Mr. Benz

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The Mr. Benz shop in Staunton Island.

Mr. Benz is a clothing business in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Shops are found in Chinatown (Portland), Pike Creek (Shoreside Vale), and Bedford Point (Staunton Island).

The Bedford Point and Pike Creek branches of the business play different roles in two different missions of the game. In Rough Justice, a mission played for Salvatore Leone, Toni must first pick up a Lawyer Outfit in the Pike Creek branch and wear it in order to meet the jailed Salvatore inside the LCPD station in Pike Creek. In A Date With Death, a mission played for Toshiko Kasen, Toni goes to the Bedford Point branch of the business to pick up and wear a tuxedo in order for him to go to the opera.

The name of the shop is a clear nod to early 70's British animation Mr Benn. It was a cartoon about a bored city gent who visited a magical costume shop.