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Mullholland is a district of Los Santos, San Andreas that is located in the northwestern area of the city, Richman is located west of the district, Mullholland Intersection and part of Red County from the east, Red County and Dillimore from the north and Vinewood from the south, the district is situated high on the hills, most roads are uphills, downhills and hairpins, Large villas and mansions are present in the district, but it is unknown wheter the residents are wealthy and rich or not since the cars moving in the district are poor cars.

Events of GTA San Andreas

One of the earliest game's missions, Madd Dogg's Rhymes, was given by OG Loc, you were supposed to go to Madd Dogg's Crib in Mullholland, and steal his Rhyme book, to bring it to OG Loc. Later in the game, after Saving Madd Dogg's life, Dogg tells you about his mansion, which was taken by the Vagos Leader, and gives you a job to sieze it back, CJ and the Triads got the mansion back, after that, you became his manager, and you were given missions by him from his mansion, the most important one, when CJ gone to take Sweet from the police station, with the help of Mike Toreno, then Sweet lies off at the mansion until getting Grove Street back for the gang.

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