Missions in The Lost and Damned

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The Lost and Damned, the first episode of DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV, features 22 story missions, as well as three (or four) Random Characters missions, Angus' Bike Thefts, and Stubbs' Dirty Laundry. The list is done in a logical order in which it can chronologicly match up with Grand Theft Auto IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Story Missions

Billy Grey Clean and Serene Angels in America It's War Action/Reaction

Jim Fitgerald Liberty City Choppers Bad Cop Drop

Elizabeta Torres Buyer's Market

Tom Stubbs Politics Off Route

Ashley Butler Coming Down

Billy Grey This Shit's Cursed

Jim Fitzgerald Hit the Pipe End of Chapter Bad Standing

Elizabeta Torres Heavy Toll Marta Full of Grace Shifting Weight

Ashley Butler Roman's Holiday

Ray Boccino Diamonds in the Rough Collector's Item Was It Worth It?

Tom Stubbs Get Lost

Random Character Missions

Bike Thefts Missions

Stubbs Missions