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|[[The Big Score]] (Subtle Approach / Obvious Approach)
|[[The Big Score (GTA V)|The Big Score]] (Subtle Approach / Obvious Approach)

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This is a list of every mission in Grand Theft Auto V.

Main Story Missions

Mission Description
Prologue Rob a bank in North Yankton and escape
Franklin and Lamar Repossess two cars and return them to Simeon Yetarian
Repossession Repossess a motorcycle from the Vagos
Complications Repossess an SUV from Jimmy De Santa
Chop Intimidate a Ballas gang member named D.
Father/Son Retrieve Jimmy from Michael's stolen boat on a freeway. This mission is seen in Trailer 2
Marriage Counseling Chase Amanda's tennis coach to a mansion, pull it off the hillside, escape attack of Martin Madrazo's men
Daddy's Little Girl Bicycle race with Jimmy on Vespucci Beach, swim to Tracey on a boat, escape pursuers
Friend Request Buy a geek outfit to get into the Lifeinvader headquarters, fix programmer's computer, rig Jay Norris's prototype phone, detonate the phone
The Long Stretch Buy a flashlight mod for a pump shotgun, meet at the recycling plant and escape, lose the cops and return to Franklin's house
Casing The Jewelry Store Take photos in Vangelico and on the roof, set plans to rob it
Carbine Rifles (for loud approach) Steal a LSPD tactical team truck, lose the cops, stash the truck
Bugstars Equipment (for smart approach) Steal a Bugstars van
BZ Gas Grenades (for smart approach) Steal a Humane van containing gas grenades
The Jewel Store Job Rob Vangelico, escape on motorcycles, take out the cops, meet at rendezvous point, go to lockup
Three's Company This mission will require the three Protagonists to perform a snatch and grab mission for the FIB
Blitz Play Rob a Securicar by smashing a Tow Truck into it
Mr. Philips
Nervous Ron
Trevor Philips Industries
Crystal Maze
Friends Reunited
Fame or Shame
Dead Man Walking
Hotel Assassination
The Multi-Target Assassination
Hood Safari
Three’s Company
By the Book
Did Somebody Say Yoga
Scouting the Port
Trash Truck
Boiler Suits
Tow Truck
The Merryweather Heist (Freighter / Offshore)
Blitz Play: Intro
I Fought the Law
Eye in the Sky
Mr. Richards
The Vice Assassination
The Bus Assassination
Caida Libre
Deep Inside
Minor Turbulence
The Construction Assassination
Paleto Score Setup
Military Hardware
The Paleto Score
Monkey Business
Hang Ten
Surveying the Score
Bury the Hatchet
Pack Man
Fresh Meat
The Ballad of Rocco
Cleaning Out the Bureau
Reuniting the Family
Architect’s Plans
Fire Truck
The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew / Roof Entry)
The Wrap Up
Reuniting the Family
Doting Dad
Legal Trouble
Lamar Down
Parenting 101
Planning the Big Score
Getaway Vehicle
The Big Score (Subtle Approach / Obvious Approach)
Something Sensible
The Time’s Come
The Third Way

Side Missions

For strangers and random events:

Mission Description
The Good Husband (optional family event) retrieve Amanda from shoplifting clothes, lose the cops, return to the De Santa house