Mulholland Safehouse

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The Mulholland Safehouse

The Mulholland Safehouse, referred to as the Vinewood Hills Mansion on the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website is a safehouse located in Mulholland, Los Santos in GTA San Andreas. Carl Johnson, the player character, can purchase the safehouse for $120,000. The safehouse has a garage that can store two vehicles. The safehouse contains a flatroof, a pool and jacuzzi, however the interior is small, it has a large living room that has couches, a stereo system and a television. Connecting to the living room is the kitchen, followed by the hallway, which contains many modernized rooms, a wardrobe, and a bathroom with a sink and a bathtub. The safehouse is located north of Madd Dogg's crib.



  • You can save small helicopters like the Maverick and various cars (with the help of a Packer) on the roof of the garage.
  • In the original PS2 version, you can walk through the glass on the south side of the building near the pool, fall for a while, and then respawn on the nearby road under the bridge.