Mod Garages

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The three Mod Garages in San Andreas offer a wide variety of personalization options for many different vehicles. Mod Garages are marked on the map by a red wrench icon.


Transfenders offers customization options for about 65 different car types. Many items can be purchased and/or upgraded; Paint Jobs, Vents, Hood, Exhaust, Spoilers, Lights, Nitrous, Roof, Wheels, Stereo, and Hydraulics. Most items will vary depending on the vehicle, but wheels cost $620 to $1560, custom paint jobs are $1000, stereo upgrade is $100, and a hydraulics system is $1500. A Nitrous system is available in 3 different "strengths," 2×, 5×, and 10× (these options indicate how many times you would be able to use a nitro "boost").