Mod Garages

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The three Mod Garages in San Andreas offer a wide variety of personalization options for many different vehicles. Mod Garages are marked on the map by a red wrench icon.

Many items can be purchased and/or upgraded at these garages; Paint Jobs, Vents, Hood, Exhaust, Spoilers, Lights, Nitrous, Roof, Wheels, Stereo, and Hydraulics. Most items will vary depending on the vehicle, but wheels cost $620 to $1560, custom paint jobs are $1000, stereo upgrade is $100, and a hydraulics system is $1500. A Nitrous system is available in 3 different "strengths," 2×, 5×, and 10× (these options indicate how many times you would be able to use a nitro "boost").


Transfenders the name is a play on the word Transgender. They offer customization options for about 65 different car types. The amount of customization available varies greatly for each car model; bring a car into the garage and see what each mod looks like for yourself!

Loco Low Co.

Loco Low specializes in the eight Lowriders; these are the Blade, Broadway, Remington, Savanna, Slamvan, Tahoma, Tornado, and the Voodoo. While most of the Lowriders have a plethora of options (especially the Remington), options are limited with the Tahoma and Voodoo. All the Lowriders are compatible with Nitros, the stereo upgrade, and of course, hydraulics.

Wheel ArchAngels

Wheel ArchAngels specializes in six street racing vehicles; these are the Elegy, Flash, Jester, Stratum, Sultan, and Uranus. Unlike the other two mod shops, the available options among these vehicles are largely the same. You can choose between three custom paintjobs, Alien and X-Flow brand exterior mods in six areas of the car, ten types of tires/hubcaps, nitrous, stereo boost, and hydraulics.