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The following is a walkthrough of the Mountain Cloud Boys mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Find a car, and take Woozie to the nearby storehouse in Chinatown, just behind Wu Zi Mu's Apartment. Stop in the red marker, and follow Woozie. Suddenly, pedestrians are screaming and running for their lives. There seems to be a disturbance. Woozie notices that the gate is open, which is unusual. The Blood Feather Triads are dead, and there is fire everywhere. A garage opens, and a triad explains that he was too scared to fight, so he hid in there. Woozie demands to know what happened. The Da Nang Boys caught them by surprise, and wiped out the Blood Feather Triad. They're coming back!

A car arrives containing four members of the Da Nang Boys, and a health bar appears for Woozie. Kill the Da Nang Boys and protect him. Walk out of the alley and two more sets will appear, this time on bikes. There are many more around the corner, including as a sniper. Leave no survivors. Get in the car with Woozie. The Da Nang Boys are blocking the exit. Carl reverses out of the alley. Now, you must kill all the chasers. Perform a drive-by. Once you have killed them, make your way back to Woozie's place. He gives you a reward, and mission is accomplished.

Video walkthroughs

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