Jack a Tanker
Take the tanker to Mr. Whittaker
$5000 None
Against All Odds Rob Inside Track betting shop $2000 None
Local Liquor Store Chase the robbers and take their money $1000 None
Small Town Bank Rob Palomino Creek Bank $10,000 None

Cesar Vialpando

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Wu Zi Mu Beat Wu Zi Mu in a race None Farewell, My Love...
Farewell, My Love... Beat Catalina and Claude in a race None Are You Going To San Fierro?

The Truth

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Are You Going to San Fierro? Burn Truth's crops
Head to the garage CJ won in San Fierro
Respect Wear Flowers in Your Hair

San Fierro Missions

Things are starting to look up a little for CJ. He now owns a dilapidated garage and a close circle of allies to assist him in his rise to power. San Fierro offers a variety of missions to help CJ become even stronger in his quest to return to Los Santos.

There are 26 story missions in San Fierro.

Carl Johnson

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Wear Flowers in Your Hair Recruit some Truth's acquaintance to work in your garage None 555 We Tip
Zero RC on sale
555 We Tip Set up a D.A. car by planting drugs in his car's trunk None Deconstruction
Deconstruction Destroy the portables on construction site behind your garage
Bury the foreman alive for calling Kendl a hooker
None Photo Opportunity


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Air Raid Defend Zero's transmitters $3000 Supply Lines...
Supply Lines... Use RC Baron to kill all Berkley's delivery $5000 New Model Army
New Model Army Control RC Goblin and defeat Berkley in RC BattleGround $7000 Zero RC as an asset

Loco Syndicate

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Photo Opportunity Go meet Cesar at Red County
Go to Angel Pine and photograph the member of Loco Syndicate
None Jizzy
Jizzy Part I: Meet Cesar and Woozie at the garage to identified the member of Loco Syndicate
Part II: Do errands for Jizzy B
Part I: None
Part II: Respect and $3000
T-Bone Mendez
Mountain Cloud Boys
T-Bone Mendez Retrieve the stolen packages $5000
Mike Toreno
Mike Toreno Locate and rescue Mike Toreno $7000
Outrider Clear the roadblocks for yay shipment to get through $9000 Snail Trail

Wu Zi Mu

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Mountain Cloud Boys Take Woozie to the meeting
Defend Woozie from attacking Da Nang Boys
Ran Fa Li
Ran Fa Li Retrieve the packages for Ran Fa Li from the airport $6000
Lure Use decoy to lure the Da Nang Boys out from Angel Pine $8000
Amphibious Assault
Amphibious Assault Swim to Vietnamese' ship and plant a bug $11,000
The Da Nang Thang
The Da Nang Thang Attack the Vietnamese' ship with minigun from the chopper
Rescue the refugees aboard the ship
Kill The Snakehead
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (after Toreno's Last Flight)

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Snail Trail Follow the train
Follow the reporter, but don't too close
Assassinate the reporter and the journalist in Yacht Harbor
None Ice Cold Killa

Loco Syndicate

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Ice Cold Killa Kill Jizzy B $12,000
Pier 69
Pier 69 Kill all the guards using the sniper rifle
Assassinate T-Bone Mendez
Kill CJ's former friend Ryder
Toreno's Last Flight
Toreno's Last Flight Destroy the chopper containing Mike Toreno to kill him $18,000 Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom Get the wired car from a garage in Downtown San Fierro
Detonate the car inside the yay factory in Doherty
Wang Cars showroom for sale (after completing Driving School)

Wang Cars showroom

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Back to School Complete the Driving School Increased Driving Skill
Vehicle parked in front of the school depending of the medal you won
Wang Cars showroom for sale (after Yay Ka-Boom-Boom)
Zeroing In Follow and steal a car from a woman $5000
Uranus in the showroom
Wheel Arch Angels
Test Drive
Test Drive Steal with Cesar two cars from Otto's Autos $5000
Elegy and Sultan in the showroom
Customs Fast Track
Customs Fast Track Steal a car from container in Easter Basin using a crane $10,000
Savanna in the showroom
Exports and Imports
Puncture Wounds
Puncture Wounds Use stingers to stole a car $5000
Stratum in the showroom
Wang Cars showroom as an asset

Desert Missions

These series of missions have more of a fun and adventuresome ring to them. CJ will be doing some rather strange things on some missions. In addition, you get to learn how to fly which will come in very handy later on.

There are 9 story missions in the Desert.

Mike Toreno

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Monster Use monster truck and go through the checkpoints around the deserts before 6:30 1st: $5000
2nd: $4000
3rd: $3000
4th: $2000
5th: $1000
Highjack Jack a Tanker truck on the highway with Cesar $7000 Interdiction
Interdiction Protect Toreno's helicopter from the attackers in El Castillo del Diablo, retrieve the package, then deliver it to Las Brujas $1000 Verdant Mission
Verdant Meadows Buy Verdant Meadows airstrip cost $80,000 Save points at Verdant Meadows and Verdant Meadows airfield Learning to Fly
Race tournament access (will open after received a call from Jethro in the middle of the mission) (Must finished Puncture Wounds first)

Verdant Meadows airstrip

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Learning to Fly Finish Flying School Increased Flying Skill
Plane parked in the airstrip depending of the medal you won
Fender Ketchup
N.O.E. Deliver the package from Toreno to Angel Pine using a Rustler, but remain flying low $15,000 Stowaway
Stowaway Use a bike to catch up with Andromada plane
Plant an explosive aboard the plane
Steal a parachute, then escape the plane
$20,000 Black Project
Black Project Break into Area 69 and stole the black project None Green Goo
Green Goo Use the newly-acquired jetpack to steal a green goo from the military train $20,000
Verdant Meadow airstrip as an asset
Jetpack spawning at the airstrip
Saint Mark's Bistro (after Freefall and High Noon)

Las Venturas Missions

CJ has really made a name for himself. Not only has he regained a lot of his power back, he is also the proud owner of one business and a partner in a major casino. This series of missions basically ensures that the competition is either eliminated or it is severely subdued.

There are 19 story missions in Las Venturas.

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Fender Ketchup Scare Johnny Sindacco $5000
Explosive Situation
Explosive Situation Steal the dynamite from a quarry $7,000
You've Had Your Chips
Architectural Espionage
Quarry Mission
You've Had Your Chips Get to the factory where Sindacco make fake chips and destroy their machines $10,000
Don Peyote
Don Peyote Rescue Kent Paul and Maccer from the desert Respect Intensive Care


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Architectural Espionage Go to the City Planning Department and photograph Caligula's Palace blueprint Respect Key to Her Heart
Key to Her Heart Follow the Caligula's croupier; Millie Perkins. Don't too close on her Respect
Millie Perkins as girlfriend
Dam and Blast
Dam and Blast Plant explosives on Sherman Dam Respect Cop Wheels
Cop Wheels Stole 4 police bikes and bring them to Woozie's Packer Respect Up, Up and Away!
Up, Up and Away! Steal a Leviathan with a magnet crane, then use it to steal a Securicar Respect
Leviathan at Verdant Meadows
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Intensive Care Rescue Johnny Sindacco from the Forelli Family $5000
The Meat Business
The Meat Business Take Ken Rosenberg to abattoir
Escape from the abattoir alive
Fish in a Barrel
Madd Dogg

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Misappropriation Retrieve the dossier from an agent at Aldea Malvada None High Noon (after Freefall)

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Fish in a Barrel Meet Woozie at Four Dragons Casino None None

Madd Dogg

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Madd Dogg Save Madd Dogg from falling, then take him to the hospital before he dies None High Noon

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Freefall Get a Dodo from Las Venturas International Airport
Catch up with the plane full of Sorelli hitmen
Kill the hitmen, then land the plane at the airport
High Noon

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
High Noon Kill Eddie Pulaski None Saint Mark's Bistro

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Saint Mark's Bistro Take a flight to Liberty City and assassinate the Forelli gang members in Marco's Bistro $20,000
Didier Sachs
A Home in the Hills
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's Rob the Caligula's Palace $100,000 None

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
A Home in the Hills Retrieve the Madd Dogg's Crib
Kill Big Poppa
Madd Dogg's Crib
Vertical Bird

Final Missions

CJ has it all now. Money, power, and fame. He isn't happy, though, since he has been watching lame acts audition and he finds the business life isn't for him. He wants to go back to the old neighborhood to take it once and for all. Of course, Madd Dogg's release only hastens his desire.

There are 8 story missions in Los Santos after the return.

Carl Johnson

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Vertical Bird Stole a Hydra jet from Easter Basin Naval Station
Use it to destroy the spy ships in Tierra Robada
Land the Hydra at Verdant Meadows
Hydra at Verdant Meadows
Home Coming
Home Coming Pick up Sweet at Pershing Square
Retake Ganton
Respect Cut Throat Business
Beat Down On B Dup
Cut Throat Business Chase OG Loc using the Vortex and Kart Respect Riot (after Grove 4 Life)


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Beat Down On B Dup Retake Glen Park to find B Dup Respect Grove 4 Life
Grove 4 Life Retake Idlewood $10,000
Riot (after Cut Throat Business)

Final Missions

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks
Riot Drive Sweet to Ganton; avoid the riot None Los Desperados
Los Desperados Help Cesar retake El Corona from Los Santos Vagos Respect End of the Line (after taking over 35% of gang territories in Los Santos)
End of the Line Part I: Drive to the Smoke's Crack Palace
Enter Smoke's Crack Palace and kill Big Smoke
Part II: Chase Frank Tenpenny and Sweet
Use Micro Uzi to drive-by any attacking police
None; you've beat the game!