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'''Hyman Memorial Stadium'''
'''Hyman Memorial Stadium'''
# [[Bloodring]]: Win a demolition debry.
# [[Bloodring]]: Win a demolition derby.
# [[Dirtring]]: Win a bike obstacle course.
# [[Dirtring]]: Win a bike obstacle course.
# [[Hotring]]: Win a race car race.
# [[Hotring]]: Win a race car race.

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This is an ordered list of missions in GTA Vice City.

Main Missions

  1. In The Beginning
  2. An Old Friend

Ken Rosenberg

  1. The Party: Collect information about the botched drug deal.
  2. Back Alley Brawl: Kill a hitman who took place in the botching of the deal.
  3. Jury Fury: Intimidate a jury.
  4. Riot: Cause a riot to bankrupt a delivery company.

Colonel Juan Cortez

  1. Treacherous Swine: Kill Gonzales.
  2. Mall Shootout: Obtain military technology from a courier.
  3. Guardian Angels: Protect Ricardo Diaz during a drug deal.
  4. Sir, Yes Sir!: Highjack a Rhino tank and deliver it to a lock-up.
  5. All Hands On Deck: Help Colonel Cortez escape from the French FBI.

Avery Carrington

  1. Four Iron: Kill a business man.
  2. Demolition Man: Blow up a building using an RC Helicopter.
  3. Two Bit Hit: Start a gang war between the Cubans and the Haitians.

Ricardo Diaz

  1. The Chase: Chase a thief to his hideout.
  2. Phnom Penh '86: Kill the thief and his associates while flying in a helicopter.
  3. The Fastest Boat: Steal a speedboat.
  4. Supply & Demand: Buy a drug shipment before other people do.
  5. Rub Out: Kill Ricardo Diaz.

Kent Paul

  1. Death Row: Save Lance Vance from Ricardo Diaz's goons.

Tommy Vercetti

  1. Shakedown: Intimidate shops into paying protection money.
  2. Bar Brawl: Eliminate your competition in racketeering.
  3. Cop Land: Blow up a store in the mall while posing as a cop.
  4. Cap the Collector: Kill collectors stealing money from your businesses.
  5. Keep Your Friends Close...: Kill Lance Vance and Sonny Forelli.

Extra Missions

Umberto Robina

  1. Stunt Boat Challenge: Complete a boat race.
  2. Cannon Fodder: Steal a drug shipment.
  3. Naval Engagement: Ambush a drug deal.
  4. Trojan Voodoo: Blow up a drug plant.

Love Fist

  1. Love Juice: Buy drugs and bring Mercedes Cortez to Love Fists' studio.
  2. Psycho Killer: Kill a psychopath.
  3. Publicity Tour: Drive around in a limo while Love Fist defuses a bomb inside the limo.

Mitch Baker

  1. Alloy Wheels of Steel: Complete a bike race.
  2. Messing with the Man: Cause a rampage.
  3. Hog Tied: Steal back an Angel motorbike.

Auntie Poulet

  1. Juju Scramble: Pick up a stage of "juju".
  2. Bombs Away!: Drop bombs on Cuban drug dealers.
  3. Dirty Lickin's: Snipe dead some cuban gang bangers.

Phil Cassidy (Only after end the Malibu Club's missions)

  1. Gun Runner: Kill gun runner Pedro Garcia.
  2. Boomshine Saigon: Drive Phil Cassidy to a surgeon.

Payphone Missions

  1. Road Kill: Kill a pizza delivery boy.
  2. Waste the Wife: Kill a cheating wife.
  3. Autocide: Kill some european bank robbers.
  4. Check out at the Check in: Kill a business man and deliver a briefcase he's carrying to an Ammu-Nation.
  5. Loose Ends: Wreck a deal between the Streetwannabees and the FBI

Asset Missions

The Malibu Club Asset Missions

  1. No Escape?: Break Cam Jones out of jail.
  2. The Shootist: Beat Phil Cassidy in a shooting constest.
  3. The Driver: Beat Hilary King in a street race.
  4. The Job: Rob a bank.

VC Print Works Asset Missions

  1. Spilling The Beans: Extract information from the head of the Vice City Triads.
  2. Hit The Courier: Kill a courier and steal counterfeit plates.

Interglobal Films Studio Asset Missions

  1. Recruitment Drive: Hire Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortez.
  2. Dildo Dodo: Drop flyers from a Dodo plane.
  3. Martha's Mug Shot: Get incriminating pictures of Alex Shrub.
  4. G-Spotlight: Re-arrange a set of spotlights to make a huge publicity stunt.

Kaufman Cabs Asset Missions

  1. V.I.P.: Deliver a customer to the airport.
  2. Friendly Rivalry: Destroy three rival cabs.
  3. Cabmaggedon: Survive a retaliation attack by the rival cabs.

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory Asset Missions

  1. Distribution: Distribute drugs around the city.

Boatyard Asset Missions

  1. Checkpoint Charlie: Re-cover a coke shipment dropped in the ocean.

Sunshine Autos Assets Missions

  1. Terminal Velocity: Win a drag race in Escobar International Airport.
  2. Ocean Drive: Win a drag race in Ocean Beach.
  3. Border Run: Win a drag race in Vice Point.
  4. Capital Cruise: Win a drag race across Little Havanna and Little Haiti.
  5. Tour!: Win a drag race in Ocean Beach, Washington Beach and Vice Point.
  6. V.C. Endurance: Win a drag race across all of Vice City.
  7. Garage List 1: Steal street cars.
  8. Garage List 2: Steal expensive cars.
  9. Garage List 3: Steal sports cars.
  10. Garage List 4: Steal gang cars.

Pole Position Strip Club Asset Missions

Hidden Missions

Hyman Memorial Stadium

  1. Bloodring: Win a demolition derby.
  2. Dirtring: Win a bike obstacle course.
  3. Hotring: Win a race car race.

Remote Controlled Vehicles

  1. RC Baron Race: Win an RC Plane race.
  2. RC Bandit Race: Win an RC Car race.
  3. RC Raider: Recover checkpoints with an RC Copter.

Dirt Track

  1. Test Track: Pass through the checkpoints with a Landstalker.
  2. Trial By Dirt: Pass through the checkpoints with a Sanchez.