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*[[Acter]] - Can be found in a grassy area next to a tree behind some houses north of Moog St.
*[[Acter]] - Can be found in a grassy area next to a tree behind some houses north of Moog St.
{{gtaiii weapons}}
{{gtaiii weapons}}

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File:Molotov sa.png
A molotov cocktail in GTA San Andreas
Niko using a Molotov Cocktail
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The Molotov Cocktail is an incendiary weapon, used to set a small area on fire. It is based on the real-life "home-made" molotov cocktail, which is prepared by inserting a rag into a partially filled liquor bottle, allowing the rag to "wick up" the flammable alcohol or other volatile liquid within. This causes the soaked rag to become flammable itself, allowing it to be lit on fire. Because the fumes from the flammable liquid (which are actually what catches fire, not the liquid itself) are contained within the bottle, full ignition does not occur until the glass container is ruptured, allowing the fumes to escape. This normally happens upon impact of the molotov against a hard surface, after being thrown. It can set a group of pedestrians on fire or light a car's engine on fire, causing it to explode. Victims on foot will catch fire and die if close enough to the flames. Use of the molotov will normally result in at least a 1-star wanted level. It proves to be one of the most deadly weapons for the player when used at close range, and is difficult to find in GTA III, although more common in the later games. It is one of only two weapons which can destroy a tank, the other being a Flamethrower. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories the molotov is more effective and can destroy a vehicle rapidly fast after one cocktail being thrown at the vehicle.

In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the player can use the touch screen to throw Moltov Cocktails at a distance in any direction. Huang Lee can go to petrol stations marked in the radar to fill up bottles of gasoline to use as Molotov Cocktails. A minigame is associated to this with the player using the touch screen to aim the gas nozzle to the bottle and shoving a cloth into the bottle.



GTA Vice City

  • Downtown - At the Tacopalypse restaurant across the street east of the Hyman Condo.

GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories


Molotov Cocktails can be purchased at the back-alley gun shops for $500. They can also be purchased from Little Jacob for $350.


  • Firefly Island - Can be found in the rest area near the Memory Lanes bowling alley.
  • Firefly Projects - Can be found on the west side of the projects off Cokanuk Ave.
  • BOABO - Can be found in an underground dock on the water's edge off Chicory St. This pickup is relatively difficult to obtain due to its location.


Charge Island

  • East Borough Bridge - Can be found on top of the steel superstructure before the Bohan off-ramp.


  • Northwood - Can be found in a loading dock near the water's edge off Ivy Drive North.
  • Westminster - Can be found on the catwalk overlooking the helipad on the water. This helipad is where Niko steals the helicopter during the mission Dust Off.


  • Acter - Can be found in a grassy area next to a tree behind some houses north of Moog St.